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Posted 27 July 2011 - 08:18 PM

It is a given that additional research is needed into the mechanics behind any form of communication. It is not enough to simply theorize that some form of energy is required; it is also required that a means be demonstrated as to how this energy reacts with the electronics.

It is a proven fact that EM fields can cause reaction in electronic circuits. It is also a demonstrated fact that this form of energy can be blocked by conventional shielding techniques. Therefore it can be stated that in the presence of adequate shielding any communication recorded did not originate from an EM Field.

There is another factor that can be demonstrated as well. Many claims are made that something communicates using standard off the shelf recorders. The problem is that most of these recordings are of low volume or otherwise difficult to hear due to lw signal level. The obvious solution is to bump up the sensitivity of the recorder capturing the audio. The problem is that even when this is done the suspected EVP is still at the threshold of hearing. Why is this? If the source is able to induce a signal into an electronic circuit and create speech then additional amplification will make this signal louder. It's like turning up the volume control! ( I won't go in to bandpass filtering and other noise reduction techniques which can also lower the background electronic noise in a circuit.)

Yet most investigators are content to simply continue with the same methods others use even though these are providing poor results in most cases. It would seem the area requiring the research is in methodology. Either new techniques or better equipment and a concerted effort to determine exactly how any such communication is achieved. Once this is understood then it becomes an engineering problem to develop equipment to take advantage of whatever method is being used.

Running around with voice recorders or fooling ourselves with paredolia boxes into hearing things that are simply created by the machines is not helping to find the answers. We know how paredolia works; so that is a dead end. What we need is a new approach, and investigations that center on that rather than the same tired investigations most seem to conduct these days.

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