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About my mother.

ghost paranormal hautings

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Posted 29 October 2015 - 08:00 AM

So, a couple of years ago, my mom confessed to me that she sometimes sees things. She's always been somewhat vague about the experiences she's had, I'm guessing this is because I am her son and she doesn't want me to think that she (my mother) might be crazy.


Below are some of the experiences she's been thru over the years. I thought I'd post this here because maybe some of you might have some more experience with this and could explain to me what some of them mean.


I'm sorry by the way for any bad grammar, English is not my first language.


Man in the hat- She told that in the first house that she lived in after getting married, she would sometimes see a dark figure of a tall man in a hat looking at her thru the bedroom window. This happened many times and would always be a scary experience. The man would also sometimes appear in the bedroom. As far as I know, from what she’s told me, this only happened in that first house.


Little girl- This had happened in every house that she’s lived in and she told me that by now she’s gotten used to it. Sometimes when she is cleaning or washing the dishes she will see a little girl playing around the house. The girl doesn’t look like a ghost from what she’s told me. Just a regular girl.


Flowers in the car- This one could be a number of other things but I thought I'd add it anyway. This has actually happened with me in the car with her. We would be driving somewhere, the windows would be up, air conditioner on, and a strong smell of fresh flowers would appear with no source. This happened several times while driving with her and she told me that this sometimes means that there is a spirit in the car and that the smell is of funeral flowers.


New York- This is one of the more disturbing ones and was actually told to me by her mother, my grandmother, and I did confirm it with my mom later. She likes going to New York by herself from time to time. She will get some money together and go for a weekend or so and then come back. She says she likes to walk around and go shopping.


My grandmother got a call from my mom who was staying in a hotel in New York at the time. She told me that my mom was screaming and crying over the phone. She said that it felt like somebody’s hands were holding her down on the bed by the the ankles but there was nobody there and the lights were on. My grandmother told that they both started to pray over the phone until it stopped.


Naked man- This actually happened while I was visiting her and was staying over. We had been watching TV together all night, we both went to our separate bedrooms and went to sleep. I was suddenly woken up in the the middle of the night by my mom’s scream. I’ve never been more terrified in my life. I thought somebody had broken into the house and was attacking her. I went running to her room and turned on the light and she was in her bed with a terrified look on her face. She told me that she woke up to naked man standing right next to her bed.

Person on the dining table- This is the more recent one she told me about. She called me right after seeing a figure of a person standing on the dining table. She told me she didn’t look at it’s face and that she just looked down at the floor until the figure went away. She didn't know what gender of what it looked like. As soon sh noticed it she just looked down and it went away.


Bad luck- Something else that we sometimes joke about over the phone is that she could be cursed because there is always something going wrong in her life. Either something in the car stops working, dinner plans go wrong, washing machine stops working, no hot water in the shower, etc. Every time I talk to her there is a small problem that she is dealing with or something that she needs to repair.


These are only the experiences she has told me about. I’m guessing there have been more but I don't know. She’s in her 50s, works at a regular job and is a functioning member of society. I say this because I’m sometimes worried that this could be a psychological problem, but she’s never been diagnosed with anything and it’s never come to the the point where we’ve had to take her to a doctor.


Like I said in the beginning, I’m posting this here because maybe some of you know more about this and could explain to me what some of these experiences mean. This has been between me and her for some time now and I thought I’d share it anonymously. Feel free to ask me any questions that I could ask her. Thank you for reading.

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Posted 31 October 2015 - 09:43 PM

I'd say your Mother is a bit more psychic than most people and she should stop going to NYC.  :)


The creeps on the other side search out those that can see, hear and feel them and try to scare the pants off of them.


Try having the house blessed and smudge it for good measure to give her someplace she can be alone and protected.

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