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Are Paranormal TV Show Real?

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Posted 31 October 2009 - 10:16 AM

On every television network, you now find programs dedicated to Paranormal Research. It has become a very popular topic in today's society. We also wish to say, we appreciate PTN (ParanormalTVNetwork) for helping to clean up our community!

[At the Charlotte event, we will be discussing new technology in the field and how to police the paranormal community. IF we do not do it ourselves, big brother will. This past week a Child Molester was exposed on a radio show that airs on over 30 stations.
We are encouraging groups to investigate their members and know who they have on their teams. These folks going into people homes and businesses and must be accountable for their groups actions.

To date we have people coming from 27 states to the Charlotte Paranormal Investigators Convention. We are offering a Student/Group Discount ticket for the weekend. The link for the $100 week ticket will be at the base of this message. It is your chance to hang with your favorite Paranormal Stars for SyFy, A&E and a host of other networks.

As a result, Paranormal Societies have pop up all over the country. These groups can play an important roll in helping to calm families fears of paranormal activity.
Often these groups are called to homes where children are having nightmares. In many cases, the fears can be put to rest. Example; a number of older homes have wiring grouped together. This can cause high EMF fields that result in people having jittery feelings, headaches and a host of other problems. There are other factors that can often be found.... and then there is the rare occasion that this can not be dispelled. We invite you to join us and learn more!

We are also please to have Lisa VanderBoom of the Institute of Noetic Sciences (IONS) (as written about in Dan Brown's new novel 'The Lost Symbol')
Lisa will discuss the institutes research on 'After Life' studies.

Discussions on Debunking, the pro and con's of the Paranormal Field! This program is designed to be fun but educational!!

A line-up of TV's finest Paranormal Investigators! From: A&E, FOX, SyFy, VH1, Travel Channel, Court TV and Radio

Keith Age from the SyFy movies: Possessed, Spooked and Children of the Grave "Investigation requires a large amount of background research on both the location, and individuals making claims that paranormal activity has occurred. When the 99% explainable cases fail to produce results with the LGHS investigation team, the remaining 1% begin to document and analyze the data collected at the investigation site to try to determine the possible cause".

Steve Gonsalves and Dave Tango technology investigators for the TAPS Team on SyFy's Ghost Hunters will conduct a Q&A both Sat. & Sun. concerning the tech aspects of investigations.

Carmen Reed in which the movie "A HAUNTING IN CONNECTICUT" is based

Patrick Burn is best known as the paranormal investigator of Court TV and Tru TVs "Haunting Evidence" known for his vast knowledge for electronics, computer systems and EVP work.

Tim & Trish Yancey, will deal with Violent Hauntings and works with Booth Brothers Films and host of Encounters Radio.

Tiffany Johnson, has been featured on A&E, Biography, VH1, CW, Fox (affiliate), NBC (affiliate) & CBS (affiliate).

Father Andrew Calder, Speaks On the Demonic And spiritual warfare, Father Calder has been an Episcopal Priest for the past six years and has been in the paranormal field for ten years. He has appeared on A&E's - Paranormal State to assist members of The Paranormal Research Society and families experiencing frightening paranormal activity in their homes.

Beth Brown is an author of several books about the unexplained, including Conducting a Paranormal Investigation, Haunted Battlefields, and Haunted Plantations of Virginia. She has been a speaker at numerous paranormal events and is known for the edgy, “rock and roll” approach she lends to workshops. Her specialty is lectures regarding the connections between history and the paranormal and the effects of paranormal media on pop culture.

3 Event Rooms * Vendors * Concert/jam session with Richard Shulman, Robert Perala, Keith Age & Friends on Sat. night.

Learn the 'tricks of the trade' from over 30 speakers!!
Whether you are new to Ghost Hunting or a seasoned professional. LS-PIC has the right programs for you!!

LS-PIC is where you'll find the pro's and 'the tools the pro's use'
New technology will be introduced at this event!! With Special Event Prices!

Broadcasting Live all weekend - Para-X Radio with Tom & Dave & 20 Para-X Show Host from around the country

Nov. 6-8 Charlotte, NC * Limited Tickets... Be sure to register early!! Come spend the weekend with us!!

Reserve your hotel room early - see website for special room rate of $89 per night that includes breakfast for two.

The following link will take you to our Host Discounted ticket of $100. This link will save you $49 off the weekend ticket price!



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