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Newbie interested in spirit communication

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Posted 09 June 2012 - 03:36 AM

Hi there, This is my first post so I'll start with a little background.

I don't believe myself to have much in the way of inborn supernatural ability. Nor do I think I've had any sort of paranormal experience. Though some family members of mine have. My father for instance believed he spoke to his grandfather and his father on the night of their deaths. The only sort of experience I can recount is that I believe I had an out of body experience when I was 11 or 12. But never again have I been able to astral project as it's called.

When I was younger I wished to partake in the occult. Though my mom discouraged the practice, saying I was getting into things I didn't understand. While I believe her viewpoint was that of a christian, I realize now that it was naive and foolish of me to pursue the sort of magic that I wanted (Think sword and Sorcery style magic, very unrealistic)

But now I'm older and on my own, and I'm getting a little interested in meeting spirit guides and getting more in touch with nature, and possibly the deceased also.
I've read a bit about meditation, and I'm now doing a little of the mind-clearing sort before going to bed. And when sleep doesn't find me I have a crystal ball that I stare into. No actual spirit contact yet, but I do experience a sort of heightened consciousness when I meditate, especially with the crystal ball.

What are some things I can do to help the process of meeting spirits along? Attract the good ones while keeping bad ones away? Do I have the wrong idea? Am I even in the right place?

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Posted 14 June 2012 - 03:43 PM

For some reason the bumper sticker "Do not mess with the affairs of dragons, you are crunchy and taste good with ketchup" comes to mind. Spirit guides are something really advanced and high level physics have. I'm not sure how much I really put my faith in such things, since the only ones I've ever seen are people on tv and we all know how real that can be. Getting in touch with nature, and the many energies and powers there in is really cool. Explore the realm of magic at your own pace, but be aware there is lots of good and bad out there. You have to be your own guardian, and be aware of what you are getting yourself into before starting.
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Posted 19 June 2012 - 06:42 PM

Has anyone ever used the voice box I've been seeing on television lately? It's cool to think that we can here right away what a spirit is saying if it really works.
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Posted 20 June 2012 - 04:36 PM

I myself am very spiritual and work with guardian angels and fairy guides. Just read about what interests you. There's no harm in opening up just be careful and keep positive. You'll open up your awareness soon hopefully. Never heard of the voice box yet,.what exactly is it? Never heard of it until now.

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