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I need.. advice?

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#1 Kimberly!



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Posted 14 June 2010 - 04:36 PM

I'm new to this, so sorry if my grammar and spelling is horrid. Okay so, first it started with visions in my sleep comming true. Then to visions while i'm awake. Then noises. Recently, I spent the night with someone and we passed a graveyard; i felt really depressed and sick, got the feeling of a teenage girl, i seen a baby, and i felt like i was punched. it turns out a young woman/teenager was hit by a car in the spot i got the feeling and the others led to more stories. I also could pinpoint where to take pictures where orbs were found. I told my sister and her husband want's me to go to a proclaimed haunted house and see if i feel anything. I'm kinda nervous. What should I do and not do? what's some ways you other sensitives out there pick up ghosts and voices? share some expierences?

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Posted 03 July 2010 - 02:41 AM

First I'd like a little more background information on you and your experiences. How old are you? Did this just start now? Can you think of anything that might have triggered your new gift? What exactly have you envisioned that came true?

I consider myself a bit of a sensitive as I can usually sense when a spirit is nearby. This seems to run in my family as many members have had a wide range of experiences. It was actually close to dizzying the one time I actually saw a spirit.

Regarding your orbs, unless you post some of them here, it's difficult for anyone to give you advice on their validity. Other than that, all I can tell you is about my own sensitivity and what I think I know from my family. Now, if you go to this house beleiving from the start that it must be haunted, I can almost gaurantee you will experience something from the start. Whatever your method of inquiry, I think we can all agree that you must go into it with the mind of a skeptic.

If it weren't for the experiences of others including a real professional investigation group that went in after me and got results, I might even discount my own overwhelming sensations on my first investigation. What helped validate it for me is that in other areas of the house, I felt nothing and was able to debunk. Anytime people say their basement or laundry room is creepy, you need to have an EMF meter on hand. Sometimes the activity is pretty localized.

When discussiing sensitivity, I also need to tell you about my last investigation. For a while a friend of mine happened to be living in one of the oldest houses in my town, it was next to the original tavern and on the site of the old hanging tree. That of course intruiged me but alone was never enough to convince me to pack a bunch of random equipment into my small suitcase. Then one day I got to step into the home for a few minutes. The air felt heavy and immediately my ghost sense tingled and I had the overwhelming urge to go upstairs. I had no equipment then so I ignored that impulse.

Some months later, I came back with all my toys and we felt almost nothing. Since then the people living there have had just one experience almost as if the actual invesitigation frightended off the ghosts themselves. I take some blame myself for forgetting to acknowledge that one of the sighted spirits was supposed to be a young girl.

In between, my 2nd investigation was intended as an effort to disprove local college rumors about a shrine in the woods. We feel we did that as far as actual ghosts but within one of the shrines itself, myself and another both became overwhelmed with sadness whenever we set foot in the shrine. If we walked away, it was fine, then if we walked back towards it we would get increasingly stronger feelings of sadness. It turns out that the nooks in the shrine walls are lined with prayer notes. That reinforced my beleif from prior experiences that I can actually sense the emotion of a place more than any other sensitivity I think I might have. The two of us that felt that didnt report it immediately, only later when we could compare objectively.

Last summer I visited the Andersonville Civil War Prison site in broad daylight and got more impressions than ever. It was particularly strong in the reconstucted gatehouse where thousands of men got their last glimpse of the outside world. Oddly enough I got impressions at the surviving trenches outside the walls where the guards might of stood where I almost felt the paranoia of having 40,000 desperate prisoners behind me while expecting an enemy assault to come out of the woods at any moment. I've never before or since had such detailed impressions at any site.
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Posted 04 July 2010 - 08:17 AM

Kimberly, the first thing you should remember is that you should never do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. It sounds like going to a purported haunted house isn't something that you are all that thrilled about. I think that, if I were you, I'd head to the nearest public library and start to read everything you can on the subject. A librarian will help you find the section of books devoted to ghosts, psychics, etc. Then just dig in. You'll find you are not alone in having strange things happen. Two authors that I recommend are Sonia Choquette and Echo Bodine, and now that I think of it, Tiffany Johnson has a fairly new book out but the name escapes me. These three mediums/psychics are not as well known as, say Sandra Browne, but their books have a wealth of information for you. Also, I would do some serious reading right here at GhostVillage. The forums have a lot of good, helpful information, and the main page has a lot of good reading material in the archives.
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#4 Master of the Unseen

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 04:12 PM

What you should do, in my humble opinion, is nothing. At least not what was proposed by your sisters husband. People are curious about life after death, they want to know for sure if there is or is not something that comes after this life. They want to know so badly that they will put themselves in harms way, without even realizing it. That is what you'd be doing if you go looking for a ghost, and you have a gift, and you don't know how to control it. I find the whole ghost hunting idea absurd to be honest, as it's really just a lot of bored suburbanites going out on weekends and looking to shake up their humdrum routine. What they don't know is that they are, by doing this, going looking for trouble, and exposing themselves to all sorts of risks. Yeah, most of them never have anything happen to them. However, you can cross a road a thousand times and never get hit by a car, but it only takes one time, and splat. It'll happen eventually if you keep crossing, especially if you don't look both ways. It's only a matter of time.

My philosophy is, don't go looking for trouble, and it's a lot less likely to find you. This is sound advice. I have no doubt you are curious, however people who are sensitive often believe that because they are it is something they should use. All well and good, however that is not always the case, and going to check out possible haunted houses really isn't wise.

My advice, stay home, study about this stuff, but don't go trying to find ghosts and other spirits. They are not all friendly. Also, what you felt at the place where the girl and her baby died, you were feeling the energy "imprint" of their death, you were not actually communicating with the dead. Some experiences are powerful enough to leave an imprint on the fabric of space time itself. Some people can pick that "imprint" up. Though you may be able to take things further and feel the dead, again I say don't go looking for the dead. Just this mans two cents worth.

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Posted 28 September 2010 - 07:15 PM

Hi, Kimberly and welcome to GV!

Don't go...if you're already anxious about going to the house just don't go. It sounds like you're a Sensitive but you need to be able to harnass that perception and depending on its history it may not be the best place to cut your teeth
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