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My Granddad (also in haunted locations)

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Posted 11 August 2003 - 08:05 PM

Left Coast Ghost :)  
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Hi There,

 I was born and pretty much raised on the West Coast. Primarily California, mostly Los Angeles area, but I have traveled alot in my wild mis-spent youth   My first experience happened when I was about five years old. We had just moved back to Ca from Florida (Navy Dad) and had passed thru Texas to get here. We stopped to visit my Father's Family. This was the last time I ever really saw my Grandfather in the flesh.  

 We had moved into our new house and my brother and I had bunk beds. I was in the top bunk as I was older, and my brother was (and still IS) a world class clutz. I dreamt one night that I had rolled out of bed and started to fall to the hard wood floor when a man caught me. He was solid and warm and smelled like cherry tobacco. He had on a denim shirt and jeans. He held me close to his chest and just said,"Eeeeeasy there." and laughed as he laid me on the floor. He tussled my hair and then just seemed to fade from view. The next morning my Mother found me asleep on the floor. When she asked me how I got down there I told her about falling and the man who caught me. She just assumed it was a dream. A few days later my Dad had to leave. This was nothing new (Navy Dad remember?) but my Mother was more sad then regular. When I asked her what was wrong she said my Grandpa (On my dad's side) had died a few days earlier and Dad was going to the funeral. I told her I fealt bad because I couldn't recall what he looked like. We'ld been spending so much time with her Dad that he was my Grandpa mind set. She got a photo of him and I told her that that was the man who caught me when I fell out of bed the other night...of course I'm sure you've guessed it. That was the night he passed away. My Mother thought it best not to tell my Father as he didn't believe in that sort of thing. She was convinced when I told her about the cherry tobacco smell. He smoked a pipe, but never in front of us kids. It was one of the very few secrets I ever kept from my Father. But only because I knew he'ld know the answer one day.


I didn't say it was YOUR fault, I SAID I was going to BLAME you.  
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