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Strange shadow

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Posted 03 February 2013 - 04:37 PM

Me & my girlfriend live in a 1 bedroom bungalow which is in a tiny culdesac full of 1 bedroom bungalows (originally built for pensioners) in the next village down from sherwood forrest. We've been here nearly 4 years now and over the past year or so weird things have been happening, like when we're in bed at night we can sometimes hear someone either sitting down on or getting up off our leather sofa and walking around too. My GF's heard her name being called when she's been in the bath, thought it was me and it wasn't. I'm pretty certain I was poked in the back while in bed aswell but the weirdest thing happened about 2 months ago.
My GF was in the bath and was taking ages as usual, i'd needed the toilet for a while so i'd banged on the door and asked her how long and she'd said she'd be out in a minute (yeah right lol ). I went back into the living room and stood by the sofa where I'd been sitting and started to do the 'I really need a wee dance' whilst still watching the telly. Now my I need a wee dance consists of me bouncing up and down whilst swaying to surpress the need to wet myself and as I say whilst doing this I was watching telly, the only light in the room was from the tv itself and a lamp in the opposite corner of the room which is on a small bookcase at about shoulder height, i'm stood in another corner and the living room door is opposite me. As i swayed right a shadow stepped into view on the celing to floor length curtain right next to the tv, it looked like one leg didn't move but it stepped towards the tv with the other which i saw out of the corner of my eye. I then looked at it full on and noticed the gap inbetween the legs where it had stepped towards the telly was filled in yet i knew this thing had stepped (kind of like a stretching excercise), it kind of realised i'd seen it, froze for a second, stepped back and then dissapeared right in front of my eyes, it was like a light being turned out but this was a shadow and we have got light coloured curtains so it was like a light in reverse if that makes sense lol. I tryed to re-create this shadow by putting my hand on the lampshade (no shadow whatsoever), my hand inside the lampshade next to the bulb (nothing). I even got my car out of the garage and had my friend drive into and out of the street with dipped beam, main beam, foglights etc but the curtains are too thick for light to get through.Another interesting thing was i did actually cast a shadow where i was stood to the wall on my left, but what I saw was on the wall/curtains infront of me.

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