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has anyone else lived in a haunted home?

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#16 earthberry



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Posted 08 May 2009 - 03:31 PM

yes, I live in a haunted home. Our ghost Betty is the old woman that owned the house before we did. We have been friends with the family we purchased the home from for many years and Betty just came with the house. She is a very friendly spirit, never anything malicious. She throws calendars on the floor on a regular basis, I have been hit with a few. She plays my music box and appears every once in a while. I don't mind sharing her home with her.

#17 simman


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Posted 08 May 2009 - 05:42 PM

We currently live in a haunted home and it has many activities on a daily basis. Some of the things we have come to get used to, but there are activities that are not so normal or good and they are the ones we worry about.

#18 Spookydog


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Posted 10 May 2009 - 04:31 PM

Like CrystalEyz and Ike, I think I'm haunted, not my house.

A lot of us on these boards refer to ourselves as "sensitives", meaning that we have an uncanny ability to detect spiritual entities. In my situation, none of my family members have experienced paranormal activity in our house whereas I have had innumerable encounters here and other places.

I hope you have the best of luck with what-/whomever you're dealing with. :D

#19 kingo'mountain



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Posted 11 May 2009 - 04:21 AM

count me in....

but i think that generally, "haunted" would be such a strong word in many cases, i mean... i refer "haunted" to a house inhabited by overly active spirits, i would go as far as poltergeist activities, thats haunted for me.

i think a new expression is in store here, maybe "occupied" would be more suited to most of us.

i've experienced over 2 nights enough to make me a believer...

1.) full blown apparition near my bed > saw a glowy hand and thigh, before being able too look up on its face, it ran away in a generic white blob form

2.) mists running with the turns of the hallway and living room, cat saw them too

3.) featureless shadowy woman's head looking down on me, with sky and bright light behind her
[edit] i believe this to be my spirit guide or maybe someone from the family, as an earthbound cant do that

4.) glimpses of shadows, and also seeing a movement of an apparition through the reflection on the floor (backed up by me knowing that something was watching me in the same spot a few days beforehand)

5.) voice of a woman played backwards (like you play a tape backwards) in the middle of my room while i ran out of it

6.) feelings of faint static sometimes

7.) the best of all though, and i'm willing to go through a lie detector on this... a spirit kissed me, i've felt that same static on my lips, the thing is i've told her some nice things and left, leaving her behind.. i felt like she was saying "wait... please... i have something to say back" but not in an audible manner, i went to sleep with my mom, i've felt her coming to my side of the bed, and then i felt the kiss, will never forget that :D

the rest are too little to be mentioned, but those were the main stuff i went through, never experienced many of those again, but it waas enough anyway

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#20 crazyookie



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Posted 13 May 2009 - 11:59 AM

I lived in a haunted condo. We moved almost a year ago now and I miss our spirit greatly! I saw a full body apparition only once. She liked hanging out in the kitchen, flinging spaghetti lids, tipping vases with roses and bumping my arm on occasion. I think she is linked to the condo, because she did not come with us when we moved. I really do miss the antics she would pull from time to time.

#21 Cryscat


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Posted 13 May 2009 - 09:06 PM

Been in a haunted house, but never lived in one. Even my late grandmothers hundred year old farmhouse was not haunted. Guess those who died there moved on like they were supposed to.
Don't take life too seriously, no one ever gets out alive.

#22 jaguarpaw



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Posted 22 May 2009 - 06:00 AM

I have lived in a few haunted houses.

The first one was in Reno Nevada in a new subdivision when I was 9. We had a weird upstairs that had unfinished hallways with exposed drywall. anyways at night we could hear foot steps up there and there were stains on the ceilings of the rooms in the first floor. None of my visiting family members would sleep upstairs. one night my brother and I went into the hallway to put our toys away and we heard footsteps walking and then running around the corner and proceed directly toward us! we threw our toys down and ran downstairs as fast as we could!

The other house was when I was in junior high in Covina Ca. There were weird knocks at night on my headboard and in the walls. My brother slept in the bunk bed underneath me and he always thought I was the one knocking. Also the blender in the kitchen would turn on by itself and it was unplugged!

I have also had experiences in my Grandmother's house in Michigan.. I remember being 7 or so and hearing noises in the basement and being very afraid. A lot has changed since then but the place is still haunted. I am 37 now and when I go visit there are always noises in the attic like boxes being dragged across the floor and also I have SEEN orbs with my own eyes flying in front of my face! I have seen something that looked like a white blob go underneath the bed one time and heard "ticks" coming from the dresser and when I knocked on it and told them to shut up, it went outside! the noises continued and the ticks were heard going through the wall until it was directly outside the window and then "flew" or drifted away and could be heard out in the yard. We have taken many photos in the back yard and always get anomalies,, whether its digital or poloroid.

I have seen lights like the size of a bumblebee and bright like a spark or something fly across the ceiling and disappear when it got over my head. It was fast. I saw a black one too. It looked like a smoldering fire with bright sparks but no smoke and it went in a straight line and disappeared. I have seen something that resembled a moth made out of light flutter its way across the room and disappear. all of these things made me question my sanity! I heard heavy footsteps stomping down the stairs from the attic and stop at my door at 6 AM and when I opened the door nothing was there! I also heard cracking and popping noises coming from behind the fridge and one of the cats heard it too and was trying to get behind it to see what was there. Many times the cats will be staring at things and moving their heads to see what is there. I once took a picture of my Mother sleeping on the couch and saw orbs all around her. It was very startling.

My opinion of orbs is that I have taken photos of tons of orbs and that can be dust, etc. BUT I have personally seen something out of the corner of my eye and I waited and saw it again and when I took a picture I caught it as it was flying by and it was a small maybe 3 or 4 inch diameter gray orb. I dont know what they are but they are around when noises and weird feelings of not being alone are present.

Also I have seen orbs while camping. I take photos of tree tops at night with a flash and usually get an orb. these are much bigger than the ones I get indoors. they are also much slower. You can anticipate where they will move and take another photo and sure enough will get the thing in a different position. I am not sure that the big slow ones usually seen outdoors are the same as the fast ones seen in haunted locations. One thing is certain: the more you take photos of them, the more show up. It's the same when I go looking for ghosts, activity increases the more you start talking about them and looking for them...

Finally---I went camping last summer in northern Michigan and took random photos with flash in complete darkness and got the most amazing photos. I think they are Indian spirits and so far I have seen nothing like them on any website. It was weird because I would point the camera in a direction and shoot and almost always I got a "spirit." The craziest one was directly above my head and I have 3 photos of this entity. It was descending upon my head and when I took it picture it floated away; but then the last picture I took, it looks like it was swooping down and almost looks like a skull! My cousin said we were camping on Indian land. In my experience all of Michigan seems haunted! But I think I may be sensitive to ghosts. They seem to like me.

I got more stories too but thats it for now. I am getting my first sony night shot camcorder very soon so I plan to get plenty more footage.... I would like to post the entity photos but am worried about somebody stealing them and claiming them as their own. Is there any way I can copyright photos?

#23 Lysithia


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Posted 24 May 2009 - 04:48 AM

Our house was haunted, but it wasn't haunted all the time. The occurances were often few and far between, and it was quite unusual, as our house was new. My parents are the first owners of the house.

Some things I remember are... one night, ever late, I was talking with a friend on the phone in the family room. I was using a cord landline with a very long extension cord which I had dragged from my mother's room (where the plug was located) down the stairs and into the family room. I had a light blanket and took a pillow cushion in there with me so I could lie down as we chatted. He received a long distance phone call from a friend and promised to call me back. I fell asleep waiting for his call, and awoke to someone shaking my foot. It was a gentle shake, but I woke straight up. I looked around and noticed the phone was gone, but I didn't see my mother leaving with it. I asked her in the morning if she had tried to wake me up and she told me nope, I was asleep, she took the phone, but didn't bother trying to wake me. I also found out that the foot shake happened nearly an hour after she had retrieved the phone.

My mother's room is often where I felt sensations the most. I was chatting with a friend on msn one day and felt a presence. I didn't really acknowledge the presence (I didn't really know how or what to say), but often times, the message I was typing got "Hijacked." I would start typing something normal like this, and mid-message, some random bargle came out like adaosda-we=s-eifspdofjawiheqaiwe93470*(*^&%(urspojfps that but it was REALLY fast, often lasting 4-5 lines of text, and it would get sent like that.

My mother has twice felt a spirit sit on her bed. It often happened in the early morning. She told me, that first time it happened, she thought it was my father or me, but she didn't hear her bedroom door open. She definitely felt the bed move as someone was sitting on it, and when she looked over, she saw a slight depression and no one occupying that seat. My mother has had a few of her own encounters with spirits, she's a cool woman in how she handles things. She admitted it frightened her, but she calmly rolled back over and pulled her covers over her head and told it nicely to go away (it did).

One day, I left my thermos beside the sink to be washed. This thermos had an inner screw in lid and an outer screw on top. I had left both firmly screwed in place when I sat it next to the sink (which was a 2-compartment sink). The next morning, I found the thermos tipped over, the outer screwy lid was sitting in the compartment next to the thermos... the inner screwy lid was laying in the FURTHER sink from the thermos. Never could figure out how that worked out.

Random little things were hearing heavy footsteps walk across the ceiling. A memorable one was when my brother and I both heard them, our heads following the sound across the floor until the stopped, we looked at each other and shrugged. There was no one upstairs at the time to make those footsteps.

Lastly, I've heard my name being called, greeting me upon my arrival home from work when no one was home.

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