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My old house

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Posted 30 May 2003 - 07:41 AM

The last house I lived in had a ghost.  I always felt as though I was being watched from a particular corner of my bedroom.  One cold day I drove in the drive of the house and noticed that my bedroom windows were misted over, 2 of them completely but the other one the mist looked like a human figure, head and shoulders.  There were 2 eye sized spots unmisted right where they should be.  This window was in the corner where I felt a prescence was.
I reading a book one day, also had the TV on, there was a cooking show on and I looked up in time to see a man in a white shirt, dark pants walk through an archway door, I thought was behind the presenter.  I only took a quick look and went back to my reading, then thought there was something not right about that.  I looked at the tv and realised there was no door behind the presenter, that it was a reflection of the doorway behind me.
Around this time I had discovered ghost sites on the net and loved reading the stories.  Maybe this opened me up more, but while I was reading them, I felt like someone was lightly stroking my hair.  Similiar feeling to the broken egg trick, I even took to wearing a hat at computer :).  One night he really let me know he was there, hubby had gone to bed when I heard a bang on the cupboard behind me.  I turned to find no one there and turned back to the computer, right away I felt the back of my hair being tugged.  I had just had my hair cut short and I don't think he liked it.  I got a fright and quickly rushed off to bed.  As I was laying there, I'd feel him come into the room a few times, there were bangs through the house.  At one stage an orb flashed in his 'spot'.  My husband was asleep on his stomach and when the orb showed he startled awake, turned over and looked right where the orb was, rolled over and went back to sleep.  I didn't get much sleep that night.
The funny thing was, the next day I read my stars for the day before.  It read "Over reaction may bring unwanted attention"  The next night he tried again, I felt him come into the computer room and touch me, I just yawned and said out loud "I'm tired it's time for bed".  Turned off the computer and did so, he soon gave up when he realised I wasn't going to react to him.
When I was moving out, I sensed he was sad at being left alone.  I spoke out loud to him, telling him that he wouldn't be alone for long and requested that he didn't scare the new occupents, because they were very young and just starting out on their own.  Haven't heard anything from them about him.

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