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The Gathering 2

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Posted 02 September 2009 - 10:13 AM

What: The Gathering 2 - Readings, Seances, Paranormal Discussions, Scrying

When: September 26, 2009 6:00 PM

Price: CAD10.00 per person

Customs House
51 Stuart Street
Hamilton, ON L8E 1A1


If you are only going to get out to one event this year, this is THE event to attend.

If you have been in the group long enough you will remember the last "Gathering". Almost 90 people attended what is our largest event of the year. Last year was about introducing the group to the various Paranormal groups of Southern Ontario. This year the focus is very different......

Coming soon. http://www.gathering.paranormal101.com
This site will include information on the individuals working the event. It will also display floor plans, schedules and links to information relevant to the round table discussions and much more...

Let's start by listing what events will be at this years "Gathering 2"

* 6 hours of fun at the haunted Customs House in Hamilton
* 6 Psychics
* 1 Astrologer
* 1 Palm Reader
* 2 Tarot Card Readers
* 5 Sťances each hosted by one of the attending psychics
* Psychomanteum
* 6 Round Table Discussions
* 5 Group Meditation Classes
* Movies, Footage and Documentaries
* Vendors
* Snacks and Drinks
* Meet n Greet Social
* All for $10

*subject to change

Q. Will there be any readings?
A. YES, There will be free 5 minutes readings, please read on....

What is the theme of The Gathering 2?

Networking, it is that plain and simple. There are many people who have given up their regular jobs in pursuit of a higher calling. Through their skills, they are able to help many people find or continue along their own journeys. I am talking about the psychics, astrologers, energy workers, councillors, tarot readers and the host of other spiritual workers in our own neighbourhoods.. "The Gathering 2" offers you the opportunity to meet some of these people in a unique setting. Through the course of the evening you will receive your free readings. Please use this time to arrange full consultations and help keep these skills available to everyone.

The event will again be held at the haunted Customs House in Hamilton. The event has limited space, once we hit 120 people the doors will be closed. Last year we had 90 from our own meetup group alone. This year we are opening up the event to anyone who wishes to attend.

Psychics, Astrologers, Palm Readers & Tarot Card Readers
As mentioned earlier, take advantage of all your free 5 minute readings. If you have some very specific questions please take some time to think about them a few days beforehand. Bring with you any personal items from loved ones passed that you think could enhance your readings.

The Psychomanteum is back...
This caused quite a stir last year. One of the oldest forms of scrying, this technique has been used for over 5000 years. Do you dare try it?

Round Table Discussions
New this year is the round table discussions. The tentative topics are:

* Investigating 101 - Hosted by Steve Genier
* Healing Modalities - Hosted by Sue MacLeod Browning
* Beyond, The Series/Director of AUTUMN - Hosted by Stephen Rumbelow
* Science, Experiments, Debunking & Locations - Hosted by Steve Genier

We are lucky enough to have Stephen Rumbelow join us for this event. Stephen has not only worked on Hollywood and independent movies but also wrote, produced, directed and narrated a Paranormal and Mystery TV show on the Science Channel for over 3 years. Join Stephen as he discusses and recounts some of the topics covered in the show from Supernatural Predators and Fortean Mysteries through to The Divinci Code and more.

Group Meditation Sessions
Gone has the Ouija board. Instead will be group meditation sessions at the site of the tunnel collapse. These sessions are good for all levels. Learn how to meditate in a safe group setting.

Movies, Footage and documentaries
"Chasing Shadows" from SOPS.
"Breathing Port Robinson"-Dave McRae

For the first time Paranormal 101 has invited 4 vendors to attend the event. The 4 are:
(t) = Tentative

* Annette Hovey - Visual Artist
* (t)The Modern Mystery School - Advanced Spritual Training
* Crystal Secret & Sue MacLeod Browning

This years event has already sparked interest in the US and amongst groups not associated with Meetup. With this is mind we urge you to arrive on time as we have to limit this event to 120.

We will not be accepting payment via PayPal for this event as we have to charge $11.50 to cover Paypal costs. If you would like to secure a place you can send money via email as this is a free service offered through your own banking institution. Information can be provided upon request.

More information will be provided on the web site.

See you there.

Learn more here:
Southern Ontario Paranormal Society (SOPS) -----------------------------------------------------------------------NOCTURNAL FREQUENCY RADIO

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