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Posted 04 August 2003 - 01:39 AM

I have a little experience I would like to relay and possibly learn a little more about the topic...

I spent the weekend at a friend's summer home in northeastern Pennsylvania and had experienced something that after thorough reviewal still makes no sense. The day was spent relaxing (BBQ, swimming, etc.) and soon the darkness of night came over the farm. Some friends decided to light some laterns and I later took one of these laterns for a walk out in a field adjoining the house. As I walked alone in the field, I had an overwhelming urge to walk to the property line and into the dense forest south of the field. What caught my eye was an aura of light to the south of the property which made little or no sense since my friend's property line extended roughly 10-20 acres of undeveloped forest in that direction. As I broke the tree line and fully submerged myself into the growth I noticed that the forest began on the slope of a hill. What became more odd was the fact that this aura of light became brighter at the peak of the hill over the horizon. Entrance into the forest was easy but as if there was a web or forcefield my forward progress was halted. As I attempted to climb the hill I was suddenly not permitted to move forward by what I initially thought was a fence. The light of the latern helped little for some odd reason, but after careful feeling, there was indeed no fence and instead a vine rapped around my waist. Any movement to the left, right, or forward inexplicably tightened the vine and after 30 seconds or so of struggling I was instantly released with my first step backwards. At this point I felt as if the forest itself did not want me to go any further and as if talking to a sentinent being I said "You win, I'll leave immediately". What made the experience all the more eerie was when I turned to leave, a wall of leaves from a dense bush flooded my entire field of sight. This was even more peculiar due to the fact that I entered the forest in a straight line, and found it impossible that I could have walked through such an intense amount of plant growth. With the light of the latern I did not recognize any of the trees or formations of the forest as I made my hasty retreat to the field. Returning to the farmhouse I told my tale to the rest of the guest's and two of my friends decided to accompany me back into the woods. Returning to my spot of entrance from the first visit, my initial step back into the growth was ominous. A trench about three to four feet deep sent me falling to the ground, and also claimed my friend who was behind me. This was very strange since I distinctly remember there being not trench on my first visit to the woods. My friend concurred that something wasn't right, because we both felt as if we had been tripped. Having my fill of odd events for one evening I got out of the forest and spent a while in the middle of the field alone looking back into the forest. A flickering light continued for some time, eminating from the same location that I was mysteriously drawn to entering the forest earlier in the evening. I know that what happened that night may have just been my overactive imagination, but as a someone who has spent much time in the wilderness, the overwhelming feeling that I felt can not be explained. Its as if Tolkien's description of forests that come alive had manifested itself in these woods and I just happened to be that unsuspecting traveler that had an encounter.

I was wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or would know of a resource where I could learn more about manifestations of forest activity that are similar to the events I just described. Maybe I'm just crazy but the feeling was unlike anything I had previously experienced.

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Posted 09 August 2003 - 12:43 PM

I know a lot about paranormal activity although I am no expert ( yet ). I plan on becoming a parapsychologist within the next two years. I have done research on the subject since I was around 8 years old. You may have experienced some kind of vortex where it took you back in time.That is one theory. The light you said you saw is not at all uncommon especially in the forest or woods. I would recomend that you speek to a parapsychologist. You can find them in Big Colleges or or on the internet. They usually investigate for free. If you explain what you saw they may be able to give you an answere.  ;)

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