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electricity blackout in Beverly, Massachusetts

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 03:20 AM

Hi all!!

I'm new to this board, but not new to the paranormal. I've lived in Salem, MA for the past 8 years and just recently moved to Beverly with a best friend. When I first moved in, my best pal and I took a walk down the street to a 24 hour store. We passed this house and my friend asked me if I remembered reading in the papers about a year ago about a man who committed suicide "with a chainsaw". I did remember reading about it, and felt incredibly saddened not only about his death, but the fact that the man was devastated he and his girlfriend had just split up. As I told her what I remembered, she pointed out that we were in front of the house, and that the door used to be green, but had to be replaced after he ended his life. Apparently he was in his front doorway when he ended it, rather horrifically. I hadn't thought much about it until last Friday.
It was around 1am when a friend of mine had called and asked if I wanted to go for a 'burn'. I said sure why the hell not? He picked me up and I asked him where shall we go? He said there really isn't anywhere to go, and he decided to pull over down the street. I looked at the house, and said "Good job Timmy, ya had to pick right here to park." He asked why, and I said,"You don't know what happened here?" He said no, so I proceeded to tell him what my best pal had told me. I spoke my last sentence on the subject, saying "So he took a chainsaw to himself right at his own front door, that's why it's white now instead of green...." as soon as I finished saying 'green' the entire street was blacked out. Timmy started saying many profanities uttered by someone who was scared, then proceeded to call everyone he knew in Beverly to see if thier power was out too. It was. While he was talking to his friends and telling them the story I just told him, I didn't feel scared. It was really strange, actually, I felt a strong sense of pride and found myself talking like the guy was in the truck with us, I said "Dude that was awesome! Good job you took out the power for the whole city!" I started laughing and I clapped my hands. But then I couldn't stop talking, I kept talking about the suicide and saying things like "people usually take the puss way out with pills and booze, or they overdose on stupid drugs, they don't wanna die they just want someone to notice them, you gonna do it you gotta do it so there's no way of coming back" and I answered back, I felt like I had two personalities and they were both talking to each other, but out loud...when Timmy decided to get the hell outta there, as we drove away I found myself waving bye and saying "See ya around buddy!" it was very strange to me, not in the moment but afterwards. This has never happened to me before. In the moment there felt nothing strange about it, like it was a natural thing, and everyday thing to do. I'm still very confused as to what exactly happened, and I haven't been sleeping very well since. Strange things have been happening all week, and it makes me think maybe I'm going crazy! I'm hoping that someone who reads this might have had something similar happen to them, or maybe someone has some insight and can help me understand what the hell is going on, because for once, I have no answer to this or any explanation for what happened that night or what has been happening to me all week since.

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Posted 22 November 2007 - 09:46 PM

The power going out was probably a coincidence. The other part about you taking on his personality/having a conversation with the deceased is scary. There are so many possibilities for that, such as the fact that you'd just been there a few days before, the guy was in your subconscious, or you did in fact make a connection with his spirit. Often when people die such horrific deaths they don't cross over. Also, if he was of a certain belief system, he may feel that he can't go to heaven because of his suicide, and is stuck hanging around.

What kinds of things have been happening to you since this happened? Do you feel like he's hanging around you now; did he follow you home? If that is what you think, you have to tell him to go into the light. You have to tell him that it is safe for him to go and there will be people who love him waiting for him with loving, open arms. He won't be rejected, nor will he go to hell. He needs to know that.

Lastly, are you sure this story of his suicide is true?

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