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Increased activity after birth of son? Help?

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#1 E_Meryia



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Posted 03 June 2014 - 04:53 PM

Hi my name is Erin, and if anyone could give me some answers that would be awesome! My son Finn was born in January 2013. He was in the hospital after birth for four weeks. When we brought him home he then got colic for two months... So admittedly the first three months of his existence are pretty hectic. Now for the meat & potatoes of my query: i've lived in this house for three years my husband bought the house and has lived here for 10 years. Before Finn was born I never noticed any activity. My family and I are kind of sensitive, we joke that were just psychic enough to be miserable and not psychic enough to make any money from it. So I thought it was weird when I started seeing shadows and hearing things after having lived here for a few years. I had convinced it myself it was just me but laying in bed one night I heard footsteps, I thought my husband was asleep but then he turned to me and said "did you just hear that"? So we started to compare notes, and what we've come up with is it seems since we brought Finn home that we're both hearing and seeing things particularly at night in our bedroom. Further it seems that activity often occurs when he's staying with his "Aunt" Traci who lives next door. He now has started a habit of waking up every night between 12 and 1:30am at which point I pick him up and put him in bed with us. If I put him back in his crib he'll awake up again between three and five. Activity doesn't seem to happen while he's with us in bed but like I said if he's next door. I'm not sure what to think, if this activity is increased because of him or what? And what's with the almost nightly awakenings? Whatever the case it's starting to get unnerving, I won't even be thinking about it and I open my eyes at night in our room see what it looks like shadows solidifying into PITCH black and moving. Can this happen? Should I be alarmed?? Is this poor lil guy going to end up particularly sensitive? Any insight would be greatly appreciated...

#2 natti



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Posted 10 June 2014 - 07:37 PM

first of... im sorry you havent got any replies before now.... my opinion is that if you are a "sensitive", well, spirits have a way of always popping up... havent they??.. yes, they are drawn to you/us. i experience (haveing two stepchildren) that spirits make them self more noticable to me when im alone or everyone is asleep. in your case.. they most likely want you to notice them/help them. have you tried to just sit by yourself and opening up? pardon my bad english typing.... from norway

#3 Ravus Aranea

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Posted 15 July 2014 - 03:29 PM

In my opinion there are three things that could be happening here. One may be that there is a loved one who has passed already that is interested in the child you now have. Believe me this happens frequently.I have had a very personal experience with this one first hand.It is important to note if the energy surrounding this entity is positive , negative or neutral.This may be a good indicator of what is visiting. the second explanation may be that there was a residing entity already in the house that was dormant..events like a new baby can activate otherwise dormant beings..thirdly if you are a sensitive you may have drawn an entity to you from any number of locations...a hospital is a very likely place. Is the activity rote and looping like a residual or is it interactive like an actual spirit? Is the child frightened or fussy. Do you feel like your child is being threatened or perhaps just watched over. Pay very close attention to your own instincts on this one.If you feel like your child is being threatened or if he seems to be overly sick, weak or listless please have him blessed as soon as possible....but do not assume that all such manifestations are evil in nature.Some are simply curios and some are down right protective and can actually be helpful if not annoying at times.

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Posted 17 July 2014 - 01:40 AM

My suggestions



1. Have the Child baptized.


2. Sage and salt the house.


3. Out loud tell what ever is there that only Light and Love can be in this house and demand what ever is dark and evil must leave.


5. Clean house from top to bottom.


4. Have the house blessed.


5. Repeat Sage when you feel it's needed.

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