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Unexplainable Video - Shadow Man

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Posted 31 January 2016 - 08:20 PM

Unexplainable Video - Shadow Man

Please provide your true and skeptic assessment of the above video.

study the window. Looks like a shadow (human form hanging outside) 2ND FLOOR

Full disclosure

Room you are viewing is on the 2nd floor
45 feet.




https://www.dropbox....2016 U.mp4?dl=0


2:38 esp and 3:00+ frames



closest trees in the back yard are 18 feet away/est.  Behind the fence line
No leaf or foliage - winter season


How did this come about

The house in question is under investigation by several east coast Paranormal Teams
Led by Chief Investigator Karissa

The video is 10 minutes long. The events in question happen the 1st 5 minutes. The 1st 3 minutes especially.

I wont reveal anything else except to say once again. The room is being monitored LIVE in real-time. There are people in the home. Not in the room(WHEN THIS HAPPENED). The person monitoring at this moment is down stairs oblivious as to whats going on.  She gets notified via text from the person watching the room (who's 3,000 miles away)  that they see and are capturing activity better yet an unknown anomaly with the window.  Upon getting a text Karissa walks outside to confirm no one is doing a Spider Man impression on the house. or window others are viewing.

Time stamp on the video is 2:56 EST 12:56 PST (where Karissa is)

Wind conditions are near 0
Rain:  No Rain
Temp: 46 degrees
Obvious sun-shine



Room has a pink haze due to the IR (weirdly turned on) while the sun glares straight at it.

The object in the windows appears reluctant and appears to show a degree of hesitation.

This room previously has never had a camera in it until a few days ago

this all took place 1/29.2016


House has been under watch and investigation 24/7 since Sept 2015.

A UK team (Steve Mera / Don Philips) just left after completing there 6 day investigation.  They left before the above event took place.









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