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Monte Cristo AUSTRALIA

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Posted 12 February 2006 - 10:18 PM

Hi Jeff

I thought you might want to have a look at this. This happened last month during one of nsw's highest on record days. We had fires everywhere even where I live on the Central Coast where a few houses were lost.
I went to Monte Cristo on the weekend of 11th Feb and walked around and saw how far the fire actually came to the building. Reg told me that the young fellow in the article who was hurt was still in hospital and he told me they were down the back paddock on a tractor trying to clear the path of the fire which was a little way off but moving fast and suddenly the son who was on the tractor with his father was thrown off onto the ground and screaming. He is in his twenties I believe. Apparently the radiation from the fire was so bad that it wasnt flame that got him but the radiation. There was not a blade of grass burnt around them but the son had very bad burns to his face and body and just asked his father to get him to a hospital quick. When you look around the area you can see how fast the wind whipped the fire up because some trees are only half burnt on the edges. We went to the cemetery where the Crawleys , whose spirits haunt monte, are buried. Unfortunately the fire whipped through there so quick and bought trees down also which feel on many gravestones and destroyed them. The Crawleys were untouched but some historical stones were wrecked.
I got some shots of the house from the ground looking up towards 'the boys room' and took 2 photo consecutively and got a face looking out in both and then I asked the girl with me to take a shot also as I have a feeling about that room and she got a face as well that looks to be of a different sex and she got it in both photos as well. There is nothing inside the window to cause this.
Another thing that happened was I shared a room with this girl that night and I think the spirits there go into the rooms because I have had something funny happen another time with my sister in another room. Anyway the other girl didnt sleep all night as she was nervous. I half slept as she wouldnt turn the light off lol!
Around 2.30am we heard this rattling noise. I heard it but was half asleep. The other girl woke me up and asked me if I had just heard that. I told her I had & it sounded close to me. I thought it was the touch lamp on the side of the bed. I was close to the door though. We moved the lamp and it didnt make the same sound and then we tried the door and it did. :lol:
She then waited a minute or two and decided to open the door to look outside. She said noone was there and I told her that it might have been some other people staying there with us. Two of our members were still up and down the stairs on chairs in view of our doors . They did this deliberately to watch. We found out when they came to bed that they had heard the door handle being shook and looked up but noone was there and then they had seen my room mate stick her head out the door a little later.It was good that they witnessed this because I probably would have blamed someone for playing a trick.

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Posted 19 March 2006 - 11:15 AM

Thank you for sharing this with us feusurlaneige...this is the first I am hearing about this.
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