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#1 Demented Nation

Demented Nation


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Posted 27 September 2012 - 10:24 AM

I need any information possible on a demon named Lilith. I recently moved in with a friend who said for years a demon would keep him up at night and had alot of weird stories. He called me and i was at my girlfriends house and said that he wanted me to go home and my door was slamming by itself. I left my girlfriends house and my room mate was freaking out. I went into my bathroom and felt a sharp pain on my back i tried to open my door but it was locked. Im a pretty big guy and was doing everything to get the door open but it wouldnt budge. My roomate said something about my back i took off my shirt and now have a huge as scrath clear as day that says lilith.

My room mate said that ever since he was a teenager he has been haunted by this demon causing him to stay up for days at a time. I couldnt sleep all last night. Im afraid that i might be infected...

Any information at all would be greatly apprieceated.

#2 Frater Arion

Frater Arion

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Posted 27 September 2012 - 10:43 AM

My roomate said something about my back i took off my shirt and now have a huge as scrath clear as day that says lilith.

I find thisincredibly hard to believe. Care to upload a picture of it? Claims such as this are rarely true, mostly people coming on forums like these just to get a laugh out of the responses.

As for information, Lilith has a few different origins. The first wife of Adam and mother of all demons in Christian/Hebrew mythology, Sumerian and Akkadian myth references Lili and Lilitu as a class of spirits, not an individual spirit. Assyrians believed in a Lilitû which were evil spirits said to prey on women and children, they were identified as large birds and associated with storms.

There is also the idea that Lilith is the demonization of the goddess Lamashtu from Mesopotamian myth.

So, there are many different variations of this spirit. Pinning down reliable information is difficult when referring to Lilith.
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