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EMF Readers

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Posted 13 March 2006 - 02:44 AM

I think EVERYTHING helps...

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Posted 13 November 2006 - 02:38 AM

I have an EMF meter in the equipment bin but I personally never use it. I have a chill that runs down the spine and tells me when I am in the presence of a spirit. I think that EMF meters should never be used to provide paranormal evidence. By saying that a needle jump was evidence is not a very sound idea. What I do think they are great for is guiding where you take a picture or point a video camera. If you get a jump that you can find no source for...shoot a picture. If it is paranormal, you may get a shot or you may capture a good video. Kind of like using a compass in the woods. Other than that, I wouldn't recommend them at all.

Well we all know that the personal experience is the keystone of an investigator, however how does that help scientificaly. We can tell people all day long that we can feel when a spirit is around but scientist will ask how. That cold spot you feel is called an ion wind. It is simple physics. An EMF documents a change in the elctomagnetic field. Basically when a positive ion and negative ion repeal each other in great amounts it actually causes the field to repeal and if you're close you feel them repeal agains the ions on your skin. An EMF detect this with a spike because when this happens the electromagnetic field will change. A good EMF like A.W. Sperry is also set to pic up above 60hrz which is what most american houses are wired at. To be taken seriously as a field of reseach you must use scientific measuring devices not just personal experiences.
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