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I need advice

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Posted 31 January 2016 - 09:58 AM

Hi Everyone


Not sure where to start as need you to get the whole picture but it only recently started to bother me.  We have lived in out house for 15 years and loads has always been going on.  


My son always had an imaginary friend who was also a young boy who used to come through the walls and play with his toys.  I asked where he came through the wall and even when changing the room around he still came from the same place.  I have heard children giggling and jumping on the beds when I have been alone.  My son went on and on about this boy and toys used to go missing and he used to say they boy in the wall had borrowed them. MY one friend is scared to come to my house, she has saw a ball going backwards and forwards in the garden, person in the hallway and the jumping on the bed sound once when she was at my house on her own and we always wave when we walk past each others house you should  have seen her face when i walked round the corner as she thought she had just waved at me through my window and i said i had waved back, no one else was in .  The boy imaginary friend seems to have stopped.  I also see a cat that disappears around doors which is fine.


 I used to see the spirit of my nan all the time and once when i was really busy I asked her to give me some space and i have never seen her again and i don't know if she used to protect the house.  I have asked her to come back but no luck 


Now the bit that bothers me, I sometimes see a black mist across the hallway and it was a bit of a joke (not in a bad way) most of the time like my and my daughter would say the ghost os here again.  But lately I would say the last year, things have changed, as soon as i walk through my front door its like my energy is zapped from me, the house is forever having things go wrong with it, nothing seems to last very long in it like my cooker, fridge microwave.  I feel ill all the time, i can be out or working and feel on top of the world and walk through the door and cant do anything, just want to sleep as i have no energy.  I sense what ever it is stands in the corner of my living room as sometimes i get a feeling something is there and call someone to come down and be in the living room with me and the atmosphere lightens a bit then but not totally.  Sometimes i feel like my heart is racing so fast and then i go into a panic attack.  I feel sad and like crying all the time.  


Please can someone give me some advice, i have tried searching the house history and have got no where.  All i want to do is move house but love my house i have.  I cant think of anything I have missed but there is loads, i just want my energy and happy house back



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Posted 01 February 2016 - 11:57 AM

My recommendation is to first begin documenting everything as it happens.  Include all details you can.  Be sure to record environmental conditions outside (temp, humidity, baromenter, wind direction and speed, etc.)  Also not where everyone is inside at the time.  Include the state of maind of these people and what they wer doing at the time.  Since you mention physical effects, nots any appliances that were running, and if they just started up or turned off at the time.  Note too, date and time of each event


You may want to have a check up by a medical doctor to rule out any issues in that area.   As an investgator I also often want a pschological evaluation done also   Not saying .anything negative, but it does provide a good baseiine to discount anyone who might make that claim, especially when a child is involved.


This is the first thing any reputable investigator will have you do, so you can start now.  Once you have a few items listed, contact a local investigative team or individual and set up a time to meet with them.  Provide your journal of events.  The investigator will then take appropriate action based on what exactly you have provided.   Note that investigations do take time.  Anybody that says they can come in and fix things overnight or wants to charge a fee is a fake.  Find another investigator!


Also be aware that most cases are not paranormal in anture, they have natural explanations.  The investigator will look into those areas first.

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