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Haunted Upstate NY

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#1 jenncasper



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Posted 29 May 2003 - 04:26 PM

Im looking for any information regarding Forest Park Cemetery in Troy, Oakwood Cemetery in Troy and the Homestead in Galway. I have pictures and documents that I would love to share with anyone who is interested. Im just trying to get more information so I can hopefully put together a decent website with all of it there. Also has anyone heard anything about the Shaker place in Colonie being haunted?? Any info would be great. Thank You.

#2 kittengirl


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Posted 02 June 2003 - 10:42 AM


I recently went to Forest Park Cemetery.  Have you ever been there ?? WOW.  Ive been interested in this kind of stuff as long as I remember and have often gone to places that are suppossed to be haunted, but I have never had anything happen, or even felt weird, that all changed when I went to Forest Park.  It was a rainy day cold day about a month ago.  As soon as I saw the place I felt weird.  My aunt and I went, and we both had our cameras.  To make a long story short my aunt thought I was behind her and was talking to me when she turned aroung I was like 50 feet away from her, she was a little spooked because she really doesnt believe in that sort of thing.  Then she called me over and seemed kind of freaked out.  When I went to her, her camera was zooming in and out, focusing by itself, her fingers were no where near any buttons and she was holding it very still, we were just staring at it and couldnt believe it.  Then it took a picture by itself, I got freaked out and we decided to leave.  We got the film developed right away. As we were looking at the pictures we could determine what one  it had taken by itself. it was number 13.  Most of the pictures were just normal shots. But number 13 had two large unmistakable transparent orbs, the one the camera had taken itself.  It was really odd. As we looked closely at the other pictures we could see smaller orbs.  It was a realy strange day.  I have been back since and taken more pictues, there are orbs in one or two but nothing like the day that my aunt and I went . The second time I went We went further and saw the statues, but there is another path that seemed to intimidating to go down, but I will do it someday!! if you or anyone else has any info on this cemetery please share it  :)

#3 dntueva


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Posted 02 June 2003 - 11:02 AM

Hi Kittengirl,
Can you post a couple of the pics that you got from Forrest Park or the one with 13 in it?
I would be very interested in seeing it as I am sure all of us here would be .
I havent been but have read alot about it on the net.
Thanks l :) :)king forward to see ing your pics.

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