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Old Asylum In CT

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#136 jason82



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Posted 20 November 2007 - 11:02 PM

:clap: Once again Jason kills a conversation.


You know I'm with you though.

LOL, I just know how hard it is to get into these places legally and all the work that goes into it, we've spent days researching a few places now that flat out denied out, and a few more that we are jumping through hoops to check out. Everytime one of these dingbats comes on and openly talks about illegal activity it screws all of us over, they are the reason most places won't open their doors to research.
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#137 brass city paranormal

brass city paranormal

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 12:05 AM

I know it... and it's getting harder.

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Posted 29 January 2008 - 03:56 AM

i've visited norwich numerous times, and yes, security is stepping up more and more. It is a great place to photograph during the day, and there are many strange things that happen at night. when walking the tunnels, the floor ahead of us would move as if someone was walking on it, but no one was there. i am planning another visit and was wondering if anyone had access to a map of the tunnels, there used to be one on a message board, but i can no longer find it. it gets pretty confusing down there, so any help would be great. they are planning to build upon it, so the chances of seeing the site are going down everyday.

Have you ever heard of any spirit trying to communicate?

I have been involved with genealogy for over 20 years. I have recently found out that one of my ancestors, Alice E. Keach Slater was an inmate at the Norwich State Hospital for the 1930 US Federal Census.

I have seen most of the photos that many people have posted on different web sites and they remind me a bit of when I walked through 51 Sharon Street in Medford, Massachusetts after the March 22, 1988 house fire that took the lives of my mother (42 ...which was how old Alice Slater was when she was in Norwich State Hospital) and my 9 year old half sister.


#139 optimusprime


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Posted 29 January 2008 - 09:41 PM

Another big factor in why paranormal teams arent allowed into some of these places is for insurance reasons theres a big liabilty factor here . I was told when I asked for permission into a state park after hours my team had to have 1 million dollars in insurance LOL .
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#140 eyesofnight69



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Posted 21 February 2008 - 07:47 PM

yes, im new to this. from living in meriden all my life, though it has not been that long i have heard of all the things in meriden. Undercliff is now heavily secured. I would know because i close with some of the cops in this town (my father). It used to be a TB hospital. and it had been a mental hospital at one point. I have some friends who have been there. One said that nothing overly spooky has happened when he went. It was just awkward. Nothing spiritual. Though he said he was hard to get into, they still made it. I do want to visit there sometime. I was also wondering more about CVH. This was my first time hearing about it, so i would like to learn more. And me and my friend were driving through the Preston/Norwich/Ledyard area the other day and noticed some really creepy places. Just as we were driving through the area the car got really weird on the road. Needless to say we werent planning on taking that way home. Alot of the places seemed like old homes, but they were almost mansion sized. And at one point we drove what we thought was an old school. But then turned into a "place for the mentally unstable" as she wanted to put it. This was straight up on the road, in a somewhat large intersection. It was in Preston, almost into Ledyard. Does anyone know more about this place? I would love to know. Email me at louisalover1593@netscape.net. Thanks a bunch.

p.s. Bender..... i know a kid with the last name of Bender in Meriden... do you have a son?

#141 S.p.o.o.c.s.09


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Posted 12 April 2009 - 10:56 PM

Cedar Hill Mental Institution is in Newington CT, and is part of the complex of medical buildings now owned by Hartford Hospital. The building, now boarded up, is an eyesore which is visible from several of the windows of my house. It is about the distance of two city blocks away.

Ever since I moved in, neighborhood children have told me stories about how they have heard noises like crying and screaming when going for "investigations" in the place, and the same kids told me about seeing an apparition there.

I am surprised the place doesn't get more press and media coverage. It is extremely haunted. Even before I found out it was haunted I would get an uneasy feeling looking at the building, in winter, through the twisted branches of the trees it looks especially creepy. I even wrote an email to the Ghost Hunters show to see if they'd be interested in visiting the place, but no word yet.

So where is this place how do i get there? and is it patrolled? and can you get arrested

#142 Guest_Crone_*

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Posted 13 April 2009 - 05:25 PM

If you do not have permission to be there, you risk the chance of being arrested. Plain and simple.

Please everyone......go about your investigations the right way, meaning within the law.

Not only is this spelled out in the Members Guidelines: (see #7)

but was also reiterated on one of the other boards:

#143 10 Undercliff Rd

10 Undercliff Rd


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Posted 25 October 2009 - 01:48 AM

the one that is in meridan is called undercliff institution really very easy to find right off the highway but there are still some parts that are open the building that is closed is in the front but they do have security......already checked out most of them i would like to be able to check those out one day though.........

Well, to put a pin in it, let me tell you the real history of Undercliff. It was a TB hospital in the 1930's until the end of WWII when the old wooden building burned to the ground. The foundation of that old building is up on the "back road" (to the right) before going past the old garage and staff quarters (apartment building) to meet up with main road that goes to the main building -- six stories brick. That building was built and operated from the 1950's through 1975 as a Mental Health Center. To the right of it was the staff apartment building and old garage. Across from the old garage was "Cliff House" opened as DARTEC -- a drug rehab in 1972. Now, the first building that you used to see as you came into the grounds, up on the right -- a big brick building (circa 1890) -- was initially the Poor House. (Yes, really.) It had "indiginant" families living there as late as 1970 when the State officially closed the "last" Poor House and re-allocated it to the Regional Training Center that was operated in the three story building to the left where the road separated into the upper (front) and back roads. The Regional Training Center was for what was then called "Retarded Children." Between the smaller brick center (crica 1965) and the Poor House (that burned down entirely in the late 1980's) was an old wooden barn -- a holdover from the TB hospital days. It was torn down in the late 1970's, after the main hospital (the mental health center) closed.

Ok, now, there was a smaller road directly across from the Regional Training Center that had four brick houses (circa 1950) on it -- those were staff houses where the doctors and administrators lived with their families. Two of the four houses were put on wheels and moved when the highway was built that cutoff that neighborhood from Stuben Street. Before the highway came through, it was possible to walk all the way to Hubbard park on Undercliff land. Also, if you continue past the main hospital building out the old road to the water tower, you end up on West Mountain just past the pond and on the road to Castle Craig.

FYI -- The Altebello cottages were built much later in the front meadow on the other side of the brook between the highway and Undercliff Rd.

Also, the two larger houses - mansions really -- were up closer to the main building and housed the Superintendent and the Chief Physician. One of those was reinforced and used in the late 1990's early 2000's to house a mentally insane murderer -- for some strange reason -- instead of the more secure main building that included locked wards. The other house had a State Police Lt. living there -- he later got caught up in a scandal for paying very low rent, like $25 or something a month. (Look it up.)

About the main hospital. There was no morgue -- that was the kitchen on the ground floor -- notice the loading dock behind it! Those "refrigerator" drawers were for food, not bodies. That building was never used for the TB hospital -- the wooden building that burned was the TB hospital -- and minimum security mental health centers don't have their own morgues. (Undercliff was never for the criminally insane until they put that one guy in the reinforced house in the late 1990's.)

So, that's the story of Undercliff. The only true really spooky thing is that the serial murderer Hadden Clark (and his brother and father) reportedly all were patients at Undercliff. And, in the early 2000's, the CT State Police had him up from MD to look around for bodies he reportedly buried there when it was being operated by the State Police in the 1990's. Since his Grandpa operated a nursery on the East side of town (other side of town) when he was in high school and he lived with him from time-to-time, it's not implausible. What should really scare those tempted to trespass is he was up there wandering around in the 1990's when many folks on this board say they were up there, too. Sure glad none of you met him! Or, maybe someone did, and was never heard from again. Google him -- he's a really scary dude.

p.s. how do I know all this? See my label -- that was my address from 1968 to 1975. Yup, my family lived and worked on those grounds for seven long, lonely years until they closed the hospital. In those years, I hiked those grounds thoroughly and played in or visited every building. As the operations wound down, we stayed on until we were the only family left. And, then we left, too. The real shame of all this is those beautiful, valuable buildings have just been wasted into decripit wrecks, unused for so many years.

#144 ghosthunterIOTP



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Posted 06 June 2010 - 05:16 PM

Does anyone know who to contact to get into undercliff? or point me in the right direction?

#145 TwoCrows


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Posted 06 June 2010 - 07:39 PM

It's still state owned I believe so you'd have to go through the state. They're not apt to let you in the place though. Last I heard there was still a lawsuit involving someone who was injured while exploring the building.

The site is still monitered constantly by local police.

#146 Pfled


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Posted 07 June 2010 - 07:55 AM

I have a friend who is basically the property manager for the state of CT. He has told me many times that these buildings are very unsafe. Mold, asbestos, lead, not to mention gaping holes in the floors and rotting ceilings.

Basically stay out or the ghost that haunts these hallways may be your own :lol:
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#147 Founder NECPA

Founder NECPA


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Posted 05 July 2010 - 12:14 PM

I'm sorry, I know that this topic is long dead, but I've got some interesting information on Undercliff.

My great aunt used to work there while it was owned by the state and used as a school for mentally handicapped children. I spoke with my mother about that period of time and she said that everytime she was in the building it seemed "creepy" as she put it. I confirmed this with one of her old friends who had visited the building.

Before it was owned by the state it was a hospital for people with a certain illness (the name of which has slipped my mind). My mother's cousin used to tell a story about how whwen the building was converted a body was found in one of the beds, but it's head was on the floor. We don't put much credit into this as she told a lot of stories. But no one really knows what went on in the building as it is set so far back from the main road.

Today I spoke with a friend who was in the building 3 nights ago. He and a few friends got into the building and spent a while looking around. My friend says that at the foot of a staircase (he couldn't tell me which one it was) he saw a huge dog come running down the stairs at him. He was terrified out of his mind and ran. Later he returned to look for the dog or any evidence that one could be living there and found nothing.

I wouldn't suggest entering the building. The cops showed up after an hour or so of searching and being caught there would be extremely hard to explain.

I am trying to find more information but the great aunt who worked there is currently in the hospital and she doesn't speak with anyone.

About the huge dog that went running after your friend, one of the legends around Meriden is the black dog of Meriden. Legend says it is bigger than most dogs and that is what makes it stand out. I can't say that what he saw was the black dog of Meriden, but you never know. I myself am quite interested in making some calls to get my group in to do an investigation. I have many other requests for locations around connecticut sent out and I am waiting for replies. Between this location and Fairfield Hills Hospital, these are my top two big locations to investigate at the moment.

#148 159 Alpha 1

159 Alpha 1


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Posted 02 October 2012 - 08:17 PM

Hartford Does not own the buildings the state owns the cedar crest property. Hartford Hospital owns the old Newington Children's Hospital Campus whic the Dr. Burr H Curtiss building and other buildings which hold all the old medical records for Hartford and CCMC

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