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The velvet Elvis

An agressive ghost

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#1 Haunted Shadow

Haunted Shadow


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Posted 27 September 2012 - 09:10 PM

Traveling in through a small town in Queensland Australia.

I needed a place to sleep. As a man in his young 20's I was more than familiar with making stupid decisions and bad choices.
On this particular night my decisions lead to one of the closest encounters I've ever faced.

I knew the address of a young lady who,.. well lets just say we'd been intimate on several occations. I had no interest in this woman and when last we'd met the encounter ended in heated arguments. She wanted a long relationship that i just wasn't ready for. Still I needed a place to sleep.

I knocked on that door for a good five minutes, turning about and looking toward the busy intersection, then back to the door for another knock. Finally it swung open.
To my surprise this wasn't the lady I expected, it was her mother. This woman was hard, she worked at the local pub and had entertained more than her share of men.
We stood and talked for a few minutes and she explained that I'd broken her daughters heart. I appologiezed and lied. I told her over the months i'd thought of nobody but her daughter and wanted one more chance to make a go of it... my smooth tongue and honest eyes fooled even her experienced soul.
Once inside I managed to sit with my one time piece of fun. We chatted and I regained her confidence, she opened up to me that in her life she only had room for a serious adult relationship. I let the words wash over me and kept the goal in mind, I only needed one night and perhaps I could have fun before moving on
Knowing I must show compation the expected conversation headed toward her reasons.. Exactly why was she so determined to find stability?
Typical to a woman of her age it was all about her father. or lack of father as this case revieled.

They'd never met. He was a one night stand and her mother refused to discuss it. From what I could gather he'd been passing through. A regular monthly who stopped in for a quick night and was never heard from again. Men like us don't get missed when we're gone.

A few more hours of coffee and smokes then finally we were arm in arm. She took me to bed and.... I'll refrain from sharing that moment with you all.

Later that night, as the moon flooded her room, I lay there thinking about my next day. The reasons for headed out the door and the best way to leave them.. Thinking I'd be back would stop arguments and those horrible crying eyes.
I looked at the wall. Bounced my eyes around at her horribly garish dolls and stupid stuffed toys.
Then I listened to the beating of my heart, I could only hear it as the vibration shook my chest and sent a pulse thumping down my body.
Listening and feeling the rhythmic pulse my eyes locked on the wall. That horrible velvet Elvis. That furry cheap looking picture half covered in a poorly draped night gown.
Something was happening... I didn't recall Elvis owning a while cowboy hat, still there it was protruding from the wall. In an instant an old dust covered man stepped from the frame, it drifted to the beds end and leaned over me. I could smell a mix of oil and tobacco, a stench I'll never forget.
Now shaking, with a young lady curled up to my side, I listened to words that filled my mind. "I will kill you."
I only needed to hear it the once. Without drawing another breath I slid from the bed and lay on the floor. The phantom followed and now hung no more than a foot from my face. Trapped in silence and surrounded by utter terror my left arm stretched slowly under the bed, could I slide beneith it?
With gradual inching I made my way beneith the heavy wooden frame, creeping from a cold spector to a seemingly icy cage. As my body found solitude under the large antique adreniline took over.
I'm not sure if any time passed between me seeing the open door and making it to the houses entrance but I was gone and never returned.

Just a quick little fiction. Figured while i was siting in the dark watching some cheesy movie I'd recount this tail.
Universal Constance: The Haunted Shadow is now published

ebook http://www.amazon.co...k/dp/B009AY8E1O
paperback http://www.lulu.com/...light/LeonGower

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Posted 29 September 2012 - 05:40 AM

Totally loved the read Haunted Shadow! :) Posted Image

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