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Shadow people, and demon or angel?????

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 11:53 AM

I was lying in bed last night, i was watching tv for a while, then when i was about to sleep i shut the t.v. off. I had just closed my eyes when i had a HUGE sensation that somthing was in the room with me. I opened my eyes and lay still for a few minutes, just staring straight for a while. Then finally i saw what seemed to be a person (shadow/ black) standing beside my window maybe 4 feet away from me. I had a sudden rush of adrenaline, but then became very very tired, to the point where i almost just closed my eyes to sleep, but i wasn't trying to. After the rush of being tired i finally fought off going to sleep to sense (yes sense) that there was somthing over me. I stared directly above me to see what had the shape of almost a type of angel i guess, i felt almost reassured about what was in my room.... as if the spirit was keeping the shadow people back. But that feeling went away after a while, and then the spirit above me started to literally run chills down my spine. It began to feel evil. The shadow figure i have seen near my window was seemingly closer now, and then i sense another at the end of my bed. So at one time, i could sense and see the shadow, and an almost white glow of what seemed to be 3 spirits.

It was then that i remembered that people somtimes meditate to talk to their "inner angel" (or inner self) and i literally got that frightened i thought why not. I literally shut my eyes for a second and tried focusing and meditating to myself, asking within myself for help..... believe it or not, i actually had a sudden burst and shouted out "Get the F... out of here" it felt good, but also didn't sound like me. (as in a way the voice was totally different than mine) the sensation directly above me seemed to vanish after that. The shadow figure by my side just disappeared, but i still had the sensation of the one at the foot of my bed. Since it felt to of worked, i did this medatation again, and this time the one at the bottom of my bed left as well, this is when i became very tired, my heart was racing, and i could barely keep my eyes open. I then couldn't stand it then turned my t.v. back on to light up the room again and calmed down after that.

Any opinions?... I wasn't really tired at all to the point where i was dreaming, or watching anything that even involved spirits, so i can't imagine it was my imagination or self consciounce running from me. The lighting was the same as everyother night, and the shadow person i sensed near my window at first, on another day, i sensed was their before, and i saw it literally walk through the window before.
I may sound like an a$$, and seem like im totally doubting you, but I'm just getting the facts and stating my thoughts, who nows... You may well be wrong. I can be sarcastic.. Okay... Im VERY sarcastic.The best thing about ghost hunting, is having a Jeep to offroad and get somwhere with!

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Posted 11 August 2007 - 09:36 PM

Any time I have ever seen a shadow figure.. I have always had a very uneasy feeling.

If the meditating helps, then go for it. I usually work myself up enough to freak myself out.
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