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My encounter solved!!!

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#1 skipper


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Posted 24 August 2012 - 06:52 AM

Back in 2006 i last visited here saying that i was in bed in March 2002 and it was about 23:30 at night and just finished watching TV. I started to here foot stops walkng up the stairs like 2 teenagers gigleing and saying shush to one another like to say be quiet we will wake people up. I heard them but could not see them and also felt like some one was there. I felt one of them come threw the door but they did not open it and then i felt the 2nd one enter also. I felt one of them come to the side of me and put one hand on my shoulder and whispered that everything is going to be fine. I can still remember that feeling and i just hid under the cothers of my bed i was that scared. I ust to have siezures and a couple of weeks later at work i had a siezure and with the siezure i broke my nose bruzed my ribs and had 17 stichhes from top of my nose down to my lip. In 2004 i got told that my kidney faild and had to go on dialasis. I was on this for 4 years and in 2008 i got a transpalnt and everything is fine and the transplanted kidney is working at around 67% which docs says is better then most normal kidnyes working. Any way when my kidney faild they said that i had no calcium in my body what so ever. But this last month the doc said that my calcium was starting to get low again and gone on some calcium tabs and again 2 month back i felt that there where something watching me. I looked on the internet for sign of low calcium and one was hallucinations. So this must be my ghost encounter due to calcium and other body chemical been low or too high. As the doc said that non of my chemicles where right they either where too low or too high and that what faild my kidney. But they dont no what caused the chemcal to to imbalance. But at least now i no the sign of low calcium now.

I just thought i would share as alot of times things can be explained but not all.

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Posted 24 August 2012 - 06:20 PM

Welcome back... Glad you have a 'handle' on your health issues. I did not know that about low calcium, so live and learn. It great that you got answers on you 'encounter.'
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Posted 17 September 2012 - 05:49 AM

Good to know you found the reason.
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