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Hauntings In Houston

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Posted 23 January 2006 - 01:52 AM

Just curious if anyone knew of any haunted places here in Houston. Would like to go experience some myself. I know that there are SEVERAL in Texas City where I work. Im a security guard in the chemical plant district and can definently confirm sightings of several ghosts and "entities". Just was wanting to maybe find some in Houston nearer to where I live.
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Posted 23 January 2006 - 08:12 PM

Hi Jeremy.

I did a little sniffing around the net and came up with the following list of places in Houston. Unfortunately I can not verify or vouch for any of them, but hopefully a few of them will work out for you.

Austin high school - Most of the times when students are walking alone they feel the presence of some one following them, but only on the third floor. Many students have said they have seen a young girl running down the halls.

Christman Road - Reports of an apparition of a girl dressed in a purple dress.

Jefferson Davis hospital - the hospital has spirits such as nurses, doctors, and patients that still roam its halls. It was built upon a site of about 3,000 graves of civil war and yellow fever victims, from when it was a cemetery in the 1800's. Explorers/ghost hunters suggest that it not be visited unless you are with a fairly large group that can respect their domain. - The building is currently getting renovated.

La Carafe - La Carafe is located in a pre-Civil War building on Houston's historical Market Square. The second floor seems to be the seat of the haunting. Employees have reported hearing footsteps and the sound of heavy objects being dragged across the unoccupied second floor. The figure of a large man has also been seen standing in the second floor window after closing time.

Office Building 1011-South Highway 6 - Workers staying late at the office building often hear footsteps, elevators open as you pass them, things move, disappear and appear in strange places.

Old Greenhouse Road - The ghost of an old woman who died in a car wreck appears here. If you turn off your headlights and drive around the corner to the bridge VERY slowly, a mist forms over the bridge and comes together to form the shape of a person. They say if you stick around long enough, the apparition will begin to approach the car. The ghost seems to prefer warm or cold clear nights or nights just after it has rained..

Old Park - A little girl wanders saying “where’s my mommy?” at night. She has a white dress, and looks around behind trees. You can she her behind a tree or walking.

Old Woman Hollerin' Creek - Located off of Interstate 10 between San Antonio and Houston, this forest-surrounded creek is said to be haunted by the spirit of a woman who drowned her two children in the creek, and now walks along the bank searching for them. Many have claimed to hear and see her, and it is said that if you get too close to the creek, her hand will reach out and pull you in.

Patterson Road - Patterson Road is located between Highway 6 and Eldridge in Houston. This place is rumored to be the site of a Civil War battle and the bridge closest to Eldridge is haunted. If you park in the center of the bridge and turn your car off there will begin to be tapping noises all over your car. They aren't just the sounds of your car settling. They are mostly on the sides and the back of the car. It is said to be the spirits of the soldiers who died. Be careful, this road is absolutely pitch black at night, however you can see cars coming from either direction at quite a distance.

Patterson Street - While driving down the narrow road slowly, black objects start to chase the car. Handprints start to appear on windows and cold spots are felt in the car. Sometimes the black object runs right next to the passenger side of the car.

The old Downtown Library Building - is said to have a ghost that plays a violin in the dead of night. Some say its the sprit of one of the old maintenance man that worked there in the 20's & 30's.

There also seems to be a lot of school hauntings. For more sights, just click on this link, where I got these from, and scroll down until you find Houston. I hope this helps.

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