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Another nail in the coffin for science

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Posted 05 October 2015 - 10:28 PM

I found this on an Australian blog site. Seems that the Australian universities are just as much sheltered workshops for village idiots as are ours. Our civilization is doomed. When you read this, take into account that these idiots are supposed to be "scientists".

Seems that in our universities you can only preach to the choir; provided that you use their song book. Dissenting views will get you sent to the Gulag.

Every totalitarian movement starts with people determined to silence debate. Our universities seem to be training the next generation of Red Guards.

In New South Wales:

The UNSW Student Representative Council is calling on the conservative UNSW Warrane College to cancel their annual lecture by the former Minister for Defence, Kevin Andrews MP. The event is scheduled for Wednesday October 7th and is titled, ‘The Building Blocks of Western Civilisation: Reflections on Marriage and the Family’.

It is assumed that Mr Andrews’ lecture will address opposing marriage equality and issues surrounding gender, particularly considering he has been a key figure in blocking marriage equality legislation. It is the view of President Billy Bruffey, and the SRC that this lecture will cause UNSW students to feel victimised and isolated, and that Mr Andrews’ views do not conform with those of the University or its students.

The arrogance is astonishing. Does Bruffey purport to represent the views of all students and staff? This refusal to let other people even hear another point of view is frightening.

In South Australia:


FLINDERS University students are “repulsed” by the prospect of a new policy centre associated with controversial Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg, who has long been accused of downplaying the dangers posed by global warming.

The university has been in talks with the Federal Government about establishing the Australian Consensus Centre, which would come with $4 million funding and base its work on Lomborg’s methodologies…

Flinders University Student Association general secretary Grace Hill said students would launch a campaign immediately against having “a climate change denial centre on campus”.

“I’m pretty repulsed by it,” she said.

“At this stage there seems to be no student or staff consultation. It’s right-wing junk. It was excellent to see him booted out of WA so hopefully the same will happen here...”

In Western Australia:

Students at the University of Western Australia (UWA) say the decision to can controversial Danish academic Bjorn Lomborg’s Australian Consensus Centre is a win for academic integrity and common sense.

The Australian Consensus Centre was going to be set up with the help of a $4 million Federal Government grant, but University Vice Chancellor Paul Johnson last night said the proposed centre was untenable and lacked academic support.

UWA student guild president Lizzy O’Shea said students were concerned about the impact the centre, inspired by self-proclaimed “sceptical environmentalist” Dr Lomborg, could have on the university’s reputation....

“The example that I use is there was a unit at UWA that used to use Lomborg’s book as an example of bad science, and what not to do for students, and so a primary concern was the fact that he would be allowed to be associated with UWA when we hold our first year students who are 17, right out of high school, to a higher standard than that.”

In New South Wales:

A LECTURE by retired army colonel Richard Kemp at the University of Sydney was disrupted by at least a dozen screaming students who fought with security on Wednesday afternoon.

The students had burst into the room shouting “Richard Kemp, you can’t hide, you support genocide” and wrestled with security guards before being removed from the hall.

Kemp was giving a lecture about ethical dilemmas of military tactics and dealing with non-state armed groups… 

Professor Jake Lynch, the director of the Centre for Peace and Conflict Studies (CPACS) at the university, shouted in the faces of students and screamed that attempts to remove the protesters was a violent attack on freedom of speech by security guards. He was also seen holding money to the face of a Jewish student and filmed students in attendance without their consent. 

“This protest was about my perspective on the IDF,” Kemp said. “I was in Israel during the 2014 summer conflict and I do believe that the IDF in their attack on Hamas in Gaza … were doing everything they could to protect civilians … people have told me I am wrong, but no one has told me what more steps Israel could take to minimise civilian casualties.”

This is ugly. It’s bad enough that so many students want to stay stupid; but they will be the future leaders of our society.

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 06:29 PM

Those cute and cuddly global warmists have figured out a way to settle the science once and for all. They have come up with a way to drive those pesky deniers into oblivion; or the Gulag, if it is closer.


Rather than scientists wasting time investigating issues and debating the interpretation of data, as has been the case for several hundred years, the warmists have discovered a new and efficient way to settle scientific issues: they want to have lawyers and the courts declare the science and make it an offence for anyone to question the lawyers.


Just think: the threat of jail time will ensure that "the science is settled".


So rather than waste time in a messy, smelly lab, scientists will now be able to hire a lawyer and go to court. Whoever has the best lawyer, and wins in court will get the Nobel Prize for having settled the science.


Science will be conducted and settled so much more efficiently. This must be a good thing, because a whole bunch of our top lawyers and judges agree.


Of course, this does not need to be limited to "climate science"; it can be applied to everything ranging from science to what music we can listen to.


Just think of the possibilities!

It will get rid of all those nasty people who refuse to conform to enlightened group think, and make the world such a happy place. Unicorns galore.


The world will be such a better place when the lawyers have taken over; check this out:



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Posted 15 October 2015 - 07:08 PM

For those that missed it, another meteorologist has been canned for questioning the religion of "Global Warming" aka "Climate Change".

Remember "97% of scientists believe in Global Warming because 97% of scientists want to continue to receive a monthly pay cheque".


Check this out:



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