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Throwing a curve ball out there

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#1 Oniix


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Posted 17 March 2011 - 04:40 PM

I don't usually cross these two subjects and quite honestly this part of the board probably fits best.

I have been working with a couple (dear friends of mine), who have experienced events one would label as paranormal. These events can be experienced by one of them, or both of them at the same time while each is unaware of the other experiencing the same thing.

Most of the time, these events seem more, "spiritual" or "ghostly" in characteristics, but as of late, they are taking on an extraterrestrial (spell check!) flavor, including a large grey, slender form like that of a "grey" (I told you I was throwing a zinger). to that of three smaller, say3ft-4ft tall beings trying to stay in the shadows as not to be seen. These forms were also that of "greys".

I'm skeptical of this stuff hence I placed this question here.

Have any investigators here found themselves crossing the lines from Ghosts to possible alien or extra dimensional visitations?

Open minds people, open minds.

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#2 CaveRat2


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Posted 17 March 2011 - 08:48 PM

Absolutely. I started out doing UFO / alien cases. It is only because of similarities between ghost reports, robed entities, grays, and other creature reports that I branched out to include ghost cases. Consider, most claims of alien sightings take place at night, Witnesses claim aliens usually float near the ground, often lacking feet. Sometimes they are wearing cloaks or robes. They sometimes approach the witness, cause feelings of apprehension.

Now compare those claims to some related to reports of full bodied apparitions. My personal theory is that we may be describing the same phenomena; only difference is the witness interpretation of something he can't otherwise explain.

#3 Oniix


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Posted 18 March 2011 - 07:54 AM

Good points.

Brane theory comes to mind.

#4 Type O Negative

Type O Negative


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Posted 23 March 2011 - 01:37 PM

Let me start by saying that I fully believe in aliens. It would be incredibly rdiciulous to assume that we are the only planet in the universe that has advanced life.

A problem I have though is why is it that in these so called "sightings" the aliens are ALWAYS humanoid? The only thing that guys us an advantage is our thumbs as the design of the human body is pretty BAD_WORDty, actually.

So I ask again, why is alien life always depicted as having the worst body design? :clap:

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