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Love of Pregnant Ghost

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Posted 09 March 2015 - 04:24 AM

The afternoon quickly passed by; the yellow light of the sun went through the tree, fall onto the hammock that I was lying. The winds blew and shook the leaves gently while the glistening spots was dancing around that hammock . The sunlight was pale, no longer be felt stiff as before. At that time, I usually go up to the terrace, to do solar practicing. Just thinking about it, my body was suddenly irritated as electricity shock, ringing in my head the mantra of "An thiet toa than lai ung hien...". But I immediately stopped sharply, did not want to remember . Now, the weak light did not have enough magic to seduce me anymore. I removed all, since that fateful day…It was the day my youngest brother died by traffic accident. I could not be home to see his face one last time. How human could understand my pain, a exorcist , predicted exactly the day that my youngest brother will be pass, but I had no way to change it. Although my bonzedom has advised me that it is, but I could not accept for what has happened...

In a day of May (on lunar calendar), got omen of my youngest brother’s death, I forecasted it will be happen in June. I rushed to give him the supreme prayer, guardian incantation, and also the Sixth Patriarch Magaham statue that my bonzedom had spent twenty-one days to do magic on it. I forced him every day, on my behalf, burnt incense to pray God, and was not allowed to take off the chain and the surface of the status, not drink alcohol... I set up an available patron lamp of his life on the altar, controlled it whole night and day...But, he still left our family, leaving this life violently and painfully . One day, I was busy to guide a tourist group to the Western dental for three days tour, that afternoon, a small butterfly flied into the lamp and be burned to death, light was turned off by. At the same night, after drunk with his friends, my brother do not dare to wear the chain with status. He also did not dare to recite the mantra, just burn incense quietly... and then one hour later, while crossing the street, he was ran over by the truck... From that day, I left the job, refused to meet friends, colleagues, and locked myself inside the house, pulled my mine into the castle of loneliness...

Ms Ba has gone for long time, the sun left west horizon, just rest a red halo throwing up the gloomy sky. I gently swayed hammock, refresh the air around me, but I still have heavy melancholy. Ms. Ba's speeds rose up into my head: “You should think again what I suggested. That people are in need of your help, why do you cross your arm and ignore it? Save a life is better than building seven temples; how useful will you save all the people in that family, both the living and the soul of dead?”… But, Ms. Ba did not understand my mood at the moment. I save other’s life for what, when I even do not know what will happen in my destiny. I am not Buddha, how can I save the humankind from sufferings. Even my brother's life, I also could not save...

"You should think carefully what I said! If you agree, I will hire a car take you to Moc Hoa district" - Her words still echoed on my head, but I had sighed and sank into a dreamlike sleep …


... I went on a bumpy, narrow road. The rice fields were stretching in front of my view. Rice were harvest clearly, only gold stunted stubble left. Afar, it was appeared and disappeared alternately some row of water palm. Maybe, there were some river branches or canals at that side. On gloomy space in the early evening when the sunlight has just off, it seems to have a bit of smog was spreading around that area. I stopped, bewildered look around... a girl looming over the road ahead. I walked away, and realized her purple cotton shirt waving euphoria in the mist of smoke. I called, but my voice dissolved into nothingness. The girl seem to feel my calling voice, she lingered on her way… To the junction, she stopped completely as expected. When I approached, she was walking away quickly. I did not remember how long I had to follow her, maybe forever... To a dense bamboo grove, there was a grave beside banana tree, she suddenly turned back to look at me. By this time I saw her face clearly. She was very beautiful: swarthy skin, delicate eyebrows, especially, it was very black eyes, wide and sad one. From the corner of her eyes, the tears was came out and roll down her cheeks ... There were not time to ask a question, her shape suddenly faded and faded, then vanished into the illusion smog space…


The honk startled me. When I opened the eyes, it was surrounded by dark, indoor the house, the lights was on. I watch my hand-clock - it was over twenty-one o'clock. I have been sleep for nearly four hours, so all images above were just a dream. I sighed again: this life is a dream, no more and no less. Driving swarm of hungry mosquitoes away, I sat up and go into the house. The dinner already was set on the table by my mom at any time-it was cool down.




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Posted 09 March 2015 - 06:14 AM




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