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It's wearing us down

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Posted 20 August 2012 - 02:13 PM

One of my first experiences, was about 2 years ago. My friend and I were on the computer, It was just us that was at home. My grandmother was out of the house. We heard what sounded like a man mumbling. and then sighing, in the same room. We ignored it. It wasn't anything for us to get all excited over, but things progressively got worse. One night, My grandmother was on vacation, it was just me and my friend ( this friend lives at my house ) She was making dinner and I was setting things up in the living room for games. We had the house to ourselves and I wanted to make the best of it. Play games on the big TV. I glanced over at where my grandma's room is ( you can see the door to her room from the living room, there is a very small hallway type place with 2 doors. one door leads to her room, the other leads to a small closet ) I saw a shadow creature crouching beside her door, it turned and looked at me. ( I say ' creature ' because It didn't really look human, it was too small ) Needless to say I was shocked, I just got the hell out of there. Went to my room. I was crying and shaking and my friend couldnt make me go back in there. Now, I do admit. I do have Schizophrenia. and it does cause me to see and hear things. However. When my friend or family members experience the same things I do, I know it isn't just me. It just makes me a more paranoid wreck than I already am. The things that happen here. or atleast the ones I am telling you about, are ones that I know aren't just me. Anyway, On to more. It was early. My friend was In my room and we were just conversing, We both heard my cousin running through my hallway and laughing. We instantly groaned in disgust, because we didn't want to deal with little kids. but he never came in my room. or bust through the door like he usually does. So, I went out and looked around for him. Didn't see him. My grandmother was sitting on the couch and I asked her where he was. She said that my cousin wasn't even here. This happened about 2 or 3 times, we would hear him running and laughing. I would always go out to see. all 3 times, he wasn't here. This was something both me and my friend heard, not just me. Even my cousin, has had things happen when he's here. He's too scared to even walk in the hall by himself. and he's 8 or 9 years old. I know he's seen things when i'm there. I remember one night, It was me, my cousin, and my brother playing games in the guest room. We all three saw an odd shadow walking by the wall, just very slowly. until our attention was focused on it. then it zipped by into a corner really fast. The kids don't like going into that room. Neither do I. I even had a friend over recently. she had never been in my house before. She stayed in the guest room. She told me the next morning that she just didn't like that room. and that it gave off bad vibes. Thats when I told her about the stuff that has happened. Other things that have happened, I have been scratched down my back and side, I have had toys in my room go flying across the room. We both see shadows darting around really fast. or get a glimpse of something crawling on the floor. I have had video games turn on when the system was off. or a movie pause when no one is touching a controller. Stuff scooting around in my room. like toys facing one direction, then another the next day. We have had bottle caps from opened alcohol bottles just fly. Like maybe it was flicked or something. It wasn't the carbonation. This bottle had been sitting out. it would have been pretty flat. The activity used to take place in my room and the guest room the most. but it seems it has moved it's way into the living room. Now, these have happened very recently, the ones I am about to tell you. Kristin ( my friend ) and I were eating lunch, talking. We heard the rapid popping sounds coming from the living room. I don't know what it was. I mean, there isn't anything in there to pop. No one was even here besides us. So we kept listening. We heard footsteps, and the blinds on the door leading to the back porch started moving. Being the curious and stupid one, I went over to the door to open it. Yeah, I shouldn't have. The footsteps got faster, the door started shaking violently when I put my hand on the doorknob. Kristin said it was like someone was running after me. Both of us were really shookin' up. We finished the food in my room, closed the door. Another time, I was in my room and Kristin was in the living room, she heard someone running and laughing in the kitchen. then the pantry door opened and she heard things fall down. She went in there and sure enough. It was open. and cans and boxes had fallen. Ones that were shoved back before and couldn't just randomly fall. She then noticed what looked like child footprints in the kitchen. Now, my grandmother is a HUGE neat/tidy freak and always cleans. She cleaned the house before she left for her little outing. and no kids have been in the house. plus this wasn't there before. I had my phone with me and managed to take a photo of said footprint. most recent thing that has happened, was once again, we were in the kitchen eating a late dinner. I was facing the living room/tv and where that little hallway to my grandmother's door is and that closet door. I saw more of those shadow things. except these were bigger. still small compared to an adult, maybe about around 4 feet? I saw one walk from my grandmother's room and fade into the door where the closet was. Then again, but the opposite. from the closet to her room. then, once again, one crouched beside her door by this wooden and glass chest filled with blankets. It jumped out at me. I was all the way in the kitchen, the best I can describe it was almost like a 3D type affect. Kristin said I jumped out of my chair and just started wheezing and shaking. She then told me to wait a second, after trying to calm me, and she saw the same thing. She said, ..' You saw that shadow thing over there didn't you?..' I nodded. She said she saw one walk into the closet. note, that I didn't even tell her what I had seen until after she saw one. Stuff goes on. and It scares me. It scares her. It scares my cousins. my brother. My grandma is very oblivious to everything, plus she's one of those types who don't believe in spirits and ghosts. I don't know what is in this house. but It's not something harmless or friendly. At least, it doesn't seem like it. Do you have any ideas? Or are we just..insane? I am overly paranoid, but I can't explain what goes on. I don't know why it does. and I know it isn't all in my head. I would love to hear back from people. Kristin and I are VERY much into the paranormal. and it's good to talk about it with people who actually believe us.

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