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Ptah Blessed Me!

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Posted 24 February 2005 - 09:56 PM

Very well said Willow. To each their own. We were all given freedom of choice, and it's our individual right to pick what we want, including our faith and religion. Although I myself claim no single religion, I am always interested in hearing of others, and one day, I just might see one that "fits" me, or calls to me. But I can't find that if I don't try to understand all of the different beliefs, and practices. It's usually those that live with blinders on and aren't willing to even consider understanding why things are different, that have the most problem.

No matter what your religion, you have to have faith in it, and Dark Moon, it sounds like you have more faith in your religion than a lot of people I know. I applaud you for having the strength of conviction to stand up and share your beliefs with us. I am sure that you were probably expecting a lot of backlash, but for the most part, in today's world, we as a society are more accepting in general.
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Posted 25 February 2005 - 01:20 AM

I didn't mean to turn this into a Satanism-bashing thread.

I do separate different religions. Most are different enough that it makes no difference to me. I admittedly am a bit hard on groups that broke off from my own Church (such as the RLDS and FLDS who still use the nicname "Mormon" despite being so different).

I am a bit ignorant about Satanism, but feel ackward having someone worship the arch-enemy of my deity.

I have no problem with people of other religions, but avoid religious debates with the groups mentioned above.

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Posted 25 February 2005 - 02:19 AM

I have always found it incredulous that people can follow 'Satan' when they know the background - Evil, destruction of Man/Woman kind etc.... I find the following of a dark religion only that it will in the end destroy the one who follows it regardless of how 'good' it may be working out for them in the beginning. Satan has been described as the "Father of all Lies" and hates humans because humans, according to Christian scriptures, can be saved, and demons cannot be saved, they are destined to be thrown into the fiery pit.

Remember I am a Wiccan here, not Christian, but I know a good deal about Christianity being a former Christian. Wicca is not Satanism either, just to set the record straight there for those who may not know.

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Posted 25 February 2005 - 05:24 AM

To play Devil's advocate (literally), it should be noted that Satanists would say their guy has simply gotten a bad rap. Some would say that the Christian conception of Satan is merely a distortion of certain pre-Christian deities like Baphomet. Most of these deities were concerned with the carnal, something that Christianity has traditionally not been too fond of. They would say that many of the things Christianity sees as sins are in fact part of human nature.

It should also be noted that there's a difference between members of the "official" Church of Satan founded by the late Anton LaVey and what most people think of as Devil worshippers. The Church of Satan is more like hedonistic organized athiesm with rituals and a bit of Aliester Crowley's Magick tossed in. They don't worship any sort of literal entity. To them, Satan is just a symbol of the things they see as perfectly natural but which Christianity has labeled as "evil". The variety of Satanism which has entered the public consciousness through Christianity, Hollywood movies, cheesy heavy metal bands and Geraldo Rivera has very little to do with real Satanism. So you're average bored high school kid who spray paints upside down crosses under a bridge and engages in animal sacrifices is really just trying to fit the Christian/media concept of Satanism.
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Posted 25 February 2005 - 08:58 AM

Aloha, I dont think it was you that turned it into a religious issue...If I can recall right it was someone else that started to mention God and stuff.... :)

I beleive that there is a satan and he does have power....Such strong power that you can be worshiping him and you dont know that you are! He is well needed in everything! He is part of a purpose and plan....

Alot of us say that we worship GOD...And we have no other Gods before him..Be carefull in saying that...Cause all of us has put things before GOD..

I knew that this thread was going to take a turn...Most get very uncomfortable about satanist....

I just want Dark Moon to know that your thoughts are important and Im glad you expressed them! :)
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Posted 25 February 2005 - 07:20 PM

I concur. Congratulations, Dark Moon. I wish you lots of happiness and success. And despite a few less open-minded others, always feel free to express yourself. I know very little about your faith and am always interested to hear about it.
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Posted 28 February 2005 - 09:12 AM

And despite a few less open-minded others, always feel free to express yourself.

That's not very nice. EVERYONE can say what they want even if others don't want to hear it.

Satanism is controversial. I think that's probably why there are those who join the religion. Open mindedness usually gets whittled away after you lived long enough. :weeee:

I agree with Tkite- go figure. Two old geezers who've been around to see a bit of life would agree, now wouldn't they?

Dark Moon-if you come back to read this know that what I say is said only out of concern.

When I read Dark's post, I was struck by two things. First, the old adage of: If it's too good to be true, it usually is. Second: You never get anything for free. I wonder what the price tag is going to be. Because there WILL be a price to pay. Everything has a price. I also have found out that NOTHING WORTH DOING IS EVER EASY. So, the ease Dark is experiencing is a huge red flag. This isn't an opinion, these things are my experiences.

I did get a chuckle tho. There is absolutley no difference between a born again Christian and a born again Satanist. Praise the Lord! Hail Satan! See? No difference.
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Posted 28 February 2005 - 10:06 AM

Heh, I'd like to mention that this person as not come back to comment. :weeee: The deed has been done :weeee:
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Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:56 PM

To each his own,I suppose.

Petunia, I am interested in what you said, We all will return to God. Do you believe that we all will return to Heaven, no matter what our life was like on earth? I have read a few of your posts, and I think I understand your position, But, I have heard other people say that, and was wondering what your logic is behind it. Even murders, child abusers, sexual abusers, that haven't asked for forgivness, as most of us were taught, will one day be with God. It goes against some of what I was taught growing up, that you can't be bad down here and expect to get to Heaven. PLEASE, PLEASE do not take this in the wrong way. I am truly interested in what you think, and I DO NOT want to start an arguement. I am in no way attacking what you believe, I am just curious.....Amy :weeee:

Are there any web sites that go into detail with the subject?
Again, please don't think I am being mean!

:huh: we do not all return Gods grace when we die we are judged before him to see it he will have us in the kingdom of heaven.

#40 NocturnalCantaloupe


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Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:57 PM

Oh there he is, I see him now. :weeee:
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#41 Dark Moon

Dark Moon

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:58 PM

Hello All,

Exactly what are 'Daemons'?

Daemon: "In Greek myth, an intermediate spirit between men and The
Elders. Daemons such as the one who guided Socrates act as councilors
and guardians to human beings."

Demon and daemon were once used interchangeably. The former came to
English from medieval Latin, while the latter was from classical Latin.
The earliest use appears to have been in the phrase daemon of Socrates,
which was his "attendant, ministering, or indwelling spirit; genius".
That was in the late 14th century. It was a short time later that the
term demon came to refer to "an evil spirit" by influence of its usage
in various versions of the Bible. The Greek form was used to translate
Hebrew words for "lords, idols" and "hairy ones (satyrs)". Wyclif
translated it from Greek to English fiend or devil. This is how the
evil connotation arose. By the late 16th century, the general
supernatural meaning was being distinguished with the spelling daemon,
while the evil meaning remained demon. Today Daemon can mean "a
supernatural being of a nature intermediate between that of The Elders
and men" or "a guiding spirit" or "a guardian of humanity".

Read about The Elders of Hell. What they are, how involved they truly
have been with mankind. Most of them are popular figures in history.

Visit this page to read on them.
- The Elders of Hell

Lucifer was not created, and Lucifer is not Ptah.

Ptah is the most ancient deity worshipped by humanity, for He was the
One who created humans. Ptah and The Elders of Duat helped created mankind and helped in their
survival. They rule the Universe from Duat, and have always looked
after the Earthlings. All those 'miracles' and 'saved by a divine
power' are Ptah and The Elders. Their daemons keep a watch over every
human, the original guardians who prevent trouble from happening and
plant "intuitions" and "premonitions" into your head. It is all
daemonic activity; the next time this happens to you, thank the daemon
who is helping you and you will be helped more in the future.

Acknowledgement goes a long way in forging life-long (and beyond)

The faith of Ptah is mankind's original faith. Azazel, High-ranking
Crowned Prince of Duat (Hell), is about 60,000 years old. Duat runs on
a monarchy. Ptah is the Ruler of Hell. Lilith, the Elderess that all
women look up to and are watched out for, is the Emperess. Ptah rules
Duat with Beelzebub (Enlil, his half-brother) and Astaroth, Enlil's
grand-daughter, who is the well-known Elderess 'Isis'. The Statue of
Isis is popularly called The Statue of Liberty.
Lilith is the icon of feminism. She stands for women's independence.

>>>> alhoa_spirit ::(I call him great for his power is strong)

Hail Ptah to that! Ptah has power over everything!

Regarding the tale about whoever stabbed you, it was Arcangel Michael,
a powerful evil entity. A daemon just told me that. It has the power to
manifest as a spectre and attack people not with short blades but
talons. It's a phantasm. Read about phantasms. If you are into astral
projection or astral travel, do it in the name of Ptah, and seek a
daemon guardian during astral travel. If you go alone, and come across
a phantasm, or a headless figure in a white-cloak, run for your life!
Or hey, do it as I do, take the name of Ptah in faith and tear it to
bits! I killed a 'White Cloak' myself (dunno where that term originated
from but I saw one, a real tall white phantom that hates humanity).

Test things. Verify things before you believe them for a fact.
Whatever you do, DON'T SHY AWAY from facing new knowledge. That is
symptomatic of a closed minded person. Those who boldly venture forth
attain new truths, new knowledge.

Knowledge about The Faith has been not so readily available. This is to
change. I am a spiritual intellectual continuously in touch with The
Elders and therefore, I Chosen One am going to be the one to write
about The Truth. Wait for "The Elder Scrolls"


It's all about a Ptah-Man relationship. Ptah and The Elders, and their
offspring the humanity.

Their purpose is to help us better ourselves, they act as our
guardians, establish our lives so we live them fully, and make us very
strong spiritually.

Spirituality is important! Connection with The Elders changes lives!
The Elders Lead You On from then on. Spirituality is about having
something extra, even the love of a daemon. Now who says that is
something you can get by being an atheist? LOL!

It's all about being faithful.

Ptah makes us honourable people, who are truthful, law-abiding and
stand up straight and look straight into other's eyes. Confidence that
comes from (1) being proud (2) being righteous (3) being chosen by
Higher Powers that make you feel exclusive to the world, feeling like
an 'elite among the herd of sheep'. A Lord among the bunch of scouts
that are the public. Try it when you meet The Elders.

Ptah completes our life. I don't feel a successful Follower has any
reason to go back to his past. It's a one-way road to progress. For the
Honest and the Livers, there is no coming back. No one comes back. Rise
and shine! Hail Amon-Ra, the Sun Lord.

I feel like I am again a child, growing up in the company of invisible
cosmic forces that keep me in a positive spirit. Very productive
experience, as the Follower of Ptah.

You have to be dedicated and take things as they come. The Elders
begin investing in us, you have to ask Ptah for anything and He
provides you with It.

"You Will Be Led Through The Procedure Of Attaining What You Want"

You will discover talents and creative abilities you never knew you
had, you become better. Picture this: You want to be a web-designer,
have an understanding of what you want to be but don't really have the
aptitude. Azazel, The Elder of Art. If you approach Azazel, you'll see
what you churn out of that Adobe Photoshop thingy you got there the
next time you start designing after a short prayer meditation to Azazel
welcoming His upper hand. Try it!!!! I implore the fellow artists,
chics especially, who might be reading this, to try this. 'Thank' me
later ;-). I never had to give Azazel anything except my love, He is
quite handsome and princely, and is easily impressed by admiration,
which He just commands by the way He giveth as an Elder.
Azazel bestows LAVISHLY!
You can get as close to him as you want. You are at a real advantage.
Azazel creates Beauty. I see a beautiful and I marvel. Hail Azazel!

The Elders are monarchs of Ptah. They have different offices in Duat
(Hell). Those offices can be anything from Treasures (Lord Lucifuge
Rofocal is one of the Treasure Lords I am well close to and fond of.
He is the Elder that is figured in the idols sold in the east of a
laughing, happy deity carrying a sack of gold on his shoulder or a pool
of liquid gold).

You can forge a personal relationship with Ptah. He can be your father,
your friend, your guide, even your lover. He is very personal and you
can begin to sense Him all the time speaking to you through Life. You
Shall See An Understanding, A Beauty Of The Creator In The World You
See Around You, And They Shall Make Deeper Meaning To You.
I made lovely friends out of a grove of trees in a tea garden and the
trees started speaking to me! THERE WAS SO MUCH LOVE!... It felt so
light... the connecting strands between my heart and the trees' almost
lifted me off the back seat of the bike my friend was driving. For that
moment, I was married to the trees of that tea garden. THIS IS ALL

See, children, this is spirituality. Connecting your spirit to other
spirits and interacting with them. (The Elders teach me how to do all
that, it is all taught directly to mankind, there's no book to read)
Speak to him, and you 'sense' the answer.

>>>> angelinayorke ::  I have been mistreated becaues I wear a

The correct interpretation of the Pentagram is as a symbol that
represents the four Elements plus the fifth Element of Spirit.

Satanists wear the "inverted" (two-point up) pentagram because to them
it symbolises their own philosophies. I see nothing abhorrable or
"evil" in that. People who say so are uneducated and on the verge of
lunacy if they think they can question other's jewellery in a free
country. America is a much more suffocating place than other countries,
as I have gained from those fanatics on the loose who do itsy-bitsy
bastardly stuff like questioning people's pentagrams.

Anyone who has worn the pentagram, and especially the two-point-up
pentagram with faith and attachment (which induces a rewarding return
from it, from my personal experience) knows how it serves the wearer,
even a pure atheist wearer. It's a spiritual symbol with magical
powers, and may or may not be attached to any deity. Even an atheist
could notice a change wearing it, as far as my experience with magical
patterns is concerned.

I am well-guarded Protector Elders of Duat. Pazuzu is a Protector
Elder, though He does not rule any position in the Duat except His
Office as Protector of People. Now that is a pretty busy position
because He has looked after all the people on Earth, along with Lord
Bes, His counterpart who has the same office. They are energetic
vibrant Daemon Lords who are patrong of revelry and cheer, and music.
Saviours the Real!
They also assist women during childbirth, etc. This is of course the
department of many super Elders, including Mother Lilith, wife of Ptah,
who is the women's prime deity and Watcher.
Pazuzu is a real 'guardian daemon', and He is very warm in nature. Just
like a terrific foster parent you always wanted. The cool dad. He can be
quite 'dadly' though, lol.

Ptah isn't about temples and chantings and sacrifices. It's about
remembrance, prayer rituals on the special times, accepting Him as the
all-pervasive energy that watches over you and talks to you the way it
always has as The Creator. Indeed, Ptah is the 'Lord of Creation' to
the Egyptians.

"Time of your life" is not the question here. BAD_WORD it IS a good life!

Note that these are rewards for your adoration. You get what you aspire
and invest in. Ptah invests in you by providing you opportunities and
lots of good luck. The closer you stay, the stronger the good luck. A
lot of good luck. You grab the very real-life opportunities that come
your way, and it pays off. I can cite numerous personal examples of
those Duat-given super-incidences that have happened all the time to
me. Then you shall know how awesome it got for this Follower. From the
way you dress and look to what you earn, it all changes. Friendly
daemons and even people of Duat (Hell) (former Followers of Earth who
went straight to Hell) come in on their own at times to help or offer
advise, or even play. The daemonic chics are flirts. Look for one
called 'Jumana' if you want and ask her about me. ;-)

Azazel, Fashion Lord His Excellency The Elder of Art and Beauty and
Black Magick, got my entire wardrobe redone. Sire! Ha ha, He is a
friend though, that's because The Elders can form very personal
relationships and are open conversationlists. You will know if you talk
to an Elder. Or just casually ask aloud to speak to a 'daemon' and then
when you write or speak or do something, your thoughts will be
telepathically guided to indicate daemonic presence. For example, you
could end up with a really smart poem you couldn't have managed
yourself. The daemons are powerful and they have no second-thoughts
about demonstrating their superiority to the humans by enhancing their
output! That is the heart of a daemon, it's always oriented towards the

I suggest talking to Azazel for those of you who want to get introduced
to daemons. Azazel is a great observer and patient teacher of humans.

He has always been so right from those ancient, ancient ages when He
personally taught humans the art of painting their faces (cosmetology)
or the art of making weapons and armour. Azazel can alone take care of
your entire life if you seek his Guardianship.

Guardianship is a relationship with an Elder can choose and then your
life's made! Ask Ptah for a Guardian Elder if unsure who is best for
you. You can also ask for a daemon boyfriend or girlfriend. They are
the incubus and succubus who are probably the most amorous daemons!

Just keep your mind open for signs and,.. ahem, seductions. He he.

You could also ask a daemon to be your oracle. They can make you a wiser
person, be your 'upper' friend. I have a daemon friend/brother called
Sephiroth. Call Him sometime. He's pretty cool and specialises in
medicine and knows the location of all things so he can help you find
lost items. Always thank in return. Daemons see through a person's
heart, so hiding your thoughts doesn't work. It's only good that you
get the guidance of a wise spirit who serves Ptah as a guardian of
humanity. Why wait?

The soul (spirit) gets powered by spirituality and meditations. We
uncover secrets of the soul, we learn about topics like energies,
auras, mind control and empowerment. The faith is occult but it follows
truth and science. There is a lot of learning to do.

Veteran and learned Followers like Maxine Dietrich have written extensively about Ptah. You ask Ptah... What are you? He replies. He is THAT direct. Try it. The Creator has always been Two personas. Ptah has a Wife that rules with Him. Lilith. Women should talk to Her. I see women are still striving for that balance with the male side. Why not?

Some people have compared my views with certain books.
I don't care about Bible. I curse the propaganda that is this Bible and the bearers of this Bible who carry it on their heads thinking what they got above their heads is the sky. That is how their wisdom can be measured, all coming from a pathetic book of make-believe unscientific tales about ghouls, blood-letting, city burning and human sacrifice. Wow! That's quite a considerable list of crimes against humanity.
"I am BAD_WORD confident anyone who stands up and calls out to The Hell positively is in for a huge change in life."

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 12:58 PM

Raven, That is what I had been taught my whole life ( judgement ) , That is why I am interested in knowing her views...Amy

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 01:09 PM

Thank you for the thorough explanations on your faith. It is one that I know little about.
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Posted 28 February 2005 - 02:59 PM

Satanism is the most ancient known religion. Azazel, a high-ranking Crowned Prince of Hell, is 60,000 years old. Hell runs on a monarchy. Satan is the King of Hell. He rules with his wife, the Queen of Hell, Lilith, who is very popular as a symbol of women's strength and independence, as feminists will know.

How old is Christianity? Only 2005 years. Islam is younger. Satanists feel insulted by such definitions of our Gods by such recent religions that are totally oblivious to the truth.

Lucifer is Satan. He is the most ancient God ever known. Satan was worshipped as Lucifer, the Bringer of Light, by the Romans. He was also known as Enki, the Lord of the Earth, a God of the Sumerians which were a highly-evolved civilisation thousands of years before christ. The Egyptians worshipped him as Ptah, the God of Creation. His titles show what he is, and these are all historically-researched facts.


So basically you are saying that someone such as myself, who worships ancient Gods and Goddesses, engages in a form of Satanism, at least, based on your research.

Sorry luv, I can't buy that. Not at all.

I would however, like to see back up research that does not come from a Satanic source, but from a non-religious anthropological and/or mythological studies source(s) that supports what you are saying about this.

Krafted with luv

by monsters

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Posted 28 February 2005 - 03:11 PM

Dark Moon -

Man, your fingers must be tired! I kind of figured your particular version of Satanism wasn't the same as the LaVey version. Whatever works for you, so long as you don't hurt anyone. By the way, carnal doesn't just refer to sex. It means of the flesh; worldly or material. Somehow the true meaning has become distorted over the years, but I think the word fairly accurately describes Satanic philosophy at least as set forth by LaVey.

As Hawk pointed out, there are some definite similarities in all religions, whether they be Satanic or Christian. I've always found the whole "my god is better than your god" thing ridiculous, regardless of who was making the claim. Your god works for you at this particular moment in your life. Just keep in mind the possibility that all gods/religions are merely "models" that humans apply in an attempt to understand the spiritual, and not the realisty of the spiritual itself. It's possible that there is something that could be called "God" (or whatever label you like) who created us, but we create our own gods as well when we attempt to explain the unexplainable. If there were a definite provable answer to the "God" (or "Satan" if you prefer) question, we wouldn't have countless religions each divided up into numerous sub-sects.

Wow, does all that stuff I wrote sound pretentious or what? Think I'll head off to Fun N Games.
"Future events such as these will affect you in the future." - Criswell, 'Plan 9 From Outer Space'

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