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Happy Valley information?

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Posted 30 October 2009 - 12:20 PM

Happy to share,bro Bunji.

But in term of skill,you and Barney are distance

ahead of me,hahaha...

Hope to hear from you two again come saturday.

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Posted 08 November 2009 - 02:38 PM

I am very interested in wandering through Happy Valley...any takers? Also, looking for old photos, maps, family stories of the area? like real stories of what it was like to live there, or grow up..or watch the town die.





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Posted 12 November 2009 - 02:02 PM

Did you know 2 days after the fire when the ashes cooled and the Altmar fire dept was investigating the cause of the fire, the bones of 6 human child size skeletons were discovered in the ashes below the foundation of the chimney. Not to be alarmed! it was also soon discovered the bones to be over 100 years old . Although markings and fractures on the skulls indicated foul play, it was determined well over the statute of limitations for an investigation into the cause of death or the persons responsible. It was also determined most likely to be the 6 area civil war orphans that disappeared from the area in 1867, the first year of the schoolhouse No. 11 to be used to educate the children from the settlement of Happy Valley in the town of Albion NY.
I have frequented the area for many years and vaguely remember conversation of my grandparents referring to the disappearance of the 6 children ,It was believed they had been swept down the Salmon river and washed into lake Ontario. According to the report of a local farmer who is said to have witnessed the incident in the summer of 1867. Who as it turns out was the caretaker of the Happy Valley cemetery, and local carpenter . I have spent nights in the one room schoolhouse and have heard the bell ringing through the walls. I have been awakened to children drawing on the chalkboard that seemed to vanish when I appeared. Although their writings and pictures remained on the board usually with initials and dates. I for one believe these were happy ghosts as there was always laughter to be heard . Plenty have claimed the place to be haunted and erie but I always felt the presence of friendly spirits,until my last visit to the remains of the schoolhouse .The air is still , quiet and not a bird to be seen or heard. the trees have all died and the ringing of the bell has turned into moans. For some reason the schoolhouse six are no longer at rest, and yes I to feel sorry for those responsible for burning of the schoolhouse. Their day will come.

someone sent me this on the subject.
I have held my tongue until now, but feel a higher power within me urging that I come forward. At the request of the owners of the schoolhouse, I was asked to stay at this schoolhouse in April, 2002. The reporting of paranormal activity within the walls of the structure had long concerned them. They found themselves withdrawing from their trips there and were increasingly disheartened by the acts of what they deemed to be vandals. Yet in the back at their minds there was unsettlement as they were not oblivious to the tales of the hauntings. I was asked to perform qualitative research at the property. By recording EMF (Electromagnetic Field) readings at the haunting location, coupled with participant-observation, I found my first evening to be relatively mundane in nature. On the second evening, the levels elevated but what was more astonishing for me, the observer, was the childrens’ singing to be heard above anything else. I was awakened at 6:50 a.m. on the morning of Saturday, April 20, 2002, by the fierce ringing of a bell. I then heard what sounded to be the galloping of horses, appearing to be circling the schoolhouse, which I was inside of. The room lit up as if there was full electrical current running through it at a very high voltage. The building shook with great force and I felt that the roof was going to cave. I took the best shelter that I could and prayed that I would survive. Within seconds, that felt like minutes, the event subsided but not without damaging my equipment. Every camera had fallen off a mounted wall location, smashing lenses and busting open. I am not a professional but the study of paranormal activity has been a long-hobby and interest to me. I do feel there is a entity of some sort within the confines of this school house. The fire that occurred on the property the summer of 2008 may have been someone’s attempt to rid the spirits, but it is known that it is the soil of the earth from which they come, not a dwelling. Therefore it is my conclusion that it is reasonable to assume the spirits remain present. If indeed there were human skeletal remains discovered concluding the fire, this property was a burial place. The spirits will never leave, be they friend or foe.

I spoke with the town historian, the story above regarding the skeletons [6 child size] found
after the fire is not true. No human remains were discovered after the school burnt. The historian also had no knowledge of six civil war orphans, missing or otherwise.

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Posted 12 November 2009 - 11:29 PM

When searching for "Happy Valley" be sure to include the state. I live in what's known as "Happy Valley" in Utah (Utah County). Happy Valley, Utah is so called because of the low crime rate and high percentage of Mormons. We have our own urban legends, and I was hoping this thread was about the same Happy Valley.

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Posted 27 June 2010 - 11:14 AM

I grew up on the outskirts of Happy Valley, and always heard the stories. There's quite a few, along with a bunch of legends as to the who what and why.
For example, the place has never been mapped. People have tried on foot, and in helicopter, and it's never the same way for more than a few days.
Then there's the old church and school house, if you can find them. Both have 'burnt down' numerous times (four that just my grandmother remembers, plus twice in my life time) and yet people still see them. The church bell tower lights up, and numerous people have sworn that they hear 'fifties style funeral marches.
There is absolutely no cell phone reception (although for anyone from APW, this is pretty normal, :D) and electronics/motorized things just seem to stop. People go in, and their cars just stall, before starting up again a few minutes later.
The cemetery that's up there -again if you can find it- is odd as well. Any pictures taken of the head stones just show up as white balls of light.
Personally, my cousin and I went up one night about one o'clock in the morning, on a stupid dare from friends. We went down the main road, and somehow found the church. About three hundred feet from the church, our car stalled. We couldn't open the doors, or roll down the windows (which were manual). We sat there for maybe a minute, panicking, before the car started rolling down the straight dirt road, and it turned on again about two hundred feet on the opposite side of the church, with the radio playing pipe organ music as the number readout kept scanning over and over.
I've always heard local legend say that a group of witches poisoned the wells, and everyone went mad. They say that it started with people burning down the school house with the children still in it, believing that the children were possessed by satan.
According to an old Indian friend of mine, witches were using Indian babies in satanic rituals, so the Indian Shamans laid a curse on them. Then the witches went crazy and started killing everyone else.
Very interesting little tidbit: as far as I know (and I could be mistaken here, I didn't look into it too much) there's only one Native American family living in the APW area. Which, seeing as how it's surrounded by the Mohawks, the Oneida, the Cayuga, the Seneca, the Deleware, and the Mohican, seems a little strange. But that's just personal belief.
Another interesting thing to be considered is the people of APW itself. It has one of the highest domestic abuse/child abuse/child negligence/ etc in Oswego county. It also has a very high divorce rate.
And of course, everybody's heard about the teenagers in '78 who found the skull with red eyes.
The place was kept gated off from the late eighteen hundreds until the early 1950s, when the gates were finally opened. But people still say that they've gone in there -and not seen any gates- and been stuck on the opposite side of an iron gate coming back out.
All in all, it's a pretty weird place.
Sorry that my info is kind of sporadic, but I wanted to make sure I got everything.

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Posted 04 August 2012 - 02:34 PM

My friend's Boyfriend claims his unce was killed in a nearby bar, close to "Happy Valley" and dumped in the swampy area near one of the entrances (I believe it was the official "Happy Valley" Nature preserve Sign Entrance).

This is the Entrance me and my friends would use. It is a Dirt road, and leads to St. Mary Rd and has multiple sideroads and clearings along the way. When we'd get to St. Mary rd. there is a Man who sells Wolf Dog Puppies. Every time I went, a small herd of adorable Wolf dog puppies (they looked like Wolf/Husky Mixes and were aparently 3rd generation) would come bounding toawrds us! And lick and crawl over us while we sat down!

This is also near "Grandpa's Cabin".

My friend and I checked out "Grandpa's Cabin" And found it to be locked. There was an outhouse nearby. The ground was littered with cans, and I unfortunately even spied a used condom or two. When I looked inside I saw a few old Plastic Seated Chairs like you would find in School Houses. It was very small.

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