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poltergeist? Demon?

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Posted 21 November 2009 - 11:16 PM

this happened 2 years ago.
I am only going to tell about the events since i dont know what it might of been.
I dont know the exact date when these strange occurances began
i do remember though that a couple of weeks before they did i had played the bloody mary game in my own bathroom in my own house.
2 weeks after i woke at one in the morning because i had felt that someone touched my pillow
that was nothing compared to what was to come..but being the scardy cat i was i slept (hardly) with the lights on for a month or so in pure terror.
I again awoke to the same occurance this time not as scared i dismissed it a couple of weeks later.
Then it climaxed as i moved to arizona. The first really weird occurance happened while i was in my room alone, my foot was hanging from the bed touching my backpack, suddenly i felt the bag move, at first i froze, then i got up and saw the backpack being pulled under the bed, since my sheets werent covering the bottom of the bed i saw that there was no one there. I wasnt at all scared, i sort of was but not as much as before, it seems as the more you encounter the less afraid you are.
this next occurence has got to be the worst of the few.
i was laying on my side on the floor.
when i suddenly shifted to the right i swear on me that i felt a body there i felt the touch i dont remeber the temperature of the body and i did look but there was empty space (to the naked eye) i quickly ran to turn on the light and as i did i saw a red light float up.
i dont know what caused this all i know is that they got more intense when i moved to arizona i was going through a hard time, cos i did not want to live there, thats a possible theory, since demons like to dwell upon depression that could have been it,
this completely stopped as soon as i moved back to LA

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Posted 27 November 2009 - 06:58 PM

Its very hard to say why it was around you. Are you a teenager by the way? As long as the activity stopped, just be thankful.. :clap:

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