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New here and would like some guidance.

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Posted 11 October 2015 - 11:50 AM

Hi guys, I introduced myself in the introductions thread and am here again to explain at length why I have finally decided to take a more serious interest in the paranormal.

I will start at the beginning, which is as I was born:
My name is Leslie, which I was given as the first child born after the passing of my great grandfather, who was also a Lesley (yes spelled differently as modern times gave a gender to the spelling). My middle name is the same as his and this has been a family tradition.

That will make sense later, but first I remember as a child that no matter what I did or what happenned to me (mind you a few of the things I did as a toddler should have killed me, like eating poison and suffering a near fatal athsma attack) there was something protecting me. Later in life, most notably as I was learning the more serious aspects of becoming a chef, there was the same 'sensation' when something threatened me that either prevented me from being injured or injuring another, a gentle push or reassurance, that wasn't of my own esteem.

I have, in the past, experienced phenomena that I could not explain. I am a person of logic, not faithful in any religeon, yet things far beyond reasoning happened; physical or non-physical. About 6 years ago the 'weirdness' stopped, but recently it began again until today I saw my first apparition in a long time.

Today was strange as any day gets for me already, but after a function in the building's conference room I went upstairs to do the food ordering. From the corner of my eye I saw movement through the doorway leading to the conference room and dismissed it as the shadows moving from passing cars on the highway below the windows, on my way back down however the movement was there again, I could have sworn someone was in there, so I ducked in to take a peek. A look at one of the mirrors exposed a lovely young girl wearing an old fashioned server's uniform, then she was gone. It's so vivid in my mind, her hair tied back but messy, the look of shock as though she hadn't expected to be seen before vanishing, burnt into my memory. Other members of staff have, on occasion, seen 'wisps' or 'fog like' phenomena and sometimes even the furniture moves seemingly of it's own accord. I remember being told, in detail, how the staff room door closed and then openned again despite requiring a code to unlock the latch, etc. For some time before this, since starting work there, I have always felt the presence of another when I am alone on the top floor, occasionally the temperature drops despite the climate control being off and the windows and doors being locked, pleasant smells from unexpected places, usually specific locations where it is heavily localised, though nearly imperceptible.

I understand that experiencing these events alone would make anyone a believer in the other side, but I was a believer long before that.

As a child I was told by someone who claimed to be an expert in the field of paranormal happenings that childeren often have a stronger connection with the otherside, something to do with less time having passed since the reincarnation that was our birth into the physical body and fewer complications in life to distract us from them. This stuck with me, and I discounted the cease of paranormal events in my life to be linked with my age (until recently). I used to 'see' my great grandfather Lesley at the foot of my bed after a rough dream, sometimes at school I would be about to take bully bait and fight back physically when I would feel a hand on my shoulder as the thought 'I am bigger than that' entered my mind, though not in the voice of my own consience. I remember driving one day soon after obtaining my license, something made me slam on the brakes, a moment after that a kangaroo hopped into the path of my car. Since I have believed He (my great grandfather) is watching over me. The most unerving time in my life was when he dissappeared.

My mother one told me a story of her own sensitivity as a child, she no longer experiences related activity but one of her driving forces is the knowledge that her deceased loved ones are nearby. The story goes thus: "I remember as a child we (my mother, her parents and siblings) were heading to the holiday house on the coast, just before we reached the driveway to the homestead I burst into tears. I will never know quite why and the memory of what I felt has gone, but Mum told me later that I said this: 'don't answer the phone when we go inside' when Mum asked why I said 'we won't get to have our holiday'. Perplexed, Mum went inside and the phone was ringing, when she answered it, it was her brother calling to let us know that my uncle had passed away after being involved in a motorbike accident."

The strange thing is that neither side of my Mother's family has a hint of sensitivity, yet it seems that as a child she did and I do too, even into later life.

When I was in highschool, I attended my first funeral at Karakatta. The first girl I ever felt I could say I truly loved was in the casket, she had drowned after suffering an epileptic fit under water. At the time I was away for school and the day it happenned I had this inexplicable sense of dread, then the SMS reached me to relay the news. I called my Mother and when she answered the phone, got out half a 'hello' before exploding into tears, knowing that I would have heard the news by then. I mention the funeral because two things happenned then; when I approached the casket, I touched it and felt all my grief and the denial I had sweep away (explained away by the basics of human emotion). The second thing that happenned is that I seemed to get tied to the place, every funeral I have attended is in the same chapel and I find myself gravitating toward it when I am travelling aimlessly, I have become fascinated by the place and feel comfortable there at any hour of the day.

Same for any cemetary or place of human resting. On a school excursion after we visited an old Australian Aboriginal mission camp, I woke up (by this I mean I don't remember anything before, after having gone to sleep) standing in the cemetary there. It was strange but I felt warm and safe.

My sincerest apologies for such a long post. I guess I just feel I need some sense made from all this, some guidance and maybe some insight into what this means for me. I had given up on it all until recently and would infact love to possibly find a way to regain that connection I had with my deceased namesake.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to read my background, I hope we can discuss this and other matters of supernatural origin for a good time to come.

P.S. happy 16th birthday GV!

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