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#16 Brandon



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Posted 02 December 2003 - 06:50 PM

playing music- bass guitar and keyboard
listening to music
 exploring caves

#17 krcguns


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  • Interests:Well....investigating ghosts and finding out what lies beyond this life of course!

Posted 02 December 2003 - 09:31 PM

Well...after paranormal investigating I guess it would have to be:

Collecting comic books...Specializing in Spider-man (anybody got any they want to get rid of?)

Scuba diving

Model Rockets with the kids

Radio Controlled Airplanes

Those are the big ones but not the end of the list of all the things I love to do! [smiley=cwm26.gif]
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#18 Bangin


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 06:07 AM

Writing rhymes  8)
First voice: "Where is he...around here?"Second voice: "He's dead."First voice: "Ah, he could be anywhere then."

#19 inaspin2


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 06:26 AM

Collecting anything by Kylie Minogue (Have a huge and growing collection!)

Reading (Mostly non fiction, esp. on ancient Egypt & anything paranormal)

Shopping (Cds and clothes are my weakness!)

Soon to take up photography as Dad gave me his old camera for my bday  :)
Don't hold back and always know, all the answers you will unfold. What are you waiting for? Spread your wings and soar-Christina Aguilera

#20 OwlGoddess


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 08:04 AM

again folks, long list here... like ms rattie lover, i'm a hands-on daydreamin' kinda addict.

(again, in no particular order)

knitting, sewing and designing fabulous black clothing, john fluevog shoes, dyeing my hair strange colors, cooking (gosh, i LOVE my kitchen), eating food that i cook, going out to eat, cats cats and more cats (love my kitties!), birdwatching and owl watching, writing poetic letters to friends with a quill pen and dramatic colors of old fashioned ink, making my own ink, making my own paint, painting with egg tempera, making and designing purses and handbags, designing my own website (which is in dreadful need of updating), embroidery of any kind, drawing, writing in my journals, having my headset on at all times, NPR 24 hours a day when i'm NOT listening to my fabulous and large music collection, shopping for fabric and goodies, chinatown shopping, slumming around in san francisco, going to concerts, tattoos, hanging out with my husband, and last but certainly not least, my favorite thing to do is to have friends over for copious food and wine!!

Life's waters flow from darkness; Search the darkness, don't run from it.--Rumi

#21 Willow


    A sweet kindhearted person, who would dish dirt on her?

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Posted 03 December 2003 - 08:08 AM

Tons of Writing
Music*bit of a drummer*
All things Paranormal ;D
Either write things worth reading,
Or do things worth the writing.

#22 mastermind73


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 08:08 AM

Writing rhymes

Hey Bangin... Do you bust them after you write them?

My only 2 hobbies right now are:

1. Photoraphy
2. Urban Exploration

They go hand-in-hand.
"If dreams are like movies, Then memories are films about ghosts.You can never escape, you can only move south down the coast.""Don't you remember when we were young, and we wanted to set the world on fire?'Cause I still am, and I still do."

#23 Bangin


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 10:00 AM

Hey Bangin... Do you bust them after you write them?


I don't have any tracks for sale...yet. (lol) [smiley=cwm33.gif]
First voice: "Where is he...around here?"Second voice: "He's dead."First voice: "Ah, he could be anywhere then."

#24 Bridget


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Posted 03 December 2003 - 11:32 AM

Hmmm, let's see.....
Watercolor painting
Swedish Folk Art decorative painting
Gourmet Cooking
Formal Entertaining
Gardening Big Time!
Home Improvement
Sewing Home Decor
Surfing the net and online shopping
Wine Tasting (or more like guzzling!) ;D
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#25 CajunKnight


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Posted 05 December 2003 - 06:55 PM

Well after working and gv which leaves little time, I like re constructing boats. I buy one and work on it and get it almost finished and stop just to get another and start again. If I keep going I will be able to start my own navy one day. 8)
Welcome to ghostvillage, home of 24,000+ smiling faces and a few old grouches."Some things have to be believed to be seen"Ralph Hodgson

#26 Annalisa


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Posted 07 December 2003 - 09:29 AM

All areas of art (I used to teach art)
ghost hunting
ghost walks

#27 KarenSue1973


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  • Interests:Photography, baking, sewing

Posted 07 December 2003 - 01:28 PM

I love baking, cross stitching and needle point.  I also read and write poetry.
Peace, love and happiness always!

#28 MoonChild


    The One Within!

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Posted 20 January 2004 - 11:41 PM

walking around the GV Assylum ;D

Take my hand and we'll go riding through the sunshine from above

#29 lmackey



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Posted 21 January 2004 - 04:22 AM

I enjoy differnt hobbies with differnt moods :o) some are......my family , my kidos, my reptiles, my kitties, entering sweepstakes, traveling, reading, writing, crafting, movies, 80's & country music, and garage sale/thrift shopping
lmackey, the (Ghost) Village Idiot

#30 hawkerdriver


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Posted 21 January 2004 - 05:04 AM

My biggest joys are:  tatting, bobbin lace and quilling.  Quilling not quilting.  Watching any fact finding documentary.  My two kids (of course!), my two four month old kittens, and playing in the full motion simulators at work.  I work at Simuflite part time as a right-seater in the flight simulators for 'unpaired' clients.  It's pretty fun and not like work at all!
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