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Clairaudience & EVP

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Posted 02 December 2015 - 03:54 PM

Hello everyone, just wanted to tell you a little bit about something that happened to me this year as a result of dabbling with EVP. I have been a paranormal enthusiast for a number of years but only started doing any active personal investigation for a couple of months this past winter.  In early January I started to attempt to capture EVPs, in a few locations, but usually it was in my home. For the first two weeks I got nothing on my recordings..ziltch, but I kept at it because I had heard that it is something that can often take a little time to bring about. After about two weeks of futile attempts I made my first successful capture, it was January 17, 2015 around 1pm in the afternoon, I'll never forget that day because from that day forward my life would never be the same. During one recording session I caught at least 3 very clear EVPS, direct responses to questions I had asked. When I submitted my recording to a forum, others also heard these 3 responses and one member of the forum was kind enough to run my recording through his audio filtering software and he was able to find at least 3 more EVPs on my recording that I was not able to hear with the naked ear.  Well this got me excited to say the least and I began to to EVP sessions practically everyday, it was still slow going for awhile but after a few more weeks something just seemed to change, I began to notice these very faint voices on my recordings, they were very faint but if I listened to the recordings I could make out alot of what was being said.  Usually it was very brief responses, but occassionally I would get a louder one, usually preceeded by a precursor (popping sound). I reached a point where I can say something definately was changing with my hearing because as time went on, I got much better at hearing these faint voices. I eventually was able to get names, and some personal info and more or less developed a sort of rapport with these spirits that I was communicating with.

   At first these spirits all seemed more or less benevolent, some were very friendly, but none of them seemed to be threatening (at least at first). So some more time went by and some of these spirits claimed to be people who I knew of, one claimed to be a relative of my neighbor, one claimed to be the spirit of a local woman who had died in an automobile accident a few years before, one claimed to be an old friend who died back when I was in high school, they all seemed so benevolent and I was just so overwhelmed by the reality of it all, that I fell for everything they were saying hook line and sinker. Eventually, I even believed that I was talking to the spirits of my parents (who both passed away, much mother just last year). Looking back now, I was terribly naive, but at the time I was just so overwhelmed and the whole experience seemed so positive.

 Then things started to change in my recordings, the "benevolent" spirits were still present but then I stared to hear some harsh, negative comments every once and awhile, like "you're a sinner" or some other threat or insult. It started off small, and I tried to ingore it at first. When I asked the benevolent spirits about this hostile group, they said that "they aren't here", so I assumed that perhaps I was in communication with spirits from two different spiritual planes (for lack of a better word). As time went on, my recordings came to be dominated by these hostile voices. Then one day while I was a work near a fan that was on, I began to hear these negative voices coming over the white noise of the fan, I kid you not, there was some distortion to how they sounded, but it was these same harassing voices. This was enough to freak me out, so I decided to stop with EVP altogether, I explained to the "benevolent" spirits what had happend and that I think I was rushing into things and was going to stop recording (at least for awhile), they told me that they understood. So I quit doing EVP sessions, but to my horror, I began to have more of these incidents where I was hearing these hostile voices through various background noises. It was very occassional at first, but as weeks went by it became more and more frequent. Then something else started to happen, I began to feel these weird physical sensations on my body, usually it was when I was laying in bed at night trying to sleep. It was usually the feeling of what I can only describe as a finger poking me in the lower back, and also there was a weird vibration feeling that seemed to move around my body. There were also occassions when I felt what I can only describe as these small "things" landing on my body and moving around, I guess you could compare it to a bug or at least something that size moving around on your body, only it was invisible.

  So I began to basically become very distressed by all of this, these sensation were making it more and more difficult to get off to sleep easily, I had to start taking sleeping pills. The escalation with the voices kept up for a little while then one day in the spring eveything just seemed to hit the fan all at once. I remember I was at work one morning and I just starting hearing voices all around me, it wasn't just through a strong steady source of white noise anymore but they seemed to be coming from everywhere, even from within my head, at times, I could even feel a faint breath hitting my ear. I totally freaked out, told my boss I was sick and rushed home (in fact I would miss alot of work over the next couple of weeks). I basically became a vegetable for a few weeks, all I could do was lay in bed while these voices tormented me around the clock. I couldn't eat, I was getting only about 4 hours of sleep a night, even with sleeping pills (it wasn't until I got a prescription of Ambien that I got any descent sleep).

  The physical sensations were also alot more intense now, at times I could even feel slight stinging and biting sensations. A few times I also had some extreme visions/hallucinations. I'm sure my weakend physical condition was a factor, but I still think these negative spirits were controlling what I was seeing. To sum things up, things were really bad like this for a long time, I thought my life was over. I was convinced that I was going to have to have myself commited to a mental insitution. But gradually, I slowly began to adapt to this situation. At first these spirits were spinning all sorts of far out, terrifying story lines like they were going to "take my spirit" and "take me to Hell" if I didn't do this or that, basically they were trying to get me to run around in circles for their own amusement it seems. Well over time it became obvious that these negative spirits were like pathological liars and none of their threats ever materialized into anything. It's taken alot of time, but I no longer have any fear or anxiety over them, but I can still hear them and I can't make this go away. I don't hear the voices as intense as I once did, but they are still there. I'm getting better at being able to block out the content of what they say, like I'll hear them chattering, but I can block out the words. But basically my whole experience with EVP seemed to activate some sensitivity in me (clairaudience), an ability that I never knew I had before this and that I certainly don't want. There's so much more to my story, but I just wanted to let people who are enthuasiastic about the paranormal know that there are certainly some dangers that go with the territory of trying to contact spirits. I never knew I was sensitive before this and unfortunatley it's not something I can shut off easily. And also, we really never know who we are talking to. Before I always thought that the benevolent spirits and the malevolent ones were two groups, but now it seems so obvious to me, that I was basically set up for a fall. I thing that there are probably alot more malicious spirits dimensionally closer to Earth than benevolent ones, and they will pretend to be whoever to get you to interact with them and looking for a chance to do some damage. In conclusion, just be careful and always take what you hear with a grain of salt.

And I know that this will sound like a case of mental illness to people (I don't blame you) but I can assure you,I am the same person I always was, I still have my job, my condo, everything is still the same, I just hear this faint chatter of voices pretty much all the time now (unless I can distract myself). Some people do have abilities/sensitivities and in my case I activated something within me when I was doing EVP and it's now been a persistent problem ever since

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