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Civil War ghost in backyard + short conversation

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 03:24 AM

Alright so new member this happened a few hours ago thought i would post.

The . . . spirits (or whatever your preferred term is) have been restless recently and i've been feeling it for a few days now more so tonight. It can be felt and tonight for the first time in awhile it could be seen (more or less depending on you view "seeing" ghosts and such).

I on occasion slip into some rather intense day dreams, some would call these visions but i just call them intense day dreams. These feel very real to me while i'm in them and can last for quite awhile depending. And while i do "slip" out enough to know that i am still physically where i was i generally feel that i am well there. I was in the middle of one when i noticed my visitor. These have been going on since i can remember but happen more often when things are . . . restless.

I was on the back porch smoking when i slipped into one (the ghost is coming soon i promise) this one was in what i assume to be feudal japan (from architecture and dress) i was in the middle of their court where several officials and the local lord where i didn't know how i got there but i knew i had been summoned by the lord. Court was going on as what i assume to be normal for a fortress/castle of the era. I couldn't help but noticing the distinctly ghost like figures in the corner. Most were maids and all without heads. The sight of them wasn't what disturbed me so much as the intensity i felt from them. Grief sadness anger resentment all very intense, some where holding their heads. I knew that most were decapitated when a castle was taken over and figured they were lingering spirits. My attention was of course on them. Over time i got more and more weird looks from those with heads (i knew i had a look of dismay) until the lord asked me very seriously what was wrong. I told him it was rather important and that i would tell him in private. He led me out the room with the murmors of the crowd as we left. I told him what i saw and explained why they were there as best i could he seemed surprised greatly concerned and a little fearful. I told him he should repent, it skipped over to him lighting incence in an outdoor shrine and bowing as if in prayer . . .

That's when i noticed him. He was standing in the darkest part of the yard cloaked by the shade of a tree seemingly apart of the darkness that sourounded him. I felt him there and saw him before i even turned my head. He was a dark figure in a grey civil war era uniform. "Begone" was all i said over my shoulder to him. I turned i took a drag from my ciggarete and knew he was still there but decided not to let it bother me. He hadn't made any aggressive moves so i wasn't going to bother him anymore. I moved to where i usually stood overlooking the yard took another drag and looked as i exhaled. When i looked down he was right infront of me, they usually move when i'm not looking for some reason. His grey uniform bore no markings as far as i saw. I think his cap might have had crossed swords i'm not sure. His face well he had no face. No features or anything just a vague profile of a human head made of a darkness black as the void. He strongly eminated darkness but gave of no feelings other than just feeling like an imposing soldier.

I looked him dead in the face we would have made eye contact had he had eyes. "Are you a son of the south?" he said it in a neutral tone and i knew it was an important question i was wearing a hunley hoody and his head was tilted a little to the right as if he were curious. "I was born here" was my honest answer. He seemed satisfied with it. But didn't move or say anything. "You are from a war and an age long since passed, i am sorry you are still here. . . you should make right with God". He looked even more curious, "Are you a Christian man?". I paused and thought about it "Yes". "Oh i won't bother a Christian man." And then he left. Once i no long saw him i heard marching. I eventually finished my ciggarete and went inside. He overall seemed to like me or atleast seemed to have a positive opinion of me. I believe he already knew everything he wanted to before talking to me i can be generally read like a book he might have just been confirming these things.

I turned on a light and watched running man on tv after some channel surfing i looked at the clock before i started it said 1:23 when i walked down the hall to this room i heard whispers and growling since typing this i have seen dark figure looming behind me once. Not him and it felt malicous. I'm going to get water and smoke another cig it having been 3 hours since my last. I've been feeling nauteous jumpy and felt like crying on and off. Will be back soon.

Also the back hall were i'm going to smoke tends to be active i'm going to turn a few lights on wish me luck and well prayer would be nice.

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Posted 26 November 2012 - 06:58 PM

interesing... thanks for posting
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