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Spirits of pets

pets cats spirits

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Posted 18 November 2012 - 11:59 PM

I'm not sure if anything's been posted about this before, and I sort of think there's an argument for/against an explanation for this but...

When cats know they're going to die, they sometimes go off somewhere quiet and out-of-sight to die. I understand this, and I've seen this. I accept that as "something cats would do".

Years ago, I had a cat (it's ok. I've got another one now). This was my "baby boy". He'd always sleep next to me, every night. Then, he just started seeming "sick". He wasn't his usual self. Sort of sad looking, slow...but he'd still eat, allow you to pet him - he just seemed like he wasn't his usual self. Then, one mild winter day, he just walked away. He was an indoor/outdoor kind of cat. It wasn't out of the normal for him to spend a night or two away. So, at first, I thought nothing of it - that he'd be back.

After a few days' absence, I was starting to wonder where he was. I started looking around the yard, behind the garage, even felt around under my neighbor's shed (all I found there was a dead possum), but still no sign of my cat. After about a week of looking for him, calling for him, leaving food out for him, and no sign of him, I sort of resigned myself to the possibility that he'd gone off to die somewhere. Alright, I'll admit it - I was sad about it. But, as I said before, I understand that sometimes this is what cats do.

A few months later, I was in bed - just drifting off to sleep, and I felt, what seemed like, a cat had lightly hopped up to the foot of my bed, paused briefly, then started walking up along my legs (I would swear I could feel each step this cat was taking as it walked up my bed!) and stop again at my hip. I reached down to touch the cat, and there was nothing there. I turned on the light, and there was no cat.

So, I got out of bed and searched my house - no cat. Checked the door, it was closed and locked. And I didn't have another cat at the time. I went back to bed, secretly contented to believe that my "baby boy" had come back to me (even as a spirit), almost as a way of showing me that, when he slept next to me, he felt safe and comfortable.

I've always had a cat (sometimes 2), where ever I've lived. I know they have a great way of "reading people" (this one in particular was VERY good at that!), so I'm ok with believing that my cat had come back to me as a way of showing his appreciation for the care I'd given him. I've felt this "mystery cat" on my bed a few times, but it would only come up as close to my hip. I've got a cat now, and she sleeps in my bed too. Thankfully, there's no issue between her and the "mystery cat". In fact, I haven't been visited by the "mystery cat" in a few years.

As for the argument "against" this being the spirit of my long, lost "baby boy" (he was named Ralph, as in Ralph Cramden on "The Honeymooners"), I could possibly dismiss this as possibly I was thinking about Ralph when I felt the "mystery cat" on my bed...however, I don't recall actually thinking about Ralph when this occurred (I can't be 100% sure, though). I do know that, when I feel this "mystery cat" walking up my bed, I automatically think that it is Ralph, so...that would be a partial argument against this being my cat's spirit coming for a visit.

Any thoughts?

Beannacht ort

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Posted 19 November 2012 - 12:38 PM

Meanderer, it very well could be your long-lost cat. My son's favorite cat was run over in front of our house at the foot of the driveway several years back. On several occasions he has seen it. Twice I have seen him react to what he has seen, saying he either saw a black cat zoom across our bedroom floor or the time he saw him sitting out in the driveway one day when he and his mom returned home. Hearing them arrive, I went out to greet them and there was my son searching everywhere around where he saw his cat. He exclaimed that he saw him sitting by the basketball goal between the two garage doors as they pulled in. He kept his eye on the cat until he hurridly got out of the truck and by that time the cat had disappeared. My wife saw nothing except our son's excited scramble to find his cat. Yes, it's always possible that it could have been another cat similar to his cat in looks, but we have had the other experiences. In addition to that, he is the one who sees shadow people in our house. He would rather not see them.
My wife felt a cat rubbing up against her foot as she dangled it off the side of our bed. As she laid there she lowered her other foot to rub the cat, but as she contiuned to feel the cat on the one foot the other foot could not feel the cat anywhere around her foot.
As far as my experiences are concerned, about two years ago one Saturday after noon I was sitting on the couch watching tv (big surprise) when all of a sudden I felt this pressure in my lap. As I looked down I still felt the pressure but then also watched as the material of my jeans sank down into my lap. It didn't scare me; I started to analyze the situation. When I thought it was over, I immediately went upstairs to tell my family. My son thinks it may have been his cat, though I didn't like the cat when it was alive. So why would he get in my lap? I also felt a cat on my legs in bed recently. I was half-awake thinking about things when I felt a cat waling across my legs. When I looked to see which of our two cats it could have been (I like one cat, but not the other), there was no cat to be seen. It should have been there on the bed somewhere as I looked as soon as I felt it. No cat.
So there you go, meanderer; I believie there are animal spirits. I have heard of or seen on tv other experiences of pet spirits. Why not? I know some with particular religious beliefs don't see it that way (within my wife's family), but whatever; I know what my wife, son, and I have experienced.

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