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Can ordinary objects be haunted or possesed

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Posted 03 September 2007 - 11:24 AM


During some of our investigations we've found that a death of someone may have been on the site before the present structure was built. Are your husbands parents still living? They or another family member may be able to provide some information?


There were no deaths on the site. The area where the house is now was an open field and nothing unusual was found when the foundation was dug. My husband's parents died a long time ago and way before our house was built. At the time they were living in their home, an old farmhouse which is very close to where we live. His mother died in the hospital, 3 blocks from where we live and his father died, due to illness, in his sleep in their old farmhouse. My husband has 2 brothers, and both are still alive. Those are the only people that would be connected to the land we live on.
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Posted 17 October 2007 - 03:26 PM

[quote name='DeadTrish' date='Aug 30 2007, 10:44 AM' post='421357']
I most certainly think that common ordinary objects can be haunted or possessed. One trip to John Zaffis's museum could show you that. There are many stories about many different objects there. Everything from a grandfather clock that behaves bizzare to a wedding dress that is said to choke you when you put in on. Just some examples.
That's right I saw it on john zaffis website. Also the doll in a keywest museum is supposed to be haunted.

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Posted 17 October 2007 - 05:51 PM

I had an antique microscope as a kid that I felt was haunted. Looking back it probably had some residual energy.
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Posted 01 November 2007 - 01:23 PM

I don't know what it is, but what is up with the phone picture?

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 05:00 AM

I am dealing with this topic in my home at the moment. My husband and I love antiques, we have many, from ones handed down to us from family to ones bought in antique shops. My husband has always wanted an old wooden wall phone, the kind with a mouthpiece you talk into and a hand held receiver you put to your ear and a crank that rings. We found the perfect one while browsing about 4 years ago in a huge antique flea market type of a place in our town, great price and the nicest one we have ever seen. It is just for show, it is not hooked up in any way. We found the perfect spot in our kitchen on a beam near the entrance to our front hallway. Just after we put it up, I woke up in the middle of the night to hear it ringing. I thought no way, and there was no way I was going to answer it, lol. Nothing has happened since until the other night, once again I heard the same ringing that only that telephone makes when you crank it. Today, I just happened to look at the telephone, which has not been touched for a long time, and the reciever was placed upside down, not the way it has hung since we put it up, it shocked me. I asked my husband if he had anyone over while I wasn't home that may have touched it and he said "no", in fact he was shocked by it too.

Did a spirit try to use the phone? Did they recognize the "old style" as a phone and try to use it? Obviously they hung it up wrong, or maybe right, I may be hanging the receiver wrong. The only spirit that I sense in my home is my grandmother, she comes and goes, and does like to use telephones. She was born in 1902, so she would recognize this style. I am not sure the age of this phone, possibly 1940's?? Here are some photos below. I took them tonight after I turned the receiver around and hung it the way it usually is. Is anyone familiar with this type of old phone? Is the receiver (on left) hung correctly or is upside down?

Posted Image

I have used a phone like this from the 1940's.
The phone as its hung now is the way it shold be hung.
Now about collectors of antiques and whether we should pass up these or not?
I personally buy lots of things from thrift and other shops and I don't worry about them having a problem for me, but on occassion when I see someting and like I I will touch it and see if I think someone wants me to have it or not and the felling I get determines if I bring it home or not.
Most things I have no problem in bringing home, I figure if someone in the Spirit World sees it they will think well someone likes it and it will be saved instead of thrown into a landfill.

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Posted 08 November 2007 - 12:14 PM

I agree that spirits do not necessarily have to be attached to objects but I believe that, in some cases, they certainly may - or, as was stated previously, that it may be a mixture of these various types of energy. Thatís just my opinion from what Iíve experienced. I work with antiques and many of them have a ďfeelĒ about them - but, on a rare occasion, a great deal of specific energy (where actual impressions come through) appears to be present.

It is hard for me to know if my sub-conscious is working and not just a sensitivity where some of these antiques are concerned because I know a fair bit about certain periods and am drawn to antiques from those periods.

A few specific cases come to mind regarding antique items:

I was shopping at an antiques shop one day and came across a desk. As is my habit, I placed a hand on it. The desk was not very old, roughly the teens or twenties I was gauging. It was not decorative - it was functional, but was sturdily built and quite lovely in it's simplicity - so, it was probably used in an office setting or in a middle class home. The desk gave off a strong male energy. I felt the man standing near me. The sense was that this desk was used in a small but heavily trafficked office - I had a strong sense of there being many phones around and people answering them (what is it about phones?). My impression was a newspaper office. This appeared to be the 1930ís based upon the impressions I received.

Again, though, I know antiques from this general period and may have been imagining things based upon that knowledge. Take it as you will.

I also had another encounter with a telephone. It wasn't a particularly good feeling, either. I felt claustraphobia looking at it.

Another was the infamous pin-cushion. I wonít go into that, again! That one I canít explain at all. I may have to buy it seeing as how it seems to want to go home with me.

Clothing, kitchen utensils, jewelry (which often holds sentimental value, as well), etc. - anything worn on the body or touched regularly seem to give the most impressions and energy. Other items, such as mirrors or portraits also seem to regularly emit large amounts of energy.

I also have a blouse that used to be owned by an actress who had several acute ups and downs in her life and died very young. I own a few pieces of jewelry and a couple of items of clothing from different actresses from the 30ís-70ís. However, the blouse stands out as well as a jewelry set that gives a distinct scene as an impression, but I cannot find a photo of the actressís living room in any of her homes to verify the scene. I did, however, sense her husband at the time mixing drinks in the scene. *laughs* She was waiting for her martini, it appears. The blouse, anyhow, is in remarkable shape for itís age but it was made in the time when clothing was meant to last and has only been passed between a couple of people before I received it. It was in the family for many, many years and was probably simply kept as a memento.

I often cannot hold the blouse for more than a few moments. Wearing it for just a few moments (I couldnít help myself) caused a complete void of feeling in me - detachment, actually - which I thought odd on several levels but have never thought too much on. Handling it otherwise causes other feelings. In itís entirety, the energy it does give off may simply be emphatic or a result of the person who had the blouse (a relative) after the death (mourning). If actual energy is attached to it, it feels residual but powerful. The blouse, judging by appearance and the varying styles of the era, was made and worn in the early-mid 30ís but had passed out of style by the time of her death. It is strongly unlikely she wore this blouse in the year before her death but likely she wore this often while relaxing at home.

Itís interesting to try to figure the stories out.


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