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Soul Salvation

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Posted 02 May 2005 - 09:16 AM

People leave the Christian Faith (all demoninations) for various reason, ranging from simple rebellion against the 'estabilshment" to deep and very personal spiritual reasons. Same goes for leaving other faiths.

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Posted 02 May 2005 - 09:43 AM

I think the Webster's Dictionary has alot of meaning that can be used in ones belief and everyday walk....Soul Salvation is what one belives in it...Thats why there are so many different oppinions on it...

I myself use the dictionary alot.....Cause it can clear up a meaning of a simple little word...

I use to be a christian and I thoughgt that I had to pray to help save someone soul...And I thought it was my duty as a child of god to spread the truth and help others come to Jesus....Now I belive Waaaay different...And I belive different cause I was proven to be wrong...I cant save...or help...or spread the truth...And I was useing the wrong name...(Jesus)

But thats the way I see it....

Soul Salvation can mean different things....Just depends who is looking at it... :P

Firstly the Websters Dictonary has NO bearing on the Bible or it's meanings so atleast you are trying to look in the right place when you speak of the Bible Concordance.
Secondly if you say you used to be a Christian if I may ask? How long? And you stated that you could not save people.....Your're exactly right YOU cant only the Lord can. As for helping Im lost at that cause anyone who is a Christian can help.
So if I may ask how were you supposedly proven wrong? Was it because a prayer wasnt answered in your time, or maybe somehting you wanted you did not get, or maybe a death of a loved one?
And Im being most serious so please dont think I'm being mean cause I notice you take some offense to things throughtout this whole dicussion and you seem to me to be bitter, I may be wrong. I dont know.

As for Jesus' name, lots of names were changed in the Bible, The Apostle Paul was really Saul, Peter was really Simon there are many that can be named BUT Jesus' name has never changed...just translated from Language to another.

Please...By all means...Do not take my words as being bitter... :P I am far from it...Im just explaining my thoughts and questions...Thats all... :rolleyes: I ask alot of questions and I also think on things and consider others thoughts as well..But Im so far from being bitter.....

Im not for sure if I really want to answer your question on why I dont belive in christianty anymore...I dont think MY answer ( the way I see it ) would matter...Cause I think you would just keep preaching to me anyways..No hard feelings...I share my thoughts and I like others to share theirs as well..But I dont like anyone preaching at me about how wrong I am or that their way is the only way...I think its great that you have such strong ways and you see them to be true..Really I do.. :)

But I will share one thing of some that I am no longer a Christian...I was completely ignorant of my creator...In complete darkness (even as a christian) of who my creator was..is..and always will be...

I hope you got the key word...MY..... :P

Well I atleast thank you for you honesty! I only discuss and debate the topics.....and if it's seen as preaching I guess thats okay too! :D I guess I just dont have a great understanding about why someone would want to leave their Christian walk. That is why I asked the questions I did. Maybe I was not right for asking.
But I guess that would be on a whole nother questionaire....lol or poll.....I dont know. :D

And I also thankyou for your honesty :P ...

Noone can understand everything.....(including myself)
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Posted 12 October 2005 - 11:17 PM

People leave the Christian Faith (all demoninations) for various reason, ranging from simple rebellion against the 'estabilshment" to deep and very personal spiritual reasons.  Same goes for leaving other faiths.


You make and interesting point Vamp
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Posted 13 October 2005 - 07:46 AM

Yes Vampie, tht is an intresting point. More often than not, people leave a faith when things are forced upon them, without any rational explanations.

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