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I have some questions and am looking for some real answers.

ghosts spirits demons paranormal supernatural real answers questions the occult astral please respond

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#1 SupernaturalSlayer



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Posted 20 November 2015 - 02:54 PM

Sorry if I seem new to this but i guess it can't be helped because i am in fact new to this and by this i mean both the paranormal and forums, so if i end up doing something stupid feel free to call me out on it.
My name is Jack Baker and i am 16 years old, up until recently i concidered myself a devout skeptic that sort of changed after i had this acid trip and i realised that being closed minded was virtually the same thing as skepticism however i dont really think ill change my world view from what i hear from a few people on a forum (assuming anybody will actually read and respond to this ) , however i am sort of hoping that my mind will be changed and that i might get some real answers.
I have a few questions i would like to ask the general community but i feel as if i should ask you all to dome a favor before answering, first off if you have been researching this on the internet for a while and think you are qualified to answer but have no actual experience in the matter other than what you heard on the internet, please do not present yourself as an expert on the subject as you are equally qualified to answer as the rest of us are the same goes for anyone who has no actual experience other than an interest, however do feel free to answer these questions as i am interested in everyones opinion but please put down that you have no actual experience down with your answers. For those who have actual experience please tell us what your actual experience was and how others can gain the same experience.
So here are my questions:
1: are ghosts real
2:are demons real
3:if so how do i contact them
4: are ghosts/ demons good / bad

5: what is astral projection / is it real

6: if astral projection is real how does one achieve it?
7: what is the occult/ is it real?

8: is magic/magick/hoodoo/voodoo real?

9: if so how does one learn / use it?

10: if you have real experience with any of these things or anything else paranormal could you please tell me or if there are any websites with information that isnt useless or fake could you please post a link

if you've answered these questions i give you my sincerist thanks

#2 CaveRat2


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Posted 23 November 2015 - 09:29 AM

First of all, to address something you didn't ask.  An acid trip is precisely opposite what a skeptic would use to find answers.  A true skeptic needs full use of all his senses to analyze the data present in as clear of a manner possible.  Anything which compromises this ability will lead to false conclusions, which is precisely what a true skeptic does not want.


Now on to your questions.


1 Ghosts are an unknown.  But they quite possibly could exist, although the source may be quite different than what some claim.  They could range from interdimensional visitors to residual energy to mass hallucinations created by some yet unknown entity.   Or maybe something totally different from any of these.  I would point out there is NO difinitive proof they have anything at all to do with death / dying, any more than proof any of the other things I mentioned can be validated.


2  Demons are a segment of religious belief.  I personally believe they do exist, but are seldom encountered by humans.  Most claims found on patranormal sites are not demonic.   The purpose of a demon is to separate man from God.  How would this be accomplished by doing some of the things attributed to them by man?  If they did all the things claimed, it would serve to drive man TOWARD God.  As servants od satan, the deceiver, they would instead work in that manner, deception.


3  Unknown.  Depends on what they are.  If they want contact, they will contact you.


4   "Ghosts".  Depends on what they are and ther motives.  "Demons" are evil in intent, although they may appear benevolent.  (Remember the Deception trait....)


5  No verified evidence of its reality.  I would contend until such evidence can be shown in a laboratory setting and verified by scientific method it be considered just a theory.


6  Unknown.  One would need to establish an hypothesis for its methodology then a means testing the hypothesis.    To date several attempts have been made but none has stood against peer review  by competant scientists


7,8,9   All deal with a belief system.  As a belief they are real, but only have power to those who believe.  It is a mind over matter concept.  If you believe it is your belief which gives them power to influence you.  Without belief, as a skeptic, I view them as having no influence over me.


10   I have been investigating claims of paranormal activity for over 40 years    I use scientific methods and have been able to resolve over 95% of the cases as common, natural phenomena.  My methodology is covered on my website at 



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#3 loganinkosovo


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Posted 25 November 2015 - 10:24 PM

Drug use/abuse will attract negative energy.


What the F'n H E double toothpicks is a 16 year old doing using illegal drugs.


You have just screwed yourself since that acid is now locked in your adipose cells and will remain there the rest of your life. Every time you decide to exercise from now on you risk tripping out when some of that chemical is released back into your system.


Didn't the 60's teach you people anything?

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#4 battra



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Posted 30 December 2015 - 10:32 PM

Yes ghost an demons are realm hav an do encounter them on a daily basis as for contacting them I wouldn't use the board there are safer ways to contact the other side

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