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Red Lights

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#1 veyaluch


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Posted 27 June 2006 - 12:19 PM

ok i have posted about this topic before, but thought i would give it another try. now when i say "red lights"
picture a laser pointer light. the first time i saw the red lights i was in bed with my son(toddler age), it was around 12ish and i rolled over to him to kiss him goodnite. i noticed on his sleeve were 3 red dots of light. i put my hand above his sleeve and the lights were on my hand. so i looked up and saw 3 more red dots. the light on his sleeve was being projected from the lights on the ceiling(like a laser pointer). so i looked around the room for something that could be reflecting the light and saw only my digital clock(which is in red). there was no way the clock was reflecting the light, so i stood up on my bed to get a closer look at the ceiling. then they were gone. that was about a year ago.

a few months ago, i woke up late at nite and noticed above my window(on the wall) was an object of red light(the size and shape of a brick) protruding from the wall. i watched as it sank back into the wall yet i could still see the red glow from it coming thru the wall. it started to move along the wall to the corner nearest to me. once it got to the corner, my GF coughed and shifted in bed and then it was gone.

so the other nite, i wake up at 1:30 and notice on the wall facing me two red lights almost dancing across the wall, i watched them for a second then stood up and went to the wall. i put my hand on the them to see if i could grab them, and then noticed the lights were on my hand. the source of the lights were 2 more lights(think laser pen) coming from the drapes hanging over my window. i went over to the drapes and started grabbing at the lights as they danced up the drapes(avoiding my hands) and then through the wall, dissapearing. my gf woke up cuz i was saying outloud "i got you now, i got you now" lol she thought i went crazy. :hug:

So any ideas at all about these lights? i have no freaking clue what the source could be. i see lotsa stuff, including shadow spirits, orbs, and full on appiritions but i cant connect the lights to anything! help!?!?!

#2 rat girl

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Posted 27 June 2006 - 02:08 PM

hi there veyaluch

i used to see "lights" in my bedroom at nightime, i was about 5 years old and when i lay in my bed at night there would be little balls of light floating around me.
mine didnt look like a laser through, mine looked like balls, they werent just red through there were ones that were green, blue, purple. i never felt scared of these little balls of light. i havent seen them for a long time now, i have no idea what they were.
maybe they were spirits in a different form? it sounds like the same kind of thing of with you.
maybe you could try taking a photo of them if that is possible?
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#3 veyaluch


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Posted 27 June 2006 - 02:25 PM

what you described sounds like spirit orbs. but i guess there is no harm in having my dig cam by the bed just in case. thx

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