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Smudging & Friendly / Neutral Energies?

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Posted 06 January 2016 - 03:42 PM


This is my first post here- I look forward to exploring the community! I found you guys because I have a new situation that I am searching for a way to deal with. 

I moved into a new place in the early summer with my boyfriend.  I didn't smudge even though I would regularly smudge the old place because this one feels cozy, like a home base or a nest.  It is an older condo and we have low ceilings and close neighbors ; it is small and has a bit of history.  I do not know of any deaths or events that occurred there.  

I sense we have a "third roommate" or at the very least someone who visits, or a strong imprint of their energy.  This energy is not malicious; if anything it is friendly.  At its worst, it is neutral and perhaps a bit of a practical joker.  I get the sense it is a "he", perhaps an older gentleman.  When he pulls his mild pranks (hiding and then replacing a lighter, slamming the bathroom door while I'm in the tub) it doesn't make me feel uneasy.  My cats are aware of him but again, do not seem skittish or angry. Our second bedroom has a bit of a vibe to it, but still not an especially negative one.  Perhaps just a bit stronger of a vibe than the other rooms.  Although to be fair, it is the room I use least and mostly for storage.  The light switch doesn't turn off the lamp due to some flaw with the wiring so the door will drift closed on me sometimes when I go to turn off the light.  I do have a pet (hedgehog) that lives in that room and from what I can tell he is not bothered.

I have been having some personal upheavals lately and would like to smudge myself and my home.  I am only afraid of angering or upsetting our current guest.  My intent would not be to banish him; he is free to come or go as he pleases, and I feel he feels the same about me.  I feel that we have an agreement up to this point.  But I still fear he might misread my intent. 

I have been able to smudge myself outside of the home since moving in, but have hesitated this long.  I believe that myself, my boyfriend, and my home could benefit.  But I have never had this unique circumstance before.  Any advice?


TL;DR: I want to smudge my home, but have a spirit living there that is either a friendly or neutral energy and don't wish to anger him.


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Posted 06 January 2016 - 05:19 PM

This first bit is completely separate from the whole smudging bit, but definitely look into the history of your condo. It may help with figuring out who the ghostly roomie is.

As for the smudging let him know 'hey, b/f and I are going to be smudging the place on such-and-such a date and don't want to drive you out, since we like you. If there's another place you wander to, head there for a bit while we do.' 


That's just my half-arsed guess at a possible solution. The folks and I have a place that we haven't really properly smudged since we moved in, despite a few... Creepyish experiences I've had. But most of that's stemming from all the mess we brought with us from our last place and the paternal grandparents' and needing to sort through all that to get enough space to do that.

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Posted 11 January 2016 - 12:50 AM


   I'm also new to this site.  I've always found smudging to be a good way to just generally clear out any psychic residue that really doesn't need to be in the house any more, as well as driving out any negative entities.  If this spirit of which you speak is not a negative or malevolent entity, you can always pray as you smudge that any friendly or loving entities may remain, so long as they continue to remain so.  The wonderful thing about energy is that its use is only really limited by your imagination--how creatively you can adapt it and use it for many different circumstances.  My partner and I routinely smudge our house to get rid of any negative enerigies due to arguing or sickness, etc.  We also smudge to drive out and keep away any negative entities that may be around because our unintentional negative energy attracts them (or they have decided to try to influence us negatively because they don't like our positive energies.)  The spirits that live here actually appreciate when we smudge, because they are positive entities, and the smudging helps them to protect the house spiritually as well.  Also, drumming helps to diminish negative residues/entities.  I've gone "drum washing" to people's homes before, with very good results!  I hope everything works out well for you!

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