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Investigation of Shadow creatures

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#1 M



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Posted 04 November 2003 - 03:21 AM


My name is Michael have also another topic in this forum by the name: The Chosen, I have lost my password for that one so I will be continueing with this one.

I am running a personal kind of investigation on a phenomena I call "Shadow Creatures".

I have personally encountered creatures that look like "people" covered by black cloth.
They look like shadows but can move very quickly.

they also look very tall aprox. 2.5 meters.

I have learned quite a lot from personal encounters and I have a few theories about them.

I have read some enqounters on this forum, and so to see,..
I am not the only one here who has seen such a thing, alarmingly many people have!

I still do not know if they are harmfull or not but, they do scare the BAD_WORD out of everybody.

To any one who is reading this, Please tell me if you know something: an encounter, story, legend, myth, spell...

please tell me, there must be somebody out there that knows more than me about this topic!
But still I do know a lot about these shadow creatures,

I will soon put some of my encouters here, and some notes..
in the Meanwhile look at my old Topic: Shadow/Nightmare creatures,   under the Name: The Chosen.

I mean this seriously !!! I am not here to fool anyone or fooled buy anyone, I am really trying to know more about "shadow Creatures".

Thank you fore reading, and maybe I will hear from you.


Sorry for everybody it took a while before I wrote something new.
I am very busy with school, so I was surprised to see so many replies!

In what I encountered was a malfunctioning streetlamp in a park where I saw the shadowceatures.

I saw a blurry field around the streetlamp and decided to run to it.
At the moment I arrived I felt my energy getting sucked out of me
and had a hard time breathing and I felt dazed.
When 2 of my friends arrived just behind me, they felt it to.
So we backed up quick.

I believe it were those Shadowcreatures, because I thought I saw them by the malfunctioning lamp, before I ran to it.

Maybe some people had a similair experience.

Also anyone who encountered a shadowcreature, are you by any chance spiritual active or have a paranormal talent?

Im thinking that the shadow creature variant I met are Hostile
also I think they are attracted by people who are spiritually active.

Thank you for All your posts,


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Posted 04 November 2003 - 04:02 AM


my name is Michael have also another topic in this forum by the name: The Chosen, I have lost my password for that one so I will be continueing with this one.


I mean this seriously !!! I am not here to fool anyone or fooled buy anyone, I am really trying to know more about "shadow Creatures".

Thank you fore reading, and maybe I will hear from you.

This is perhaps ONE of a kind of a Forum whre people doesn't ridicile each other. Not everyone may agree with all that is around, but at least I have found we have an open mind and decided to discuss further!

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 04:39 AM

Hi Michael and welcome to gv!  I sure hope that you will stick around for quite some time!

My thoughts on the black ghost or shadow ghost is that they are messengers most of the time.  They tend to show up quite frequently when there is about to be an incident with soneone in the family.  One thing to keep in mind is that there are no documented cases of anyone ever being killed by a ghost so hopefully that will ease your mind a bit and take away some of the fear.  I think that you could really use an investigation.  If there are any organizations in your area you may wish to contact them and have them check it out.  Good Luck! ;D
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#4 Acacia


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Posted 08 November 2003 - 09:59 PM

Hi Michael!
I think I've seen you on another forum, quite a few months ago!  Either that, or there's another person to add to your list of supporters :)  I think in that forum you (or the other guy, whatever the case may be) was ridiculed quite a bit by what seemed like some pretty immature people with no helpful advice.  While I've never encountered these shadow beings, I find them interesting.  My husband is able to see shadowy animals of quite large size (though I can't)...I wonder if these might not be similar creatures?

Many Blessings,

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Posted 12 November 2003 - 04:28 PM

An ex-boyfriend of mine ::cringes:: claimed to have had an interesting experience that sounds similar to what you're looking for. He told me that one night when he was sleeping he felt a tugging on his blanket from the end of the bed. When he awoke he found a small man dressed in black at the foot of his bed. He said it smiled an evil smile. (at that point I think I would have had an accident in my PJ's) His reaction was to kick the man/creature as hard as he could. He had foggy recollection of it scrambling out the bedroom door after being kicked into the wall. He must have passed out or fallen back asleep at this point. He thought he had dreamed it the next morning until he saw the hole in the wall where he had kicked this thing. Of course he was terrified but up until we broke up he had never seen it again. That story had always baffled me and I always had half-believed it because it sounded like something out of a movie. He was always visably shaken and upset when he told the story. Physical evidence is always convincing...but who  knows. Would this an example of what you're referring to? ???
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Posted 17 November 2003 - 08:54 AM

I too have seen these shadow people.  Shadow People is the name I gave them.  I don't see them all the time.  When I was young, I sould sometimes see them going across my room (at night of all things) but I could still see them.  One time one was on the wall beside my bed so after that I would not face the wall.  
Some time had passed without any shadow people, only the usual ghosty type of things.  I think I kinda blocked the visual part and only accepted sound, smell, touch, that sort of thing.
Anyhow, as an older adult, I once again began to see shadow people flitting across a house we had purchased.  One of my sons had claimed to see shadows also.  I even had some type of activity there.  Messages in the mirror after a steaming shower, and such.  
I kinda felt that the shadow people may be at places like ghosts are.  I never quite understood them and am mixed as to wether I should be afraid or casual about their appearances.  They are fast in their movement so you never really get a clear view (unless they stop like the one on my wall did).
I'd be open to any ideas as to what others think.  Like Michael, I have lots to learn.


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Posted 08 December 2003 - 12:16 PM

I could not resist posting something to this thread because it brought back some childhood memories of mine and somethings my son continues to tell me.  I use to see these shadow people when I was younger and thinking about it now makes me want to crawl up in a corner and scream.  My son has told me numerous times that when he is in his room getting ready to go to sleep that there is a man who stands by the stairs looking at him in his room.  When he calls me, this shadow person disappears.  He has also told me this when he was two about a tall all black thing that looks like a man that use to stand in the hall between my room and his.  I never believed him because he was two and I thought his imagination was running wild.  That all changed along with my view as to whether or not ghost/spirit were real when sitting in my living room I saw this shadowy figure standing in the exact spot my son described (chills)!  I have seen only one recently while sitting down stairs in the living room where we live now and by the time I make a move to get to the spot where it was it is gone!  I don't know either if they are harmful and I don't want to find out LOL!  I think it would be interesting to know.  The only other time I have heard of these shadows is when I use to work in a nursing home, we had a patient who one night was freaking out because he said that black shadows were standing around his bed.  The next morning when we went in the room we found him dead with the look of fear still frozen on his face (shaking)! I will be checking this post often to see what you have found on your investigation and good luck with it:-)

Blessed Be~

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Posted 08 December 2003 - 02:05 PM

Welcome Michael!

I would not automatically ascribe evil intent to these "shadow beings".  We have a genetic disposition to fear anything unknown and quite often what we feel about an anomally is simply a reflection of our own fears.  Other than seeing fleeting movement out of the corner of my eye, the closest I have seen to what you describe is a "preditor effect".  This is where the spirit was transparent, but slightly dark with a visible outline around him.  Turned out to be a spirit- nothing with evil intent.  I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
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Posted 13 December 2003 - 01:43 PM

This topic really intrest me. I have never seen a "Shadow Person". I have seen ghosts and spirits. I have read alot of accounts of people who have come accros these creatures, but I always get the feeling, mostly from there descriptions and actions, that they are not spirits of dead people. They just seem kind of off. I would enjoy seeing alot more posts on shadow people.


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Posted 14 December 2003 - 11:35 AM

Hi M.

I was wondering how your investigation is going.  Have you found out anything else about these this shadow creatures?  Have you seen any since this last post?  Looking forward to hearing what you have discovered.

Blessed Be~

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Posted 23 December 2003 - 01:21 AM

 Hello Micheal!
  The SHADOW PEOPLE? I know them well. Not really well, but I have seen them quiet numerus time threwout my life. As for the ones I've encountered, they are there mostly to warn you of something. The last encounter with them i had was a few nights ago when my house filled with some smoke from the stove. You are right about them moving fast. Two of them crossed the ceiling and one up the wall beside my bed. If they hadn't of tripped my out so bad we might of all died from smoke inhalation.
  Where these creatures come from? We may never know. If you do, let me know.
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Posted 30 December 2003 - 11:50 PM

Check out my post under "Why me?"

I'm still scared to post this account on my own website.  My meri lewa stumbled upon my site looking for recipes and instantly knew it was me.  I don't want her to freak out and run away.  I mean, would you want to be with someone whose (yet to be born) children are already cursed?

For the record, ghosts can interact with the physical world.  We've all heard of (or witessed) objects moving "on their own".  I carry a scar on my back from a fight with my shadow person.  At the first sign of hostility, kick him (or her) out!

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#13 UnkleBunny



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Posted 31 December 2003 - 03:07 AM

ah yes... the people of the Shadow... also known as the Night Messengers... quite popular in Native lore... they are meesengers, and harbingers... spirits, that are not men, but have the form of them....they come with signs, of things to come, that we must interpret, and use as needed.... although, there are other things out there, that also take a shodowy form, of less innoquous intent.

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Posted 23 May 2004 - 05:30 AM

there is a consensus sying Shadow People are aliens! beings from another dimension? well, what is your idea?

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#15 NocturnalCantaloupe


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Posted 23 May 2004 - 09:13 AM

Spirits/ghosts with poor self images.
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