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New and Need Feedback

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#1 Carrie.Smallwood



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Posted 28 June 2010 - 02:37 PM

This might be a long post but I really need some insight...sometimes it makes me question my own sanity. Every since I was about 10 years old I have had dreams of family members who have passed. For starters, at the age of 10 my second cousin who I never met was murdered. I had a dream where he came to me, I couldn't see his face just a shadow with a bunch of colors behind him. He told me to tell my great-aunt that he was ok and told me to write the addresses down that he gives me because those would be the addresses of the people who were involved with his murder. When I woke up I wrote them down. I called my dad and he had the same dream with the same addresses, my grandmother (his mom) had the same dream same addresses and my great-aunt had the same dream. Long story short my great-aunt went to the police and arrested 3 out of the four people. The fourth committed suicide two weeks later. I didnt have any more experiences until November 2007 when my great-grandfather died. He came to me in a dream just to tell me he was ok. Exactly a year to the day that he died I started experiencing a lot of strange things. I woke up a year to the day that he died with my friend calling me to wake me up. When I opened my bedroom door my surround sound on the tv was blasting. I thought maybe my cat had accidentally hit the remote button and turned it on. The remote controls were in the coffee table drawer and the volume was turned up to 72. I shrugged it off and went on through my day. A couple days later I got home and my dresser drawer was pulled out. I am very OCD about my dresser drawers staying out so I always close them before I leave and shut my bedroom door so the cats aren't in there. I shrugged it off again and thought I was going crazy. The next day I got home and not only was my dresser drawer pulled out but it was laying on the floor upside down with all of my clothes dumped. Nobody was home at the time. A couple weeks later my husband started on nightshift. It was my first night home by myself. I got to sleep at 1am. At 4am on the dot my body woke me up and I was froze..I couldn't move, couldn't think. All of the sudden I heard footsteps walking up our stairs and down the hall. I thought someone broke into my house. I was so afraid to look. When I finally got the courage to move a little bit it would stop. I would stop moving and it would start again. I turned on the light really quick and nothing was there, my security alarm was on. From that moment on I have felt really strange. I am afraid of the dark which I never was. I feel like someone is always watching me. My heart starts to race like I am watching a scary movie. Right after my grandfather died November 2009, I felt a static feeling on my arm like someone was rubbing up and down my arm to give me a sign that he was there. That didn't scare me as much as hearing footsteps down the hallway. I can sense peoples personalities and if I walk into a room I can sense good and bad. My husband told me that I was crazy and that he never had any experiences while being in our house. I have someone that has stayed with us for a couple months. He has never been a believer of spirits until a couple nights ago. He told me he went downstairs to go to the bathroom and he got a really bad cold chill as if someone were standing right behind him. He was so scared that he ran up the stairs and left all the lights on. He told me he knows whatever it was tried to scare him. Please tell me I am not crazy.

#2 ChuckMcB



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Posted 13 July 2010 - 03:04 AM

You're not the least bit crazy but you shouldn't be so frightened either. All of your prior experiences seem to have clearly involved family members, I know what that is like as it's a fairly common occurrence in my own family. That said, I would assume someone is just trying to get your attention for whatever reason. Your things getting moved around can be distressing at first but I don't beleive that is malevolent at all. I would try communicating the next time you feel a presence, let them know that you do not understand.

I know a medium of sorts who was once plagued all day by a shadowy figure before she finally shouted "who are you?". This was followed by a loud thump in her pantry that turned out to be a can of green beans, signifying her grandfather. (sounds odd but it makes sense to the family) Stay calm and look for a sign.
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#3 Southwest Spirit Medium

Southwest Spirit Medium


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Posted 28 July 2010 - 03:59 PM

You might be crazy in some other way - but not about this. All of the things you describe are typical in family spirit communication. The fact that the information about the addresses led to arrests confirms that it is information that doesn't come from either a deluded or confused mind.
No one was trying to confuse you, but someone was trying to get your attention. Don't be frightened, just notice.

There is more to this life than just physical life.

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