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Need advice

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Posted 30 March 2008 - 06:37 PM

My son is 12 now but he has been able to see spirts/ghost since he was 3. Let me see where do I start it was an early monday morning I was getting ready for work. My son came into my room and asked if he could call his grandmother I told him sure she should be awake why? he then told me that he had to tell her something so, I just said ok hold on. I called my mother told her I am not sure what's going on but, your grandson wants to tell you something, she laughed and said ok. (Man after all these years I still tear up thinking about this day) My son got on the phone and said grandma your mother told me to tell you that she knows you miss her alot and you love her so much she knows it! and you have to please stop crying so much. She is always with you! He then said ok grandma bye! he then handed me the phone and ran off to his room. I was in shock from what I just heard! I got on the phone and said mom you there? she was crying so hard I told her mom, I am so sorry he wouldn't tell me what he wanted to tell you I am sorry! My mother said no it's ok I am glad he called me. (my grandmother had passed about 2 years prior to my son calling my mother). #2 Ok now let me jump to another story My husband traveled for a living and I was a stay home mom, my husband called one night and I got upset and was crying because I was expecting him home and he wasn't coming home for another day. (I was upset because I had news we were expecting another baby and I wanted to tell him in person not over the phone) Well, that night my son and I fell asleep in bed and in the middle of the night I heard my son talking to someone I didn't want to roll over and look I just layed there and listened to him. He had one hand on my back and was say mom please don't cry it's going to be ok I am going to have a beautiful little sister she is so pretty mom, she is going to have long brown hair (note: I had not told anyone that I was expecting). I wish you could see her mom she is so pretty, I then thought to my self should I turn around and look, but I didn't I just closed my eyes and listen to him talk to this person that was in the room. And I never heard my son call this person by a name either. Well, I had a girl she was born in 2001, so that would have put my son at age 5. #3 Ok, this story is most resent like February 2008 my son came to my room one morning before school and he had to tell me about a dream he had, I said ok what happened he said that he had a dream about Joe? I said who's Joe my son said well in my dream he said your "uncle joe" I said ok (Note: my uncle had passed a few moths ago and we didn't make it to the funeral) and my son really doesn't know my uncle due to the fact we don't live close to each other and we only saw them when the whole family got together. Ok he said that he was under a deck and he could see my uncle talking to someone thru the cracks of the deck he doesn't remember what they were saying to each he just kept telling me that they were talking back and forth so, I aked who was the other person? he said I don't I could never see his face. My son then said mom I just felt very weired after I woke-up, what does it mean when you dream about someone who has died? I told him I am not sure really people have different opinions about it. I just told him lets make sure and say a prayer for uncle joe he said ok. That day had passed and the next day I talked to my mother and I told her that her grandson had a dream about uncle joe and there was another person was in the dream but, he could never see the other person face (note my son did say that it was a man from what he could tell) my mother who looks at things different then I do, so she took a deep breath and said ok. Well, that night my family and I got some bad news about a family member of ours he was shot by some police and he was in critical condition we went to see him later that week at the hospital and he was on the machine that keeps you going. Well my mother then told me that the person that was in my son's dream was glen our family member that was in the hospital. Well, glen died a week later and he was layed to rest on march 14. I took his death very hard just like the rest of my family, I make a point to talk to him at night (not knowing he can hear me) and telling him how much we all love him and are going to miss him alot!! Well, lately things have been happening around my house and when I am out with a friends of mine for example I was in the shower and the shower curtain blew open and then slammed really hard against the tub instantly Glens name popped into my head I then started to fell kinda sick to my stomach I told my friend about it and she was telling me maybe he has something to tell you, I just told her I can't do this and I don't know how to do this. So, that night before I went to bed I said Glen if you are around me and are trying to tell me something you need to give me some kind of sign because I really don't know what I am doing. Well, the next day we went to a family birthday party. Glen's brother started to tell us that he has a meeting to go to reguarding the investigation of his brother's death etc. I just said ok keep us posted we all loved him so much. Then me and my children left the party and my other son who is 3 started to cry and was yelling on our way home I asked him what's wrong? he then yelled out I want to go back to the party now I told him we can't why do you want to go back he then said because mom I didn't get to play with Glen!!! I then stop the van both me and my son (oldest one 12) looked at each other and said what did you say? he said it again I didn't get to play with glen at the party, I said oh you mean one of the little kids at the party? he said NO!! big Glen mom! I said honey he wasn't there. My son said yes he was he was there watching all of us play. I just took a deep breath and said ok well, my oldest son said call aunt terri and make sure there was no kids there with the name glen which I did and no there was no one there with that name. So, can someone please tell me do you think this is the sign do you think he is trying to tell me something? why does this stuff keep happening to my son and I? How do you handle things like this and it seems like ever since Glen pasted when something brakes or the light flicker his name pops right into my head. I have knowen alot of people who have pasted and there name never pops into my head.

Thanks again everyone!

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Posted 30 March 2008 - 09:00 PM

Hi and welcome to Ghostvillage. Your sons and yourself are clearly sensitive to the spirit world. Your cousin Glen has not completely passed over yet and he is in a confused state. He's not ready to leave yet and wants to make sure everyone is ok due to the way that he died. He is probably in shock because of his violent death. All you need to do is keep on talking to him. You can do this aloud our in your head. He will hear you. It is possible that he does not know he has died; if that is the case YOU need to be the one to tell him that he has died. You need to be gentle with him, explain what happened and when he died. Tell him that he cannot stay here anymore and there are people who love him that are waiting for him with open and loving hearts. He may be afraid to pass over completely to the other side because of religious beliefs, but you must assure him that God (or your higher power) loves him and he will not be judged harshly for whatever he feels he may have done wrong while he was living. God is loving and compassionate and he has already been forgiven. It is not healthy for him to stay here because he has to complete his journey to heaven.

When a person suddenly "pops" into your head, my belief is that the person is there and has a message to give you. Next time you feel him, or your sons feel/see him, tell them to ask Glen to tell them whatever he needs to. You can do the same thing. A good way to get his message clearly is by writing it down. When you feel him or think of him, ask him your question and then sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Take the phone off the hook, turn off the tv, radio, etc and tell everyone you need to be alone for about 10-20 minutes. Write on a piece of paper, Dear Glen, I love you and I know that you have something to tell me. You can tell me now, I am ready and I am listening. You may need to put your pen down for a minute or two and then you will "hear" words in yoru head. It will sound like it is your own voice, but write down everything regardless of whether you think it is Glen or your own imagination. When he is finished you will no longer hear anything in your head and you will know he is finished. Then tell him again that you love him, he will be ok and that he must go to the light where people who love him are awaiting his arrival. You may feel funny, hot/cold flashes, goosebumps, lightheaded, hair standing on end or you may even feel him touch you. Do not be afraid, this is normal.

As far as your children, please Google Indigo and Crystal Children. You may also do a Google search on Julie Beth Rosenshein, she is my mentor. She works with Indigo Children and Adults and helps them understand and develop their gifts. She is in CT, but if you write to her she will reply and may even be able to direct you to someone in your area who can help you and your children.

You are not alone. My daughter who is now 21 and I are both Indigos. I am a Scout, meaning she literally chose me before her birth to be her mother because she knew that I had many of the same gifts as she and would be able to guide her through this world/lifetime in a way that a mother who is not gifted would not be able to do. She has been communicating with spirits since around 6 months and continues to this day. I have communicated with the spirit world for as long as I can remember. This runs in families; my father, mother and both grandmothers also have the gift. Each of us is slightly different in our abilities, but basically the same. My daughter and I have complete conversations without saying a word whether we are in the same room, house or not.

I hope this has helped you and put your mind at ease. You are not alone and there are many people here who can help you.

Wishing you love and light,

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