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Can anyone help me?

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Posted 07 August 2014 - 06:33 PM

Hello people, I'm new to this site and hopefully someone will be able to help me. All my life I've had a "gift" and I'v been able to feel the energy of people around me, and their emotions. Like I will know when someone is angry or scared or sad, no matter how hard they try to hide it from me. I can also feel the energy of spirits and ghosts, and more often then not their emotions, too, if that makes any sence. Resently one of my friends introduced me to someone that said he knew a whole bunch of things about the supernatural and things like that. One of the things that he did, or said he did, was actually go into my mind and see some of my memories. One of the things he talked about was a dream I had when I was 7, which keep in mind i burried that memory a long time ago and just forgot about it. The dream was that I was being chaced around a barn at night by, for lack of better words, a shadow. Right before the shadow caught me, a tall white light appeared and saved me. He talked about several other things that i have done in the past, things i never told anyone because i was ashamed of them, and he was spot on. If anyone could give me some insite on that, that would be great because I don't know what to think. One other thing he talked about was spirit guides, or spirit protectors. He said because I was part Indian he could assign me a spirit protector, and he said that i had temporaraly already had one a few years ago. That's when I told him that yes, a few years ago, for about a month, it felt like there was a spirit following me around, but whenever it was with me I felt safe. I never told anyone about it for the simple fact that I thought if I didn't say anything about it, that it might come back: it never did. A few months after it was gone I started getting "staked" by a shadow that had, several times, physically attacked me. Is it possible to be "assigned" a spirit protector by someone?

I'm sorry this is kind of long but I'v been looking for answers for awhile and please, if any of you could help me I would be very thankful.

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Posted 09 August 2014 - 01:24 PM

Well, it sounds like you're empathic. More on the receptive end than the projective end, though. As for being assigned a spirit guide/protector... I'm not so sure about that. It's something to look into, though. Maybe someone with more experience with this can help you out more.

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