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my story and a couple of questions

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Posted 02 August 2007 - 02:31 PM

hello eveyone. i have two ghosts in my house. i have lived here for over 20 years.this house was built in the late 1800's, and first called the twin hickory camp,then it was turned into a bar in the 30's, the bar changed names over the years,and was finally turned into residential in the 60's. i have talked to many old timers that told me it was a pretty violent bar in its day. when i first moved in here, the ghosts were really active, i could feel a presence once in a while, but never had seen anything. it was really spooky. then one day after work i was sitting on the couch watching tv. i felt the presense again, i just ignored it i was getting used to it by then, out of the corner of my eye i saw something moving, it was the curtains they were breathing on the big window in the band room! i just sat there quietly and watched them move in and out at a perfect pace. the presence was getting stronger so got up and started walking towards the other side of the house. i felt the presence pass right through me. i was quite freaked out, i looked back at the curtains,and they werent moving anymore. as time went on i was getting more and more curious about this presence. i had a friend over later that week, i left to get some food. he said he felt something pass through him also. ive had cats that run and hide when the presence was around, my sister has felt it. and especialy some of my girlfiends. i have heard them tap on the cymbals of my drums. sometimes things will be moved with no explanation. they seemed to get real strong when i had a girlfriend lets say, not so nice. the girls were allways very freaked out about the presence. one time we got back from the store i tossed her the house keys to open the door while i got the groceries. she came running out to me and said the door wont open she was banging on it, she told me the basement door, that is right next to it. was blocking it. i told her the basement door doesnt open that way, it only opens the other direction, your nuts.(criss if your reading this, remember?) so i walked towards the house door with her clinging to me. i could not believe my eyes, the basement door was blocking it ! we felt the presence so we walked back out to the driveway for a minute. then walked back, the basement door was not there anymore, i turned the knob and pushed the door open with one finger. up until this day. i had never seen a ghost in my life. everything was normal for the rest of the day untill we went to bed. i was asleep , and she started clinging to me, and woke me up, she about climbed underneath me, she was shaking. after i snapped out of my sleep. i held her tight, the presence was stronger than it ever had been. the only light in the house that was on. was the hall light, and the street light outside. the bedroom door was open, some light was was getting in, but it was still fairly dark by the bed. i looked up by the top of the window, i noticed something at the top about the size of her cat. i whispered to her, how did the cat get up there? and what i thought was the cat, was a black cloud that then started moving down, and away from us. i couldnt believe my eyes, as it moved, it doubled, then tripled in size. it then kind of spread out into a whispy form, and slipped out the door we were, ill say it..scared. after a minute, it came back towards the door, it was now in a more human like form, and just stayed in the same place, just outside the door. then a greyish whispy cloud form entered the room, and just was hanging there changing shapes, and dancing around the room, it then started getting smaller into like a tiny dot, what happened next ill never forget. it took on a square form, and started flipping end over end right towards us, as it flipped, you could clearly see a face of a man on one side, almost like a mirror flipping towards you. it stopped directly above us, hung there for a couple of seconds, then started flipping again and disapeared into the wall. now the black cloud entered back in through the door, with the grey one behind it. there was a towel hanging on the bedroom door it started lifting up on its own. at this point she said to me lets get the **** out of here. i said no, im not walking through that. the towel stopped moving, and they both just faded into the wall. the presence was still strong, so we decided to to leave. so we grabbed our shoes and were off in the car. we drove around for about a half an hour, and returned to a normal house. the next day i went to work with one heck of a tale to tell. she was going to her moms, but couldnt get a ride. so she was here all day by herself, and told me it was very quiet, untill about a half an hour before i got home, she said she saw the face in our bathroom mirror. and also told me that she was touched sexually by something. i didnt believe her. soon after that we parted our ways. the house was then quiet for a long time. then i started dating another girl. i told her of a presence in the house, but nothing else. we together also saw the face of the what i call the grey ghost, but never the black one. this is leading to one of my questions. she was cleaning around the house. i was off running erends. i returned, and she told me that she was also sexually touched.... my chin about went through the floor ! because i had never told her about the other girls same claim... is this possible??? we also parted ways and now im with a really nice girl, and this house has been quiet ever since. over three years now. she doesnt believe any of my stories. i know 6 people that have had different expiriences here. why are they quiet now? i almost kind of miss it. is there a way to wake them up nicely. i would like to prove to my new girl that my story is true.

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Posted 02 August 2007 - 05:38 PM

I'd be happy they're gone.

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Posted 02 August 2007 - 06:48 PM

Welcome to the Village.

I must say, you have quite a constellation of experiences there!

As I was reading your account, my impression was that of spirits who were having a rather mischeivous time at your expense. I could see them putting on a show for you, maybe because you're a musician.

The history of the house gives a few clues. Its history as a bar in the 1930s during the Great Depression is enough right there for some serious residual hauntings.

I would suggest, however, that you not try to wake them up nicely, as you asked. I think you should employ professionals, and there are many of them in Ghost Village. But since things have been quiet for so long, I would leave well enough alone. :hug:

Keep us posted, and good luck


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