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Van Smith's Baltimore Blood Libel

baltimore city paper van smith antisemitism paranormal daniel rumanos jewish judaism rabbi bigotry

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Posted 24 September 2012 - 09:10 AM

The only thing that Van Smith got right in his slanderous, tabloid-style article supposedly about me for Baltimore City Paper is the fact that I am a rabbi. The rest of it is his own sick anti-Semitic fantasy, and indeed a blood-libel of the most classic and hideous type. Here we reveal just some of the gross inaccuracies he has committed to print:

* I am not a Satanist and never have been, but perhaps Van Smith considers all Jews to be “satanic”. By the way, does he always ask members of the clergy if they have a “day job”?

* Van did not take the photo of me included in the article. He obviously scoured the internet for the worst photo he could find and used it.

* I have never had or attempted to have sexual relations with anyone below the legal age of consent, nor have I “claimed” to do so, or ever been accused of/charged with doing so. See what I mean? BLOOD LIBEL!!

* I did not appear on any “Christian radio show” in the 1990s or at any other time, and certainly have nothing to do with Bob Larson!

* I did not grow up in Greektown (?).

* I have never met with or spoken to Van Smith in person. My sole contact with him was when he called my business number and asked if I would be interviewed. Knowing of his close friendship with the known neo-Nazi and convicted narcotics dealer Christopher “Chris X” Neu, I declined.

* I have indeed lectured on paranormal topics at Johns Hopkins University and at many other prominent educational institutions.

* I have nothing whatsoever to do with the “Old Orthodox Hermitage of St. Jerome”, or any other Christian organization.

* I did not do a “Satanic ritual” onstage at Ottobar in 2000 or at any other place or time!

* I have never been on George Noory’s Coast to Coast AM, though they have asked me to appear on several occasions. I have always declined due to the show’s incredible stupidity since Art Bell left.

* The only name I have ever had or used is Daniel Rumanos ben Yaakov.

* I am not in any way part of the “Order of Shaitan Satanic Embassy”, a long-defunct organization whose leader died years ago. I do however, have much to do with its ENDING, which is why I am now in possession of its old website domains, which have been purified and are now used for Kabbalistic purposes.

* I am a rabbi and have never practiced any religion other than Judaism. Any other religious titles that I may possess are strictly honorary, having been granted to me by individuals which I have assisted in spiritual matters from time to time.

* My mother was Jewish, not Christian.

I will be a good Jewish boy and end this rant with that defense of my late mother instead of going more into what I really think of Mr. Van Smith!


Rabbi Daniel Rumanos ben Yaakov
Solomon’s Seal College of Kabbalah

Dr. Daniel Rumanos
Occult Investigations

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