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This may be a newbish question but...

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Posted 06 June 2006 - 08:26 PM

Yep, the spirits in my house are active all the time. night and day. sometimes they seem to "rest" and we will have no activity for several days. Then one morning I might get up and see a shadow go out of my kitchen and through the door to the basement.

This is very true ...... i get gooseflesh from dp's ghosts no matter what time of day it is. It's just that it's easier to believe they're just there at night.
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Posted 06 June 2006 - 08:31 PM

Most of my experiences have been in the daytime or early evening, when I am most alert. I would think spirits are around 24/7, but then again, I do not go looking for them. Many ghost hunters may experience things mainly at night because it may be there only free time to do ghost hunting....most people work during the day.
Plus, it is more spooky in the dark, that must add something to it.
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Posted 06 June 2006 - 08:32 PM

I prefer to call ghosts spirits like the rest of them. I believe there to be considerallly more spirit still on the astral plane than what most think. I agree with petunia on what she has said. I beieve they all eventually move on but some stay longer than others because they have free will and some just dont 'get it' for a while.
This is totally my opinion just from experience with spirit. I think that the spirit that are still hanging around can move from an area at free will. I just think that most dont as they are comfortable with what they know. These spirit can move around if they have the energy to do this. They have to have access to energy to be able to do more. Spirit who are more adapt at making themselves known seem to have a better source or energy. This energy can come from us if we allow it to be sourced. Allowing it to be sourced can be a good or bad thing depending on the spirit and its intentions and our intentions as well.

I have seen a spirit that is still on the astral plane, present at a place over a couple of kilometres away. This spirit did this using the energy of a person to whom it was attracted. I did see the post about ghosts hitchhiking and this is basically what this spirit did and does.

I have had interaction with my team with spirit day and night. It doesnt matter. They are always there. It is said that time does not mean anything to spirit. I dont know about spirit that have moved on to a higher level but I do know straight from the horses mouth, that spirit that are on the astral plane do know when it is night and day and have noticed changes from, say, 164 yrs. A spirit told us that he sees our spirits with a body as light. He said he did not like the flashes from a camera as they confused him. I am thinking that he meant that when the flashes go off it may be hard to distinguish spirit for a moment. Not sure.

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Posted 07 June 2006 - 03:04 AM

Well, loads of ppl have replied to this so far, but I thought that I would also like a few other people add my 2 cents.

I have found, like many others here, that spirits (at least around me) are more active during the day time than the night time. I have had some activity during the night happen, but almost 90% of activity in my old house and this apartment I am in now.

A reason I think oculd explain the idea that most activity happens during the night is because of 1) most people who do hunting and investigation (as far as I know personally) do so during the night and 2) because for most people night time is when it is the most quiet or secluded. This does not apply to me personally, since my roommate works during the day and I am then home alone, with only the bird, so it is pretty quiet in my apartment during the day. I am also a night owl, so I am the most active during the night, and so is my roommate.
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Posted 07 June 2006 - 08:04 AM

Just joined this forum and saw this question and had to add my observations to the mix. Not all spirits will remain close to the physical reality we exist in and they left behind. If they have no unfinished business or have no ties to the physical reality such as an attachment to something or someone, they move on. New York does have its share of ghosts and its share of spirits but not everyone who has ever passed within the confines of the city or state of New York will "hang around" after they shrug off this mortal coil.
As to seeing ghosts more often at night than during the day, I think that lately, reports of spirit or ghost activity are about evenly split. It almost seems as if we are approaching something, some great awakening or some massive event that is adding energy to the ether and the spirits are using it creating increased levels of activty all over the place. Unknown as to why this is but I know that our group has been receiving an increased number of reports of activity over the past year.
One reason for increased reports of ghosts and spirits at night is more than likely due to the fact that no matter how far we have progressed from being simplistic cave dwellers, the old ways die hard. Man started off life in a world in which the fantastic and the spiritual existed alongside the practical and the necessary. Shamans told how spirits and unseen things roamed the land at night and in the air and these stories have continued down through the ages in some form or another. We are therefore inheritors of a sense of dread about the night and the things in the night both real and imperceptible. We also inherited an ability to sense danger and perceive threats by using our senses in combination, even during periods of rest. You know that little voice inside your head that warns you when something seems dangerous? You can thank some far distant relative of yours whose mental abilities allowed them to begin to rationalize and assess the world around them and the threat levels present.
Towards the end of your day, your body responds to 12+ hours of work and toil and you begin to slow down. You have had an entire day of absorbing the environment around you and the brain needs some down time to process the information and store it in its correct place for future use. Physically, you are exhausted and drained and need to give your body time to recharge its batteries. You are tired and your body responds to that feeling. At the same time, key senses that you need to perceive potential threats and dangers seem to get a boost and remain functioning and are even heightened. It's almost like we save enough energy to keep our ability to hear, smell and feel threats up and running while other parts of our physical and mental apparatus shuts down for R&R.
In this state, you could argue that we are more sensitive to things seen and not seen and you could argue that we are more succeptible to the belief that we are seeing and hearing things that aren't really there. It is a toss up depending on who you are and your physical and mental characteristics. Bottom line is that we may be more open to perceiving things at night than during the day because we are occupied with so many other things during the day that we simply ignore possibly paranormal things and attach believable explainations to things just to keep going with our day. Oh that was just a shadow from the light coming in the window a certain way. Did you say something? I thought I heard someone say something. All of these get said every day but how many are just cases of being mistaken or something mundane and how many are, well, something else?
Sorry to be so terribly long winded but I hope that gives you another perspective on your question. Cheers!

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Posted 08 June 2006 - 06:29 PM

Ghosts, on the other hand are quite different; they do not have the ability to go wherever and whenever they want. I have also heard that they use moisture to help them materialize and that's why they're more visible at night, but I know they can appear in the daytime. I don't know what the difference is.

So there are ghosts that have to stay within a fixed area and there are ghosts that wandering around the world freely? So the places were there are ghosts confined to the area is haunted so what about the ghosts that may walk freely, do they 'haunt' anything or are they just like walking around exploring the world?

Ghosts are stuck here because for some reason they have not chosen to go to the light.
Spirits are visiting they can come and go as they please.
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