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Tent rotates 180 degrees in the night

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 03:59 PM

I have been able to see and communicate with ghosts for as long as I can remember. I've been learning about the paranormal for years so I have a very vast knowledge on the subject and have heard thousands of stories of hauntings; However, I have one thing that happened to me (on several occasions) that I've never heard happening to anyone else, or can find a reasoning behind. I have heard plenty of stories about large objects moving on their own, people being lifted, etc. but I can not figure out how it happened:

I have seen spirits since I was born, or at least under a year old as that is my first memory of seeing something. I always knew they were different than other people, but I didn't know they were 'ghosts', nor did I know what a ghost was. I knew they were dead, but didn't fully understand because when my mom gave me 'the death talk' after my great-grandmother died, Granny was sitting behind me in the car. Later, when my grandfather died and I stayed home from the funeral with the other young kids, I was having a conversation with him while my parents attended the funeral. So I had a different view on what death was. Before going into Kindergarden, my parents let me watch 'Ghostbusters', which scared the BAD_WORD out of me... I was terrified of going to the library for years. It made me finally realize that what I was seeing were ghosts. I never remember really being afraid of them before, but after that, I was for the next several years. It led to me sleeping in a tent in the living room, right outside my parent's room almost every night for about a year and a half. It was just a normal, cheap kid's tent with a bottom on it and only one, zip-up door. Every night I went to bed in that tent, I would drag all my stuffed animals, and pillows, and blankets inside and make a bed. The tent did have a bottom on it, do I was actually sleeping on the tent, with me & everything else on top-holding it down. Every time I went to sleep, I'd have the door at my feet (obviously, I needed to get out somehow in the morning) and every morning, the door was at my head. I was a very logical child, so for a while I just thought it was me, or my parents. My parents swore it wasn't them and gave me weird looks when I talked about it. I decided to pay closer attention- set up little traps even to figure out what was moving it. It was nothing I was doing. I would even lean my pillows against the back of the tent at night (there was a chair right behind to support the weight) with the door at my feet. In the morning, my pillows would still be leaned against the tent in the same spot, I was in the same spot- but now my head and pillows were leaning against the door!!! NO door at my feet- only one door on the whole thing... In my most ambitious experiment, I leaned pillows and blankets against all walls of the tent in an arrangement which I memorized (I was an only child, I had lots of time on my hands lol) I checked and double checked and triple checked and checked again that the ONLY door was at my feet. I attempted to stay up but I eventually made sure I was flat on my back, perfectly straight and fell asleep, I set my alarm early so I only slept a few hours that night. In the morning I was in the same place, so were all the pillows and blankets- I hadn't even moved an arm, but the door was behind my head again. I recently questioned my parents and they swear they didn't do it and are as stumped as I am. Frankly, it happened too frequently for it to have been them. I have NO idea how it happened... It was like the tent moved on its own- independently of me, blankets, pillows, stuffed animals and all... It had a bottom on it... I was LAYING on the tent, it COULDNT have moved... As a kid I thought it was magic, so it didn't scare me. In hindsight, I know it had to have been paranormal and it really scares me to know something that was obviously that close to me at that age could do something like that. Especially since now I believe I may have had an evil spirit attatched to me my whole life that's taken the form of different spirits to scare me thought my life... I don't get that either, but that's a different story... If anyone has had any similar experiences, or think they might be able to pinpoint exactally what did it- please let me know
I have considered the fact also, that that house was build on Indian land and I used to see their spirits in the house. Also once had a coin fall from the ceiling out of nowhere in the bathroom of that house... I don't know if that's what did it though. I think it might have been a more intense spirit.

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Posted 08 August 2012 - 07:05 PM

cool story Posted Image i dont know how the tent could have moved tho, maybe you should have set up a video camera on the tent, that should explain everything Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image

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