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Dice Road Cemetery, Saginaw, Michigan

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#106 Freeland Paranormal

Freeland Paranormal


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Posted 01 April 2010 - 11:07 PM

I'm 17, and am a current resident of Freeland. I've made about 10 trips to the cemetery, 3 of which were alone. I'm an amatuer paranormal investigator and head my own "Freeland Paranormal". I've had a chance also to film my own paranormal investigation of the cemetery, which is now public on YouTube. (I may post a follow-up verys soon). There you'll find all my theories, opinions, and findings along with a tour during daylight hours.

However, all I can say for personal experiences are: My friend andrea, claimes to have heard footsteps following us near the turn-around area of the cemetery. I, personally have had no experiences of paranormal nature whatsoever in all my trips there. In my honest opinion, I feel no oppression of any type of negative entitys, or anything else paranormal. I don't think there's anyhting there... But I cannot account for all the countless stories in which I've read on this website. From the sounds of what I've read here, the place should be buzzing. I'm sincerely hoping to have some type of encounter in the future.. and when I do you guys will be the first to know.

Here are some links you may find helpful.

Dice Road Cemetery (Richland Lutheran) TOUR:

Dice Road Cemetery (Richland Lutheran) INVESTIGATION:

Dice Road Cemetery (Richland Lutheran) FINDINGS:

(Photos are available within the videos, you may however request downloads, in which I will upload them to a website of mine where they can be downloaded)

#107 katiee



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Posted 18 August 2010 - 11:26 AM

Hey, does anyone know the name of the girls that got hung?
a few friends and i went out to the bridge the last two days, and took a video recording, and when i said 'whats your name' we got a reply. We did it both nights the first night we did it we got 'marie' the second night we got what sounded like 'haylee' we were also able to pick up some recordings that said 'go away'

we are going back tonight, does anyone have suggestions on what to do or say, to maybe get the ghost' to come out?

also, does anyone know anything about the 'warlock'

[- .::.kaaaaatie.::. -]

#108 Gina Marie Moore

Gina Marie Moore


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Posted 02 November 2011 - 04:48 PM

I haven't been to the cemetery in awhile, one of the last few times that I went, my aunt and I were walking around. It was a pretty calm day, it didn't seem windy at all. From what I heard it sounded like someone or something was shuffling through the leaves. I looked around I didn't see anyone or an animal. I just thought it was really strange. I won't make too many speculations because it could've been anything.

#109 MacAttack



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Posted 17 July 2012 - 02:35 PM

I've been to Dice once &, I've gotta say, after reading what nikkikat said, I'm in shock. Im not a huge believer in the supernatural but one day a good friend of mine thought it'd be a good idea to check out some things around Saginaw that might be haunted in the spirit of Halloween (this was maybe 2-3 years ago). We ended up at Dice Cemetary (during the day). We walked around for a while, & I felt nothing, not even the slightest bit like something was watching me. I went up to the entrance that we came in from, they went to get the car, I headed towards the bridge. I got within about 20 feet of the bridge, stopped, & noticed that it seemed really dark compared to the Cemetary & the rest of the road. My friends were about to pull out of the Cemetary when I heard this huge thud from in from the bridge & saw maybe 50 crows fly up, screeching. I jumped in the car faster then ever & decided to stay there the entire time they checked out the bridge. I then told my friend of the incident & she told me the whole warlock hanging the girls story & said others have heard the thud. I never looked into that weird story but seeing that someone else posted it, it's not so unbelievable anymore. Has anyone else heard this?

#110 greengiant



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Posted 19 September 2012 - 02:48 AM

I've lived in Saginaw all 24 years of my life and have been to Dice many times since I turned 16. I've had many strange things happen inside there...There were also quite a few times where it got freaky, but the one visit that got to me the most was when this happened..

I was alone walking around reading the names of the people buried there, taking a moment to visit them as some haven't been thought about in decades, when I found a plot with a married couple buried next to each other. I thought that was beautiful, I gave them a few kind words and kept on my way walking around. When I got back to where my car was at the end of the car path I stood and looked back out over the cemetery and in the glow of the moonlight (a full moon's light of course) I saw the silhouettes of a man and a woman standing where that couples plot was holding hands looking at each other. The man looked to be wearing a suit with a hat and the woman had a long flowing dress on. You may think I am making this up but I am completely serious. It was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen and nobody will ever understand because not one person believes me. I will forever remember that image.

Just a few words of advice. Don't always go there just looking to get scared. Even though you may not know any person buried there, take time out of your day to give respect to the dead. Be kind and they will come out. I promise you that.

#111 Navyvet75



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Posted 25 October 2015 - 11:38 PM

Dice road cemetery....a place I have always heard so much about. I finally got out there about a week before Halloween 10/2013. I went with my fiance, a friend, and her boyfriend. When we got there, the gate to the entrance was closed. So we parked down the road, and walked in. Was probably 10pm at night. First thing I noticed was thst there was a low level of fog throughout the grave yard, nothing unusual as I had seen this kind of fog while hunting in the past. The moon was fairly bright. We took several pics of tombstones, and pics of us. In 2 pics there was obvious orbs. Several of them. I asked questions, no answers, however we were lead to a large headstone that ironically had my last name on it. My fiancee and I split up, with my friends heading in another direction. Although I don't think I saw anything, I'm 100% positive I was being watched from a wooded area in the back. Something that was odd, is when you walk over the graves, the ground directly above the caskets sinks down several inches, this is something we all experienced. I crossed the bridge on Dice road, however I didn't get out and explore. I'm going back to Dice road cemetery this week during the day, because I've heard there's a lady in white who can be seen there also during the day....also for those intrested, The Bay Area Review Magazine just wrote a very interesting article in this month's magazine about the woman in white, her documented history, and why she haunts the area...I just moved to Hemlock from Saginaw, and this cemetery fascinates me. I'm glad it's near me now, and I'm sure I'll be taking several out of the way trips past the cemetery in the future, in hopes of getting a glimpse of the lady in white......also while here, I will give anyone intrested a quick story of a ghost that can be seen fairly often...it was 2005 my at the time girlfriend worked at a bar in old town saginaw called someplace else. We opened it for business around noon one saturday, it was dead, so we were both doing homework, at the table and chairs across from the bar, when we both noticed something moving behind the bar. First we both looked up at each other, as we were sitting across from each other, and we both slowly turned our heads toward the bar, there was a woman, dressed in some type of dated clothing, her apparition was white. She was looking directly as us, we both turned our heads back to each other, neither of us could get a word out for like 5 Seconds. When we did, we both said "did you see that!". Upon looking back she was gone...it briefly took my breath away. A feeling I've not experienced since. I believe the bar is now called Mac's...it's on michigan across from St. Andrews (I think) church....I've heard it's been seen many many times by people who have worked there, and a previous owner. Go check it out. You might see her

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Posted 28 October 2015 - 08:03 PM

Michigan is haunted, creepy and just wrong.


The Towns, Townships and Villages all have their cemeteries outside of town on the main road and they don't put fences or walls around them. You are driving in pitch darkness and ground fog at night and suddenly headstones pop up at you out of nowhere and you are in a cemetery..... that's just wrong!


Half of my Ex's town was haunted... including her house.

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